Chief Financial Officer

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 18 June 2019

Job Description


being responsible for all financial and administrative aspects of the organization, including investments and audit activities, IT, and Logistics. His/her responsibilities include overseeing cash flow planning, preparing and reviewing budgets, tracking operational metrics (KPIs), and standardize data and systems. To be successful in this role, a professional must have in-depth knowledge of risk management methods, the ability to create forecasting models, and the experience of being a manager of a broad span of functional areas. Ultimately, the CFO will ensure the management of Action Against Hunger – USA’s resources in the most beneficial way

  • Providing strategic leadership and oversight to the Finance, Accounting, IT, Logistics and Administration teams to ensure that the guidance and support provided by these subunits effectively facilitate organizational growth and change while guarding against risk.
  • Overseeing the implementation and review of financial, accounting and budgeting systems, policies and procedures.
  • Managing the Organization’s cash flow and foreign exchange, and providing oversight of the 403(B)-retirement plan managing the fiduciary responsibilities of the Organization;
  • Developing the Financial Statements and the Subsection F annexes (former A-133) and overseeing the yearly audit.
  • Developing, proposing, and negotiating the NICRA.
  • Managing the banking, audit, and foreign exchange suppliers’ relations and contracts.
  • Managing the organization procurement process at headquarters level, overseeing consultants, professional services, and vendor contracts.
  • Ensuring domestic and foreign office financial operations are effectively managed.
  • Ensuring timely and accurate preparation and submission of filings, audits, taxes and financial reports to management, donors, and regulatory agencies for the headquarters and all field offices.
  • Ensuring that Organization offices are Internationally established according to local laws and standards and internal policies and procedures.
  • Leading the Risk Management team and reviewing and maintaining appropriate insurance coverages.
  • Master’s degree in business, accounting or related field, CPA/MBA preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ progressive managerial experience in financial management.
  • Experience in a non-profit organization and/or exposure to USAID or European Union funding procedures required.
  • Familiarity with OMB A-110, A-122 and A-133 circulars required, FAR and CAS desirable.
  • Significant experience with automated business and financial systems, spreadsheets, word processing, database software is essential.
  • Ability to build the organization’s capacity to manage its finances as it grows in size and complexity.
  • Solid organizational skills: the ability to be productive under pressure in a fast-paced team environment to meet deadlines.
  • Flexible work attitude: the ability to be flexible and yet focused and reliable in an environment of frequently changing demands.
  • Knowledge of accounting for foreign exchange transactions.
  • Familiarity with US and international payroll & benefits is an advantage.
  • Genuine interest in, and commitment to, the humanitarian principles of Action Against Hunger
  • Foreign language skills a plus.

About the Organization

For almost 40 years, across nearly 50 countries, we have led the global fight against hunger. We save the lives of children and their families. We are there for them before and after disaster strikes. We enable people to provide for themselves, see their children grow up strong, and for whole communities to prosper. We constantly search for more effective solutions, while sharing our knowledge and expertise with the world. We push for long-term change. We will never give up. Until the world is free from hunger.

  • Lifesaving impact in 45+ countries
  • 7,500+ field staff assisting more than 20 million people
  • Almost 40 years of expertise responding to emergencies caused by conflict, natural disasters and food crises

Our global efforts save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, but millions of undernourished children remain in need of lifesaving treatment.


About 821 million people go to bed hungry every night, and one in three children in low- and middle-income countries suffers from chronic undernutrition. Nearly half of all child deaths worldwide are from causes related to undernutrition, even though it is:

  1. PREDICTABLE: We know where and when to expect acute undernutrition
  2. PREVENTABLE: We know how to help children stay healthy
  3. TREATABLE: Community-based outpatient programs and therapeutic ready-to-use foods can help save millions, and just $45 can provide a child with lifesaving treatment

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