Community Manager - Digital Financial Coach

  • Posted on 6 October 2020

Job Description

1. Background Prosperity Fund Mexico - Financial Services Strand

Funded by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the objective of the Strand is to create a more inclusive and competitive financial services sector, accessible to all segments of Mexican society and new market entrants. The Strand will increase the depth, coverage and efficiency of financial services to support a reduction in poverty, increase productivity and promote long-term social and economic development. The Strand aims to do this by matching the identified market failures with specific UK capabilities to build capacity and share best practice within the public and private sectors.

DAI’s will implement the Financial Services Programme. Under its Intervention 1, Social, Financial Inclusion &Education, the programme aims to deploy its first client-centred educative interactions with vulnerable populations through the Financial Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth into the Retirement Savings System project. Due to the current Covid-19 context, interactions with the population will be principally digital.

The principles of our approach are as follows:

Human Centred Design (HCD): We will develop and iterate digital solutions addressing financial education, focusing on the client needs in each type of financial interaction.

Inclusion and Poverty Focus: We will be working vulnerable populations and with institutions in their efforts to attend financial inclusion and education needs to achieve greater level of transactions and satisfactory interactions. As a result, we will reduce marginalisation and a means to achieve

2. Objective

DAI seeks a Community Manager/Digital Financial Coach Consultant able to design and execute a deployment and communication strategy of human centred educative interactions with our target population through different digital tools including a microsite and a messaging platform.

3. Scope of Work

A Circuit of Educative Interactions has been designed to reach population through four points of access that link to each other: i) Financial coaching tool (WhatsApp, Facebook messaging, Instagram messaging or SMS) ii) bulletins/infographics; iii) webinars/workshops; iv) and a microsite that will host all financial educative content and materials created.

The Community Manager-Digital Financial Coach Consultant will directly support the Circuit in tasks related to interactions with vulnerable populations through digital tools and in the systematization of data, especially with regards to the Financial Coaching tool. The financial coaching tool will be operated through a messaging platform (WhatsApp, social media). The tool will be deployed to provide HCD financial education contents, bulletins, invitation to webinars, advising, and it will be managed by a small team comprised by Community Manager (Digital Financial Coach) and one Facilitator and will report to the Intervention 1 team. The activities of the Community Manager-Digital Financial coach will evolve as the interactions with the population unfold. Main activities include:

Circuit of Educative Interactions

a) Propose dissemination, delivery and communication strategy for the Circuit of Educative Interactions.

b) Coordinate deployment of Financial Coaching interactions and Microsite, under supervision of Intervention 1 team.

c) Manage digital platform for Financial Coaching Interactions and for Microsite.

d) Participate in strategic meetings regarding the Circuit of Educative Interactions.

e) Actively propose and implement strategies for a successful engagement with our target population through the Circuit.

a. Ensure that the proposed strategies are implemented with the support of the Facilitator

b. Ensure that the strategies reach an important volume of incorporations into the Circuit

f) Communicate closely with our Access Partners to define bests “moments” to engage with the population in order to increase the outreach of the Circuit (Messaging, Microsite, Webinars and bulletins).

Interactions with the population and data collection and systematisation

a) Carry out first interactions with the population through digital tools of the Circuit.

i. Carry out interactions through platform for Financial Coaching tool (WhatsApp and possibly Facebook or Instagram).

b) Design the strategy and tools to systematise data in coordination with I1 team and MREL lead.

c) Train and supervise the Facilitator who will support carrying out interactions with the population through Financial Coaching and data systematisation.

i. Create manual for Facilitator. The manual should explain how to deploy and carry out interactions with the population through the Circuit, with emphasis in the Financial Coaching tool.

d) With support of the Facilitator, gather qualitative and quantitative data from financial coaching interactions and other tools that are part of the Circuit, such as microsite and bulletins.

e) Weekly meetings with I1 team and Facilitator for updates and share advances or experiences.

Communication, Social Media and Virtual events

a) Provide input for the design of educative materials to be deployed through WhatsApp or Microsite

b) Work with Intervention 1 team on the script of educative videos

c) Actively propose and implement social media communication strategies for promotion of the project, Financial Coaching, workshops and webinars.

d) Actively participate in the coordination of logistics for digital events such as webinars or workshops


a) Any other related activities requested by the I1 team

4. Deliverables

1. Manual for Facilitator 1 regarding interactions through the Circuit of Educative interactions, especially deployment and management of Financial Coaching Interactions.,

2. Executive presentation on the strategy to deploy Circuit of Educative Interactions

3. Biweekly executive report with quantitative and qualitative information gathered from the interactions as well as lessons learned on:

a. Financial coaching interactions

b. Microsite

c. Other digital interactions

d. Workshops / webinars organized (if applicable)

5. Competencies Required


· Knowledge and experience on education, preferably on financial education or personal finance

· Notable background in communications

· Leadership and supervision of staff in-site and remotely

· Public Relations

· Informatic knowledge, Word, Excel, that allow the elaboration of Reports for Supervisors, as well as databases management

· Excellent oral, written and digital communication skills in Spanish and advanced English

· Digital culture

· Ability to maintain good professional relations with government, associations and stakeholders

· Good management of digital devices (Computer, smartphone, among others)

· Able to manage digital tools such as WhatsApp and microsites/websites

· Proactive and hands-on attitude

· Good time management skills and able to work remotely

Work Experience

· At least 7 years of working experience

· Experience of 4 to 5 years working on digital communications preferable with educative focus

· Experience designing digital contents preferable with educative focus

· Working on Data Analysis for social media, websites, among others.

· Leading small teams

· Working with vulnerable populations and on field

· Organising workshops and seminars

· Coordinating events, social media and messaging tools

· Experience collaborating in the design of digital pedagogic contents

· Experience working on pedagogic/educative projects


· Bachelor’s studies related to communication, education, economics, social sciences, anthropology or administration

· A master’s degree on education, digital communications, communications, or other related to this project is not required but will be highly valued


· Native Spanish

· Advanced English

6. Timing

Days: up to 80 days, period October 30th, 2020 to March 31st, 2021.

Other considerations: This position is subject to a three-month trial period. This consultancy does not consider a company personal computer.

About the Organization

About DAI

DAI is an international development company. For more than 45 years, we have worked on the frontlines of international development, tackling fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. Currently, DAI is delivering results that matter in some 80 countries. Our development solutions turn ideas into impact by bringing together fresh combinations of expertise and innovation across multiple disciplines. Our clients include international development agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations and philanthropies, and national governments.

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