City Manager León

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 21 October 2019

Job Description

Reporting to the Regional Director for LATAM, and working as part of multifunctional teams with different members of the C/Can Team, the City Manager is the focal point and primary liaison the C/Can activities in participating cities. He/she will ensure the successful completion of all aspects of the city engagement process, connecting city leaders with global and local partners to deliver quality, equitable, and sustainable cancer treatment solutions

The City Manager manages and coordinates all the tasks necessary for city engagement, maintaining excellent relationships with local partners and coordinating global support for local actions. He/She will ensure that local leaders are empowered and work with them to implement activities identified through city engagement. City Managers work with close technical support from specific members of the C/Can Global Team, and under the overall guidance of their Regional Director for the prioritisation and completion of their work.

The City Manager will demonstrate a high level of professional integrity, diligently ensuring the completion of task and building trust and partnerships with local actors. Through their work he/ she will help build C/Can’s reputation in the city and promote the work of all partners to deliver cancer treatment care and treatment for all.

About the Organization

C/Can is as a standalone Swiss-based Foundation, working to improve access to cancer treatment in low and middle income countries. We have a growing team of over 20 people spread around the world, with a core team based in Geneva, Switzerland and City Managers based in each participating city.

City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) was launched by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) at the 2017 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos as a coordinated response to the urgent need to support resource-limited countries in reducing their growing cancer burden. The initiative was designed to leverage the untapped potential of taking an integrated approach to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 (Health), 11 (Cities), and 17 (Partnerships).

Our mission is to build a collective movement of cities, supported by global and local partners, to deliver quality, equitable, and sustainable cancer treatment solutions for all. To achieve our mission, we work in partnership with a network of motivated city and regional leaders, ministries of health, civil society organizations, industry, development actors, health professionals, and patient advocates to achieve a direct and concrete impact on cancer mortality rates.

Since its launch, C/Can and its partners have implemented localized action plans in four “Key Learning Cities,” which have the potential to improve cancer care for over 25 million people. Building on the success of the Key Learning Cities, we have now launched the next phase of the initiative, which aims to scale up support from 4 Key Learning Cities cities to a wider network of 20 cities in all regions. By empowering our local city leaders to drive the process—from identifying needs to designing solutions to implementation—we are developing innovative approaches that can transform cancer care worldwide.

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