Child Rights Governance Expert for Children's Services (Senior NKE)

  • Posted on 28 June 2018

Job Description

Project title: Technical assistance for the development of a social protection system in Swaziland

Brief description of the assignment: The aim of the consultancy is to conduct an in-depth analysis of child rights governance structures, systems, Legal landscape, Resource Base, national plan on children, institutional arrangements, Structural organization etc, and propose organizational mechanisms that can best support the rights of children in Swaziland. The outcomes, drawing from the human rights perspective, as outlined by UNCRC/ACRWC, will also take into account the constitution, domestic norms/cultural values, Children Policy, Children’s Protection & Welfare Act and other domestic legal instruments.

The outcome will be a holistic children rights model/ approach in relation to advancing Swazi children, to realise their rights (i.e. structures, institutions, systems, guidelines etc). This model should guide and coordinate all children interventions by stakeholders or consultancies.

Activities and deliverables under the assignment

  • Review priority areas which were identified by UNCERWC concluding observations
  • The consultant is expected to review the submission made by the State Party, with respect to each of the Concluding observations and appraise the extent to which the observations have been addressed
  • Analysis and review, to recommend practical measures for effectively addressing relevant issues related to good child-rights practices, values, frameworks from regional and global experiences
  • Cooperate with all children-related consultancies work (EU/UNICEF/ World Bank etc), existing stakeholder initiatives/ plans on children and ensure that they are child rights based
  • In consultation with Stakeholders, formulate and propose for implementation, a comprehensive child rights framework/model that the country can use to advance the rights of children and effect the promotion of the Swazi Child
  • A Comprehensive report with recommendations that can be implemented as per UNCRC concluding recommendations, to advance the rights of children
  • Identify and address key challenges for NCSD in order to fulfil the rights of the child (i.e. structural, institutional, governance, systematic, resources, coordination, political will etc.)
  • A guide for NCSD Child-rights Coordination/strategic plan
  1. The General Measures of Implementation (GMIs) of child rights, focusing on law reform and judicial enforcement of children’s rights; and Investment in Children, looking at Human Rights Budget Analysis (HRBA) as well as participation, transparency and accountability
  2. Review the Nine Reporting topics for the UNCRC (from general measures to Special Protection Measures)
  3. Review the existing structural and institutional arrangement in the children services sector, Develop mechanisms for coordinating and evaluate how the quality of interactions between children stakeholders i.e. ‘’duty bearers’’ and ‘’right holders’’ stakeholders can be improved
  4. Review structural/intuitional arrangements in Children Policy, Plan and legal documents
  5. Analyse and review ( relative to good child governance structural & institutional practices), the existing domestic Child coordination mechanisms as espoused in the National Children Policy (2009), National Plan of Action for Children (2011-2015), and associated Monitoring and Evaluation framework(2011-2015)
  6. Review the provisions of the CRC, National Laws, Regulations, and their alignment to the Constitution and propose effective holistic National coordination mechanisms to support the roll-out of country-wide multi-sectorial child-governance structures
  7. Assess the practical measures of implementation against international protocols and practices in SADC, EAC and global stages
  8. Define the TOR for benchmarking in other countries, identify key child-rights issues for investigation, and identify key stakeholders that can make meaningful participation in this exercise
  9. Review UNCERWC concluding observation 9&10, calling for the formulation of a permanent government-led coordination structure
  • Review the UNCRC concluding Observations of 2006 and compare with the dictates of UN/AU standard State Party reporting frameworks
  • Review the Kingdom’s State Party Reports on both the UNCRC and ACRWC with the identified gaps in the concluding observations.
  • Review existing and submitted measures undertaken to support children rights by children stakeholders
  • Review and analyse stakeholder submission on undertaken and planned child rights interventions. Compare domestic capacity with provisions of international legal instruments
  • Propose SMART measures that can be undertaken by the country to fulfil the rights of children
  • Consult with Children Services, DSW, Gender, Disability, Administration and Disaster Departments, CSO, Private Sector, Development Partners, Communities, And Traditional Leaderships
  • Devise a list of issues to be explored and clarified through a benchmarking exercise., benchmarking strategy
  • Produce a comprehensive multi-sectorial report on proposed a child rights governance Model proposing effecting structural, institutional, systematic, functional, legal, policy and coordination mechanisms that will ensure that the full rights of children are fulfilled
  • Define a Coordination framework for oversight of all interventions by all children stakeholders, for the effective fulfilment of the rights of children

Duration of the assignment: 150 working days within the period 1st Aug 2018 – 28th Aug 2019


Essential criteria

- At least 10 years’ experience in Law, Practicing as an attorney in the area of child rights

- Experience in understanding of NGOs/social services

- Command of Human Rights Law, practices at regional and global stages, with particular emphasis on children rights (Senior lawyers who are eligible for appointment into judges of the high court i.e. over 10 years practice as attorneys, are preferable)

- Ability to partner with specialists with substantive experience and proven record on conducting participatory action research (Qualitative & Quantitative methods) at government level and in public-private enterprise settings

- Ability to partner with specialists in Governance and Change management in public and Private Multi-sectorial organizations

- Thorough understanding of social drivers/structural factors for vulnerable groups

- Thorough knowledge, skills and attitudes related to human rights education and human rights based approaches to development and transformation within, government, vulnerable groups

- Excellent written and verbal co Civil Society communication skills

Qualifications and skills

- LLB degree in Law

- Fluency in written and spoken English with sound communication, interpersonal and negotiating skills, including excellent written and oral skills and cross-cultural sensitivity

- Ability to work under pressure, prioritise tasks, take initiative, meet deadlines and remain tolerant, with capacity to develop participative and inclusive team-work

- Strong Negotiation skills

- Computer literacy skills (MS Office)

- Strong Governance, Leadership skills

General experience

- Experience in designing research tools, competent implementation and processing complex research information

- Experience governance/ leadership organizational structuring in NGOs/ social services/Government and Cooperate environment or comparative size, and complexity

Desirable criteria that would be an added advantage

- Legal Experience in the Sub-regional, Internationally, with strong Swazi cultural insight and values will be desirable

* eSwatini nationals are strongly encouraged to participate

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