Chief of Party

Abidjan, Cote d Ivoire
Apply by 15 June 2018
Senior-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 30 May 2018

Job Description

About the Project

The DYSC Project is part of the $21.8 million Data Collaboratives for Local Impact (DCLI) program led by MCC and funded by PEPFAR. The DCLI vision is to enable and showcase use of data by government, citizens, and other stakeholders in partner countries to support PEPFAR programming and the fight HIV/AIDS. The ability to use data for decision making is also expected to enable partner countries to enhance their own programs, align their scarce budgets with priorities and equip them with the data skills needed be able to better leverage the data revolution. The program’s sectoral focus is HIV/AIDS and health, gender equality, economic growth, and education.

The DYSC Project will bring together multiple actors to improve the supply of readily-available, machine- readable, open-format and open-license data. The intention of DYSC is to bolster the availability of data for services to Ivorian citizens in key areas, to engage youth as champions of these services, and to drive innovation by amongst others applying already-developed applications to Ivorian issues. The specific root causes and key constraints that will be addressed through this project fall under the umbrellas of “data supply” and “enabling environment. ”Specific root causes and constraints include: lack of incentives to share data between stakeholders; gaps in data collection; variable quality of available data and lack of interoperability; and Poor translation between data and information.

Activities and Responsibilities

The Chief of Party will be a fullt-time top representative of Development Gateway in Abidjan for the DYSC project for 26 months.

  • Leads the design and implementation of DYSC, ensuring that activities are coordinated among the various groups involved.
  • Manages strategic outreach and leverages relationships to secure projects and deliver the project outcomes.
  • This will include coordination with key sectorally-relevant government ministries and agencies, local government authorities, as well as relevant donor organizations and NGOs, civil society organizations, private companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Oversees budgets and reporting, as well as other administrative requirements, to deliver a successful project.


  • Advanced (Masters) degree is required, but may be substituted with a combination of 10 years of relevant experience and BA degree, in a field relevant to the position.
  • At least 10 years of proven professional experience relevant to the position.
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing similar projects or running analogous startups in West Africa for at least five (5) years within the last decade in a similar position
  • Proven record of excellent management, innovative leadership, successful teamwork and decision making skills.
  • Proven record of success working in competitive entrepreneurial environments requiring solution-oriented approaches.
  • Proven excellent French communications skills (oral and written); fluency in English is desired.
  • Proven balanced skills set and ability to provide technical advice and collaborative work with the team of multidisciplinary and international experts
  • Must have proven record in the advanced use of modern communications tools, internet, email, social media, and teleconferences.

Please submit your CV in French or English.

About the Organization

Development Gateway (DG) provides data and digital solutions for international development. We create tools that help institutions collect and analyze information; strengthen institutional capability to use data; and explore what processes are needed to enable evidence-based decisions. A mission-driven nonprofit since 2001, DG makes development data easier to gather, use, and understand.

We aim to empower our clients to use data and technology to create more effective, open, and engaging institutions. We work with key players in the data and international development space, including partners like the World Bank, AfDB, UN Women, Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, UNOPS, and UNDG; more than 40 country governments; and innovative non-governmental organizations and foundations around the world. DG has nearly two decades of experience across more than 70 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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