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Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States
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Posted on 2 August 2018

Job Description

The Global Book Alliance (GBA), currently hosted by USAID, is a partnership of donor agencies, multilateral institutions, civil society organizations and private sector entities. The GBA focuses on addressing a core challenge to global literacy by working to remove or mitigate problems along the book supply chain. Major progress has been made towards increasing primary school enrolment rates. Still, 617 million children and adolescents worldwide are unable to read, despite most of them having attended school for several years. One reason for this is that many do not have access to quality early grade reading resources in a language they understand. The GBA seeks to build sustainable partnerships and funding streams to increase the availability of high-quality reading resources in underserved languages, through The Global Digital Library and other channels; foster a local reading culture and demand for books - whether web, mobile or print; and improve the public and donor procurement processes to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

The GBA Secretariat is in the process of developing a partnership and sustainability plan that seeks to achieve three phased objectives:

    • In the short term, secure partnerships that co-finance and enable the success of key GBA initiatives, particularly at the country-level through the Country Pilots;

    • In the medium term, establish the GBA member network that will include partners able to fund future GBA activities and amplify GBA outcomes through their own on-going efforts;

    • In the long term, assist the GBA secretariat in establishing a governance and funding model to ensure the long-term sustainability of GBA activities.

This consultancy will work closely with the GBA Secretariat and the E3/Ed office’s senior advisor for private sector engagement to finalize and begin implementation of the GBA partnership and sustainability plan.

Responsibilities Scope of Work and Objective:

USAID’s Office of Education (E3/ED) needs short-term technical assistance to identify and actualize partnerships that support current GBA activities and establish the foundation for long term sustainability. The consultant will work directly with, and report to, E3/ED’s Senior Advisor for the Global Book Alliance, while also working closely with E3/ED’s Senior Advisor for Private Sector Engagement.

At the Global Level:

    1. Building on work to date, finalize a partnership and sustainability plan to support and sustain the implementation of GBA activities

    1. Implement the GBA plan to secure partnerships and stand up the Alliance that will include financing and partnership commitments

    • Identify and pursue prospects, develop pitch presentations, and work with E3/ED colleagues and USAID Missions on outreach to prospective funders and partners

    • Schedule, plan and lead discussions and negotiations with private sector, public sector, and civil society partners.

    • Support partnership management, implementation, reporting, and monitoring & evaluation.

    • The consultant will also include in its work plan a set of recommendations of how USAID staff and Missions will continue efforts beyond his/her support.

At the Country Level:

    1. Under the oversight of the GBA Secretariat and the USAID Mission, conduct a private sector landscape review (collaborating with Mission staff and other partners and consultants as needed) for target Country Pilots to identify private sector and other partners to support GBA activities

    1. Advise USAID Mission(s) on strategies for leveraging additional partnerships to support improved book supply chain functions, including, (but not limited to) private sector engagement.

    1. As needed, report on country level partnerships to the larger GBA Steering Committee.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

In close consultation with the Senior Advisor for the GBA and with USAID’s Senior Advisor for Private Sector Engagement, the consultant will:

    1. Develop a detailed work plan within two weeks of the start of the consultancy.

    1. Building on work to date, finalize development and support execution of GBA partnership and sustainability plan to implement GBA activities

    1. Identify and solidify commitments from partners (private sector and others) in support of the Global Book Alliance

    1. Coordinate meetings, briefings, and develop any supporting communications materials/pitches

    1. Provide a set of recommendations to sustain partnership engagement efforts

    1. Have weekly check-ins with the senior advisors to provide regular updates and obtain feedback and guidance


    1. Workplan and associated deliverables – due two weeks after Agreement upon technical advisor’s review and approval

    1. GBA partnership strategy and implementation plan

    1. Market research and prospects list of potential partners

    1. Alliance structure, process and engagement plan for Alliance members

    1. Partnership Landscape Reviews for up to 2 priority countries (as appropriate)

    1. Communications and Pitch materials as required for targeted private sector engagement (g., PowerPoint presentations, briefing materials, talking points).

    1. Work with Communications consultant to develop outreach plan and campaign for the Alliance

    1. Summary of key discussions, highlighting key challenges and opportunities to achieve work plan deliverables that will be provided at bi-weekly meetings or calls with E3/ED.

    1. Technical Advice as requested by Missions along with trip/event reports outlining key opportunities, challenges and next steps.

    1. An exit and sustainability plan, including a report that provides a set of recommendations of how E3/ED can support private sector engagement following the end of the consultancy.

    1. Provide weekly summary report on tasks and objectives achieved

Required Experience and Qualifications:

    • Education: Masters or MBA (preferred) and 8 years of experience in partnership building, consulting, philanthropy, international development, and/or start-ups

    • Understanding of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (desirable)

    • Familiarity with the book publishing industry or supply chains (desirable)

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