Consultancy: Mining Local Content Opportunity: Road Map for Deepening Private Sector Collaboration

  • Posted on 28 August 2019

Job Description

The Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ) seeks to hire a Consultant to support the private sector to prepare for Local Content by undertaking a pre-feasibility analysis and producing an action plan for identified goods and services.

Please see attached the detailed TOR for information about deadlines, application and more details on the position.

About the Organization

PEPZ background:

PEPZ is a six-year (2014-2020) UKaid-funded private sector development programme designed to encourage and support investment and job creation. We work through intervention partnerships across the programme's four sectors to achieve specific development objectives in each sector:

  • Food and agriculture: Increased competitiveness and value of Zambian food products in end consumer markets.
  • Mines and mining services: Increased sustainable and inclusive economic impact of mining in Zambia.
  • Tourism and hospitality: Increased value and proportion of tourist revenues captured by local businesses.
  • Business Services for Investment and Growth: Increased access to business services and sources of finance that support growth-oriented businesses.

PEPZ helps intervention partners to introduce business innovations (new products, services or business models) that deliver profitable growth for our partner and open up new market opportunities for Zambian micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). The core of the PEPZ value offer to potential partners is formulated under four headings:

  • Capital: Our cost-sharing financial intervention mechanisms designed to incentivise business innovation that will benefit Zambian SMEs and micro-enterprises;
  • Capacity: Our internal expertise and our network of external specialist consultants who can help intervention partners design and implement solutions;
  • Connections: Our networks and contacts that allow us to facilitate business connections and transactions; and
  • Compliance: Our understanding of the formal and informal rules of focus sector markets means that we can help businesses to meet legal/regulatory requirements and client/consumer needs.

More information

Zambia LC TOR_ FINAL_ 28 Aug 19.pdf

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