Chief of Party/Lead Technical Advisor, All Children Learning Cambodia

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  • Posted on 30 July 2020
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Job Description

The Chief of Party/Lead Technical Advisor (COP/LTA) serves as the manager and technical leader of the project, and is responsible for assuring the successful, planning, resourcing and implementation of all project activities. The COP/LTA leads the development of the annual work plan and implementation strategy and plans, and assures management of project activities within those frameworks. The COP/LTA also assures alignment between the project budget and work plan and monitors project use of resources. Additionally, the COP/LTA has overall responsibility for assuring the quality of the relationships with MoEYS and its partner organizations, and with the client, USAID/Cambodia.

The COP/LTA leads the technical team providing advice on matters related to early grade learning curriculum, materials, teacher training and teacher support. This includes supervising all the project’s technical staff and putting in place and supervising the necessary subcontractors and/or grantees and the technical staff they provide to support the project’s work with the MoEYS. It also includes arranging and managing project activities to include appropriate MoEYS staff participation, contributions and leadership where called for. The COP/LTA assures the quality of all the technical work and deliverables.

Essential Duties: Management

Ensure quality planning, management, oversight, and reporting of All Children Learning activities.

Ensure coordination, collaboration and communication with technical and leadership counterparts in the MoEYS.

Develop work plans, and align budget, staff and short-term technical assistance to the activities delineated in the project’s annual work plans.

Manage all long-term technical and operational staff, including supervision and monitoring of their performance.

Approve all procurement and contracting engaged by the project.

Develop scopes of work for individual consultants and for organizational partners.

Manage consultants and partners to assure timely fulfillment of their defined scopes of work and overseeing their maintenance of excellent working relationships with MoEYS counterparts.

Evaluate the performance of consultants, short-term technical assistance, and sub-contractor/grantees.

Oversee the identification of organizations that can support the project by providing services to students with disabilities and their families, including arranging the necessary contractual and/or partnering arrangements between those organizations, the project and the MoEYS.

Oversee and assume responsibility for the implementation of the reading program in the identified pilot provinces, districts and schools.

Essential Duties: Technical

Ensure the ongoing development, refinement and provision of teaching and learning and supplemental materials that align with the early grade literacy and mathematics curricula, and that explicitly provide teachers strategies for more inclusive instruction.

Oversee the continuous improvement, planning and delivery of professional development opportunities for teachers that emphasize practical application of those materials, as well instructional techniques that create a more inclusive classroom environment.

Develop the approach for and put in place the arrangements for ongoing teacher support, combining NGO partner capacity and MoEYS decentralized capacity. Manage the subcontractor providing ongoing support (coaching and mentoring) as an integrated facet of teacher professional development that reinforces and extends what teachers learn during training.

Lead the development of multiple strategies for addressing the needs of students with disabilities—helping the MoEYS develop a phased approach to work toward its inclusive education objectives.

Lead the development of assessments that easily and quickly enable teachers to check student understanding and mastery of skills and that provide information to the education system regarding progress toward desired outcomes.

Continue to lead the development of the scope and sequence for Khmer language and literacy for grades 1 and 2.

Continue to lead the development of teaching and learning materials that follow the scope and sequence, including most importantly a teacher activity guide, and including materials addressing the learning needs of students with disabilities.

Continue to lead and support the development of additional supplementary learning materials (notably story books, decodable readers, leveled readers, etc.).

Oversee the piloting of tools for screening students to identify those with disabilities.

Continue to promote greater collaboration, communication, and harmonization among NGO actors involved in early grades and/or inclusive education.

Work with subcontractors to help the MoEYS lead a process to build NGO capacity to support implementation of the national EGL program.

Ensure the development of a Communications and Outreach Strategy, within which a national communications campaign for the EGL program will be one of many features.

Help the MoEYS identify and enlist partners prepared to sign on to support the national EGL program.

Oversee the mobilization of communities and families to support the early grade learning of their children, and especially of children with disabilities or from disadvantaged families.

Oversee the identification of institutional capacity needs of selected MoEYS directorates and determine with MoEYS leadership and technical staff the type of capacity building activities best suited to meeting those needs.

Provide technical support and inputs to strengthen the MoEYS capacity to plan for and implement the scaling up of the National Early Grade Learning program.


Required Skills and Qualifications: Master’s degree and 12 years of experience or Bachelor’s Degree and 16 years of experience in relevant technical and management roles within the fields of education, inclusive education, early childhood development, and program management. At least 5 years of experience managing large scale donor-funded projects in South East Asia, preferably for USAID in Cambodia. Knowledgeable and experienced with international development contracting policies and procedures, specifically with USAID or USG funding. Prior experience working with ministries of education and other relevant partners, experience working MoEYS Cambodia, preferred. Ability to build consensus and demonstrated ability to recruit and develop high performing teams; demonstrated ability to manage international and national staff. Experience and knowledge of capacity development, professional development, and systems strengthening. Experience and demonstrated capacity to build and sustain partnerships to achieve development results. Excellent communication skills and ability (verbal and written) Strong interpersonal skills and ability. Fluency in written and spoken English.

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