Child Protection Specialist (Junior NKE)

  • Posted on 28 June 2018

Job Description

Project title: Technical assistance for the development of a social protection system in Swaziland

Brief description of the assignment: The European Union (EU) is supporting the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland (GoKS), through a technical assistance arrangement, to develop an integrated sustainable system of social protection that can deliver quality social protection to all citizens within the context of a nationally endorsed social protection policy. The Ministry of Economic Planning & Development (MEPD) contracted Hulla & Co Human Dynamics to provide technical assistance services to the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland to support the development of a social protection system for Swaziland. This Technical Assistance is being provided through a team of three Key Experts (KE1-3), who have been working collaboratively within the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office and the University of Swaziland (UNISWA).

Purpose and objectives of the assignment

The following sub-components in the ToR of Technical Assistance for the Development of a Social Protection System for Swaziland require many activities to be undertaken by the Technical Assistance team to professionalize social welfare provision in the country and improve its delivery and accountability in fulfilling the various mandates provided under national legislation and regulation, as well as improving the legislative and regulatory basis in order to protect the poor and vulnerable. To achieve this, the Technical Assistance Team requires good, knowledgeable, and experienced academic experts for senior non-key expert (SNKEs) positions to build the capacities within the Dept. of Children’s Services.

  1. Specific Objective 1: Institutional capacity, regulatory, and oversight functions of government are strengthened to deliver social protection for the most vulnerable
  2. Specific Objective 2: Social protection provision is more efficient, sustainable and accountable throughout the lifecycle

Activities and deliverables under this assignment

  • Support in the development of a comprehensive outline of child protection and care strategy
  • Support the facilitation of the implementation of Alternative Care guidelines and Minimum Standards of Care in Swaziland by:

- Establishing Alternative Care placement procedures, including development of tools for recruitment, assessment, approval, training, support, and monitoring offered to potential alternative care providers, including informal care providers;

- Minimum Standards for supporting children in Alternative Care, including their carers;

- Defining minimum standards to qualify as an Alternative Care provider

- Establishing minimum criteria for child placement in Alternative Care

  • Support the Development of registration guidelines and a register for alternative care providers in Swaziland by:

- Identifying procedures and processes to be followed for the registration and de-registration of service providers

- Identifying standards and processes for the support of alternative care providers

- Support the design and pre-test tools/forms to register alternative care service providers in consultation with the Department of Social Welfare and Alternative Care service providers

  • Support the development of a recruitment, assessment and approval system for the implementation of Alternative Care guidelines and registration processes
  • Support the development of the efficient registration of all organizations/institutions that provide social protection services to vulnerable children/youth. A successful inspection programme may evolve in the future into a real accreditation process
  • Support the SNKE to produce documents to ensure that delivered Children services programs comply with the provision of international instruments that guide the comprehensive basic needs and rights of all children
  • Support the SNKE in reviewing and evaluating all National legal instruments on the treatment of Children and appraise their relevance or compliance to the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and African Convention RWC and cause the enactment of suitable domestic laws, regulations, guidelines, ethics and standards

Duration of the assignment: 90 working days within the period 1st Aug 2018 – 31st Dec 2018


Essential criteria

- A minimum of 5 years general professional experience and independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on. In particular:

- At least 5 years relevant work experience, out of which 5 years practical experience working on the development of Alternative Care systems, including policies, guidelines and standards of care for abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children

Qualifications and skills

- Master’s or degree in the Social Sciences, Sociology, Social Work, Child Development & Protection, Children’s Rights, or any relevant field

- Fluency in written and spoken English with sound communication, interpersonal and negotiating skills, including excellent written and oral skills and cross-cultural sensitivity

- Ability to work under pressure, prioritise tasks, take initiative, meet deadlines and remain tolerant, with capacity to develop participative and inclusive team-work

- Computer literacy skills (MS Office / MS Project)

General Experience

- Extensive experience in child care settings

Specific Experience

- At least 5 years’ experience in providing in Alternative Care

- Solid knowledge and understanding of International laws, Guidelines and Standards for Alternative Child Care and protection

- Knowledge of Foster Care Systems and Community Care strategies employed in developing countries

- Experience in working on customary practices in respect of alternative care of children

- Ability to draft clearly and concisely ideas and concepts in written and oral form

- Evidence of competency in drafting training curricula and course materials in Alternative Care

Desirable criteria that would be an added advantage

- Experience in the Sub-region as well as Internationally, with experience in Swaziland desirable

- Knowledge of SiSwati will be an added advantage

- Experience in delivering Social Work training

* eSwatini nationals are strongly encouraged to participate

About the Organization

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