Chief of Operations

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Peace Corps
Washington, DC, District of Columbia, United States
Apply by 1 December 2012
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 5 November 2012

Job Description

SALARY: $100,280.00 - $155,500.00 / Year OPEN PERIOD: Nov. 02, 2012 - Nov. 30, 2012 SERIES & GRADE: FP-0301-01/02 POSITION TYPE: Full Time - Term LOCATIONS: Washington, DC
WHO MAY APPLY: United States Citizens JOB SUMMARY:

INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT: Peace Corps seeks a Chief of Operations for the headquarters Office of Global Health and HIV (OGHH). The Chief of Operations will help lead a dynamic and growing team supporting Peace Corps overseas posts and Peace Corps Volunteers in implementing highly effective and evidence-based programs in community and public health while also supporting grassroots contributions to the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Excellent managerial and human resource skills required; in-depth knowledge of the Peace Corps approach to development is greatly preferred; familiarity with PEPFAR is highly desirable.

OGHH provides management and strategic guidance for Peace Corps health activities in developing countries including provision of agency-level health sector policy guidance as well as direction and coordination of Peace Corps HIV/AIDS activities. OGHH is responsible for coordinating the agency’s participation in the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which is led by the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator in the U.S. State Department. The staff in OGHH work closely with the Peace Corps Regional offices, the Office of Overseas Programming and Training Support, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and other relevant offices to support the agency’s priorities of quality growth, innovation, and the Third Goal for the health sector and HIV/AIDS. This position is under the supervision of the Director of the Office of Global Health and HIV.


Provides Information, Communications, and Liaison Services 20%

Acts as primary liaison with critical persons and groups both inside and outside of the agency; independently handling major office issues.

Program and Policy Advice and Guidance 40%

Provides expert advice and guidance on government programs and policies which are of significant interest to the public and Congress, e.g., the programs cut across or strongly influence a number of agencies, and/or the employee’s recommendations directly impact key governmental functions or result in substantial redirection of Federal efforts or policies related to major national issues.

Makes major recommendations and decisions related to policy formulation and long-range planning in connection with prospective changes in functions and programs; significant internal and external program and policy issues affecting the overall organization, such as those involving political, social, technological, and economic conditions; restructuring, reorienting, and recasting immediate and long-range goals, objectives, plans and schedules to meet substantial changes in legislation, program authority, and/or funding; and determination of projects to be initiated, dropped, or curtailed. Directs development of data, provision of expertise and insights, securing of legal opinions, preparation of position papers, and execution of comparable activities to support development of PC goals and objectives related to high levels of program management, development, and formulation.

Program Planning and Management Work 40%

Plans, organizes, and carries out analytical studies involving the planning, development, and implementation of major agency programs of national scope and impact. Participates in the development and documentation of long- and short-range planning efforts. Reviews long- and short-range plans, resource projections,priorities, justifications, etc. Makes recommendations on planning efforts that can be undertaken within existing resource levels and advises on the impact of efforts that require additional resources.

Prepares and contributes to reports and other presentations on program planning and evaluation. Designs and conducts a wide variety of comprehensive studies and detailed analyses of complex functions and processes related to long-range planning. Identifies and proposes solutions to management problems which are of major importance to planning program direction.

Formulates and recommends plans to improve program policies, practices, methods, and organizational structure. Coordinates requirements among organizational units in the formative stages of program initiation, project design, project implementation, and management of ongoing programs. Translates management goals and objectives into effective operations and establishes control systems and progress reporting requirements that monitor production goals or program priorities in order to evaluate progress and results.


Ability to communicate effectively within an organization

Ability to represent the office at a top management level.

Ability to analyze organizational, operational, and managerial problems and develop solutions

Knowledge of program and administrative management principles, concepts, and methods.

Ability to provide advice and guidance on administrative and program management issues.

Ten (10) years or more of progressively more responsible work experience leading and managing Public Health of HIV/AIDS programs.

Three (3) years or more of experience working with developing countries.

One (1) or more years of direct experience managing PEPFAR or other US Government health programs.


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About the Organization

The Office of Global Health and HIV (OGHH) provides management and strategic guidance for Peace Corps' health activities around the globe, OGHH is responsible for coordinating the agency's participation in the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which is led by the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) in the U.S. State Department. This also includes development of agency-level policy guidance, and general supervision, direction, and coordination of Peace Corps' s HIV/AIDS activities. Staff in OGHH work closely with Peace Corps Regional offices, the Office of Programming and Training Support (OPATS), the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and all other offices involved in HIV/AIDS to support the agency's priorities of quality growth, innovation, and the Third Goal.