Concessions Advisor, long-term, Liberia

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 29 August 2012
  • Liberia
  • Closing on 15 September 2012

Job Description




IBI International is seeks qualified candidates for the position of Concession Advisor for the USAID-funded Governance and Economic Management Support Program in Liberia. This is an open vacancy for a long-term position under an on-going project. Preferred start date is late September .


The USAID-funded Governance and Economic Management Support Program (GEMS) is a five-year technical assistance program to improve performance through strengthening public sector capacity in Liberia. GEMS will develop and implement an economic governance capacity building program that targets human and institutional capacity building within GOL ministries, agencies, and commissions (MACs) under the three thematic areas of 1) managing national resources effectively 2) Building national wealth and 3) Promoting equity and youth empowerment. Specifically, USAID GEMS will work with key ministries, agencies, and commissions of Liberia to build management capacity, implement a comprehensive civil servant training initiative, strengthen the government’s capacity to manage natural resource concessions, facilitate the implementation of the government’s national ICT policy, and operate a modern national payment system.

Liberia’s National Bureau of Concessions was established by an Act of Legislature in September 2011. As a new entity with significant responsibility for monitoring the performance of the source of the GOL primary revenue base, the NBC requires support in developing its organization, activities, management tools and processes to effectively deliver their mandate. Additionally, other GOL entities involved in natural resource concessions require assistance in improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism with which they participate in the concessions process and monitor their technical area within concessions agreements.


The Concessions Advisor (“Advisor”) will provide technical guidance and support to the National Bureau of Concessions to achieve its purpose and mandate, and to other GOL institutions that are involved in natural resource concessions to improve their abilities in concessions management.

The Advisor will support the NBC by assisting with the establishment of rules, guidelines, roles, responsibilities, regulations, and procedures pertaining to the management of concessions in Liberia. The advisor will oversee reviews of fiscal terms and pricing in concession agreements of iron ore, rubber, oil palm, and forestry, supervising short-term international and local specialists, and develop a and provide training on sustainable methodology and model for future use by NBC staff. The Concessions Advisor will mentor and build the capacity of the NBC and sector ministries to track and enforce the terms of concession agreements.

The advisor will develop a plan for establishment of a national concessions cadastre, building on the currently existing mining cadastre, and support NBC efforts to develop a database to trace concessions agreements.

The advisor will assist with identifying and working with local and international stakeholders, donors and partners that can support the NBC’s mandate and capacity building requirements. The advisor will assist in the harmonization of the amended Public Procurement Act.

This is a current vacancy under an existing contract, and is a long-term (two year contract), full-time position based in Monrovia Liberia. Occasional travel to the interior of Liberia will be required.


The Concessions Advisor will have an advanced degree in Economics, Finance, Law, Public Administration, Business Administration, International Development, or related field.

(A) The Advisor must have at least 10 years of professional experience in contract bidding and negotiations for natural resource concessions, and this experience must include:

  • · Experience working in or with a government agency that manages concessions;
  • · Knowledge of, and experience with developing, concessions laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

(B) The Advisor should have experience working in or with the private sector negotiating/managing concessions with governments, and experience with palm oil, forestry, rubber, or mining concessions.

(C) The Concessions Advisor must demonstrate the ability to work with a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams and at the highest levels of Government.

The Advisor should have at least five years experience with international development donor agencies in capacity building activities, including experience in Africa.

The proposed candidate must be fluent in English, fully computer literate, possess excellent oral and written communication skills. Must be able to effectively mentor and guide people with different viewpoints and objectives to reach a common objective.

To Apply:

Please send your resume to, with CONCESSONS in the subject line. In the body of your email, please provide specific examples of experiences in items A-C listed in qualifications, referencing each experience to a job listed in your resume. IBI appreciates all applications, but only final candidates will be contacted. IBI International is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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