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  • Posted on 16 July 2020

Job Description

Job Description

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the overall steering of the organisation. She or he provides leadership to position the organisation at the forefront of the development sector. As the chair of the Managing Board, the CEO develops and implements a strategic plan to advance the organisation’s mission and objectives and to promote cost-effectiveness and growth as an organisation. The CEO ensures good governance of the organisation and builds and retains an exceptional team of professionals. The CEO is the first focal point for the Supervisory Board and ensures transparent information flows towards the full Supervisory Board including red flags and early warnings.

The new CEO has much to build on. Over the past decade SNV has transformed itself into an organisation that is proud to be a not-for-profit organisation, invests in operational excellence and efficiency, and implements its mission exclusively through project financing. The new CEO will be expected to consolidate this transformation, position SNV in a rapidly changing donor landscape, and safeguard the continuity, optimal functioning and further development of the SNV organisation.

We are looking for an inspiring leader with a strong development background and proven management experience. She/he must be able to switch quickly between strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Lead on defining the future direction and nature of the organisation.

• Ensure development and maintenance of the governance process and organisational structure and guard its integrity consistent with the mission, values and strategy.

• Lead the development, implementation, monitoring and review of SNV’s corporate multi-annual strategic plans.

• Chair the Managing Board; create alignment between its members as well as the different disciplines in the organisation.

• Create commitment for and bind the SNV global team towards strategic goals.

• Ensure correct information is provided timely to the Supervisory Board.

• As the most senior public face of the organisation, profile SNV in The Netherlands and globally, and develop and maintain (international) relations with donors/partners as well as other public, private and corporate players in the field of international development.

• Foster thought leadership and innovation and ensure coherent approaches and policies between sectors, countries, and functional areas.

• Lead strategy related to building and retaining an exceptional team of professionals.

Team and reporting lines

• CEO reports to the Supervisory Board

• Chairs the Managing Board. Managing Directors (MDs) report to the Supervisory Board which has delegated most of the performance management cycle of MDs to the CEO.

• Human Resources function and small Board secretariat reports directly to the CEO.


Required Leadership Competencies

• Ability to inspire confidence and create trust.

• Leads by example, radiates natural authority to colleagues.

• Strong analytic skills, ability to understand new issues quickly and make informed decisions.

• High integrity, global diverse mindset and culturally sensitive.

• Strong and effective communication skills.

• Resilient and energetic.

Qualifications and Experience

• At least 15 years’ senior management experience in delivering results across complex international organisations.

• Proven record in executive role including people management, organisational development, corporate governance, and finance and budgeting.

• Practical senior-level experience of leading the development and implementation of portfolios of poverty reduction projects in one of the SNV sectors or a related sector. Experience with working and living in developing countries.

• Passion for making systemic and sustainable change and a demonstrated ability to translate this commitment into strategic organisational policies and action.

• Deep knowledge of the international development sector, its actors, donors, and financing models and a track record in business development and institutional fund raising.

• Recognised development leader with a strong donor network.

• Advance university (master level) degree.

• Fluent in English. Professional knowledge of Dutch or French is an advantage.

Additional Information

SNV has engaged an external recruitment firm to manage this vacancy, SRI Executive.

All applications/questions must be submitted via:

Terms of Appointment

A 4-year term, renewable for a maximum of one additional term. A solid compensation package within the accepted Dutch framework for Development Organisations, 30 annual paid leave days and pension scheme.

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please forward a copy of your CV in Microsoft Word format, along with any relevant documentation to Sidney Moss at on or before 7 August, 2020. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence as we pride ourselves on our professional service. We will revert to you as soon as feasible when we have reviewed your application.

Please note that interviews are envisaged to take place in the week of 31 August - 3 September, 2020.

About the Organization

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is a not-for-profit international development organisation that provides practical know-how to make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty by helping them raise incomes and access basic services. Our team of 1,300 specialists and generalists, nationals and internationals, males and females, young and more seasoned colleagues are the backbone of SNV. Only five percent of our team is based in the Netherlands, the country where we were established 54 years ago.

Our projects directly benefit millions of people. The objective for our current strategic period (2019–2022) is to improve the quality of life of 20 million people. At the same time, our projects also drive systems change – strengthening institutions and kick-starting markets to help many more people work their way out of poverty, well beyond the scope of the projects. From 2019 to 2022, we aim to significantly contribute to systems change in at least 21 countries.

SNV is a global, premium organisation with strong local presence. We work in over 25 countries in Asia, Africa and Central America where we build long-term partnerships and learn to speak the language – literally and figuratively. In all we do, we connect our global expertise with our extensive and longstanding global and in-country experiences to help realise locally owned solutions.

We have made a deliberate choice to focus on just three sectors: agriculture, energy and WASH. By sharing specialist expertise in these sectors, SNV contributes to solving some of the leading problems facing the world today – helping to find local solutions to global challenges and sowing the seeds of lasting change. Our services include advice, brokering and stakeholder engagement, advocacy, fund management, results-based financing and delegated management.

SNV is a well-respected and financially healthy organisation. Our consolidated income grew to €142M in 2019, and is entirely project based. The majority of our projects are financed through grants from public development agencies. We increasingly also implement service contracts with governments, multilateral donors, and other entities. In 2019, we realised a small net positive financial result as a result of our investments in optimisation of business processes, portfolio management, and improved internal collaboration.

The Managing Board (MB) manages SNV under the supervision of the independent Supervisory Board (SB). The CEO chairs the Managing Board. The Managing Board has four members and works as a collective that steers the strategic direction of the organisation. Each Managing Director has a responsibility for either sectors, countries, or functional areas.

For more information on SNV, visit our website:

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