Chief Partnerships Officer

New York, United States | City of London, United Kingdom | San Francisco, California, United States | Geneva, Switzerland
Apply by 31 August 2018
Executive-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 26 July 2018

Job Description

ID2020 is seeking an exceptional Chief Partnerships Officer to join the leadership team.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The Chief Partnerships Officer is responsible for ensuring that ID2020 establishes and grows its presence in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Specifically, the responsibilities of this role include:

  • Developing and implementing ID2020’s long-­term Ecosystem and Alliance Development Strategy, ensuring that:

1. We bring the right number and types of partners into the Alliance at each stage of the organization’s growth

2. The organization is funded through it’s start­up phase, with a long-­term sustainable financing model in place that sets us up for subsequent success

3. The organization maximally leverages potential in-­kind contributions from existing and current partners.

  • Ensuring broad and strategic stakeholder engagement, including:

1. Developing and nurturing a diverse pipeline of potential donors, both public and private

2. Building out a strong network of influencers and champions that connects ID2020 to relevant governments, companies, agencies, etc.

3. In particular, nurturing relationships with diverse UN agencies and other public sector stakeholder groups to advance ID2020’s mission and the identity agenda

4. Overseeing a team member responsible for “ecosystem management,” particularly oriented at smaller start­ups, academic voices, CSOs, etc.

  • Positioning ID2020 within the identity and international development ecosystems:

1. Crafting and communicating ID2020’s story, mission, and possibility

2. Developing ID2020’s Investment Case

3. Building a strong and influential network to reach Heads of State and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Development and Finance, as well as other key decision­-makers at the highest level of donor governments, understand when and how to activate that network for maximum impact;

  • Overseeing the management of the annual ID2020 Summit.
  • Overseeing a Head of Communications, responsible for developing and executing communications strategies that position ID2020 as a thought and practice leader in the digital identity space.
  • Acting as thought partner to the Executive Director

Note: the Chief Partnerships Officer is not accountable for the technical or in­-country implementation components of ID2020’s mission. Accountability for these areas falls under the Executive Director and Chief Technical Architect, but the Chief Partnerships Officer will be a key part of ID2020’s Executive Team, with both visibility into and influence over the organization’s overall strategy, program implementation, and technical work.

Key Requirements

  • You are highly autonomous, with strong problem-­solving capabilities and a comfort with big ­picture thinking.
  • You are well-­respected and recognized in the development community
  • You have significant experience fundraising for a similar project or initiative and “speak the language” of international development, including in written communications
  • You’re the consummate campaigner, equally happy in the Boardroom or meeting with government officials.
  • You’re committed to iterative and continuous improvement through principled investigation, experimentation and analysis.
  • You are proactive, humble, and committed to ID2020’s mission.

If you meet all the key requirements we encourage you to apply. But here are some additional qualities/skills that will really get our attention:

  • You’re familiar with digital identity and understand the potential benefit and possible limitations.
  • You’ve been close to or involved with the roll­out of pilot projects in the international development space and can contribute to pilot design
  • You’re comfortable with a financial model
  • You’re conversational in other languages than English

This Job is not for you if… (If the points below describe you, this probably isn’t a fit)

  • You are uncomfortable with public speaking, presenting to an audience etc.
  • You believe that governments have no role to play in digital identity. Or you believe that centralized government systems are fail­proof.
  • You’re a serial dater and aren’t interested in, or cannot plan on, joining the team for the long haul
  • You’re only in this for the money. We aim to pay competitively, but we’re a start­up and have to be good stewards of our donor’s money. That said, we can certainly offer impact.

About the Organization

The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership committed to improving lives through digital identity. This alliance of governments, NGOs and the private sector will work to ensure that the technology development is informed by the needs of countries and individuals and that policies and standards reflect the latest technological innovations.

By coordinating funding for identity and channeling those funds towards high­ impact projects, this alliance model enables diverse stakeholders ­ UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and enterprises ­ to pursue a coordinated approach and creates a pathway for efficient implementation at scale.

The breadth of ID2020’s mission and the political complexity of its operating environment requires a dedicated c­-suite executive – a Chief Partnerships Officer – to oversee partnerships, resource mobilization, strategic direction, and political dynamics.

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