Chief of Party

  • Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 26 July 2018

Job Description

Description of Job Responsibilities:

This position is based in San Salvador, El Salvador. The Chief of Party is the point person for the 5 year, 7.2 million USAID project in El Salvador (4.9 from USAID, 2.3 from WCI). S/he has ultimate responsibility for the financial and programmatic integrity of the project. S/he will be responsible for all Whole Child communications to USAID. In addition, s/he will ensure timely and effective implementation of the project, meeting key milestones, liaising and communicating with USAID and partners, and overseeing all compliance-related activities. In addition, s/he will communicate and respond to any changes in the political or security context.

Project / Budget Management

  • The CoP will ensure proper, timely and quality implementation of the PROMOVER project, including ensuring that activities are conducted on time and on budget.
  • S/he will ensure that there are regular budget reviews to ensure appropriate burn rate. All variations will be explained to the Country Director, COO and USAID
  • S/he will work with the partners to ensure that subawards are properly monitored and implemented according to agreed upon timelines and deliverables
  • The CoP will coordinate with relevant Salvadoran government institutions, mainly the Ministry of Education (MINED), the National Children and Adolescents’ Council (CONNA) and the Salvadoran Institute for Comprehensive Attention to Children and Adolescents (ISNA) and project partners to ensure clarity of vision and roles and responsibilities and provide technical support to the partners when needed

Staff Management

  • The CoP will ensure that the staff reporting to him/her all have up to date job descriptions, roles and responsibilities and receive performance evaluations at least once a year

Child Protection and Early Childhood

  • The CoP will ensure that s/he follows the child safeguarding policy and ensure that all the staff reporting to him/her do so as well
  • S/he will have demonstrated child protection and ECCD technical experience and will be able to provide technical assistance to the project

Grant Compliance

  • The CoP will work closely with the awards manager to ensure that the PROMOVER project is implemented according to USAID polices and principles and that there are no disallowable expenses.
  • S/he will report any variance (budget or programmatic) on time to USAID after internal consultation


  • The CoP will ensure that all financial and narrative reports are submitted on time, are correct and correctly represent the work that WCI has realized during the reporting period

Indicators of Success:

  • PROMOVER is implemented on time, on budget and reaches desired results
  • WCI maintains a healthy and open relationship with USAID (the AOR in particular)
  • There are no disallowable costs
  • Sub awards are completed on time, on budget and with desired results
  • Relationship with ISNA and CONNA and MINED is open and healthy

Required Qualifications:

  • Relevant graduate degree in international development or social work.
  • At least 10 years’ experience working in a complex environment. Deep knowledge of El Salvador’s socio-political context desired.
  • At least five years’ senior management experience; experience with key donors and partners, such as UN agencies, USAID, multilaterals.
  • Demonstrated applied knowledge of child rights, social protection and/or early childhood care and development
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English

Position Reports to: Country Director in El Salvador
Number of Direct Reports: Three (3)

About the Organization

Description of Whole Child International:

Whole Child International’s mission is to improve quality of care for vulnerable children regardless of the setting in which they live. Our systems-based, comprehensive program prioritizes the social-emotional well-being of children in a spectrum of settings ranging from orphanages, to limited-resource childcare centers, to foster and kinship care. We provide knowledge, skills, and tools to local universities, social workers, center directors, government ministry employees, and other stakeholders whose optimal functioning is critical to sustainable change across the childcare system.

In 2017, after 13 years of program development and rigorous evaluation in a highly underserved area of global development, Whole Child successfully secured a $3 million unrestricted gift to fund our next phase of growth. Having completed a formal strategic planning process, we are currently beginning an aggressive five-year phase to complete program development and evaluation and to create the infrastructure needed for growth to reach millions of children worldwide.

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