Consultancy to assist in assessing proposals solicited under the Area for Intervention: Better tools for integrated management of childhood fever

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 3 July 2018
  • Switzerland
  • Closing on 13 August 2018
  • Proposal

Job Description


Unitaid is seeking experts in tools/diagnostics for key causes of childhood fever to assist in conducting an assessment of proposals to catalyse the development of better tools for integrated management of childhood fever.

Please refer to the Terms of Reference, and for more details and complete document package for the consultancy.

The deadline for submission of proposal is 13-August-2018, 17h00 Geneva time. All queries pertaining to the RFP should be addressed in writing to

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to receiving your proposal.



The purpose of this work is to assist Unitaid in conducting a technical evaluation/assessment of proposals through the Area for Intervention “EB27/R05 – Fever Management Area for Intervention”, including the current call for proposals entitled “Better tools for integrated management of childhood fever”.

It is anticipated that the technical assessment of each proposal would take up to 4 days (number of days include interaction with Unitaid Secretariat and e.g. introduction and proposal assessment meetings). Individuals may be selected to review multiple proposals (between 3 – 5 proposals).

Scope of work

  • For each assessed proposal, a short report following a template (to be provided by Unitaid) should be provided, containing:
  • a general/overall technical perspective on the proposal;
  • a brief assessment of the proposal against criteria provided by Unitaid;
  • Participate in an initial meeting to guide the assessment, and if necessary/desirable, brief Unitaid staff on the assessment (via teleconference).


  • Working knowledge of Unitaid and the World Health Organization;
  • Expertise in introduction of tools/diagnostics and public health issues related to integrated management of childhood fever in LMIC;
  • Expertise in and/or knowledge of regulatory pathways for tools/diagnostics for integrated management of childhood fever.

About the Organization

WHO, a public international organization consisting of 194 Member States, is dependent on contributions it receives for the implementation of its activities. You are therefore requested to propose the best and most cost-effective solution to meet WHO’s requirements.

Unitaid was established in 2006 by Brazil, Chile, France, Norway and the United Kingdom in the context of the fight against HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in resource-limited settings, with a focus on health products.

Unitaid's mission is to maximize the effectiveness of the global health response by catalyzing equitable access to better health products. Unitaid's interventions promote innovation in developing new products and approaches, increase access by leveraging its market expertise to overcome access barriers and create the right conditions for scale-up, so that better health products reach all people who need them, with priority given to the underserved and the poorest populations.

The principal functions of the Secretariat are to carry out and manage the day-to-day operations of Unitaid/WHO, including implementing the work plan of Unitaid/WHO as approved by the Board, managing and coordinating relationships with Partners, and coordinating and facilitating technical support and advice to the Board Unitaid is supported by public funding and is hosted by WHO. Please consult our website at the following link for more information

For the purpose of this document, Unitaid is hereinafter referred to as Unitaid or Unitaid/WHO.

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