Chief of Party (Colombia)

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 30 June 2018

Job Description

The Chief of Party (COP) will be responsible for providing the vision and overall leadership to the team; managing the Contractor’s technical assistance, training, and overall support; preparing and submitting reports requested by USAID; overseeing the evaluation and assessment reports, and coordinating USAID assistance with key counterparts.

The COP will have principal responsibility for overall activity management and technical operations to ensure that the activity tasks are completed and the objectives of the activity are successfully met. The COP will lead the Contractor’s team and serve as the primary point of contact with USAID with regard to day-to-day activity implementation and management matters relating to the contract. The COP will have overall responsibility for assuring that all assistance provided under the contract, whether by international or local experts/personnel, is technically sound and appropriate for the needs to be addressed; and for adequately managing and supervising the work of all experts/personnel provided under the contract. The COP will manage the preparation and presentation of proposed implementation plans and all reports.

The COP will be the primary point of contact for information on the progress and current status of all activities under the contract and will establish appropriate mechanisms to ensure that activity progress and specific implementation concerns are regularly and promptly reported.

About the Organization

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