Consultant for Family Leave Coverage, Monitoring & Evaluation, Clean Cooking Alliance

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 26 June 2020

Job Description

The Clean Cooking Alliance works with a global network of partners to build an inclusive industry that makes clean cooking accessible to the three billion people who live each day without it. Established in 2010, the Alliance is driving consumer demand, mobilizing investment to build a pipeline of scalable businesses, and fostering an enabling environment to allow the sector to thrive. Clean cooking transforms lives by improving health, protecting the climate and the environment, empowering women, and helping families save time and money.

Position Overview

The Clean Cooking Alliance (Alliance) is looking to hire a full-time consultant with monitoring and evaluation (M&E) expertise to provide six months of family leave coverage, starting in June 2020. This position sits within the Evidence & Impact team of the Alliance. The work will focus on four main projects, as detailed below. All work will be done in close collaboration and oversight from the Senior Director, Evidence & Impact, as well as the Chief Program Officer who directs the first two projects listed below, and the Senior Director of Strategy of Development who directs the fourth project.

Project 1: Haiti Cookstoves and Clean Energy Market Project

First, the consultant will oversee the M&E plan for the Haiti Cookstoves and Clean Energy Market Project. The ultimate objective of the project is to reduce the negative climate, environment, health, and economic impacts from traditional cooking practices on the Haitian population, particularly for women and girls. This objective will be achieved through three intermediate outcomes: 1) Increased sales of cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels by Haitian businesses, particularly those that integrate women into their supply chain; 2) Increased use of cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels by consumers, particularly women; and 3) Improved enabling environment for growth of a cookstoves and fuels market. Sustainable market growth and impact requires that the project work closely with the Government of Haiti, local stakeholders, practitioners, the private sector, the Haitian diaspora, donors, civil society, and UN agencies to implement a tailored mix of actionable and market-based activities.

This project is currently undergoing a redesign, so details of the M&E approach are under development. The project is undergoing a redesign to take into account the new context of COVID-19 as well as lessons learned from the first two years of project implementation.

Work under this project will consist of the following activities:

  • Participate in the project redesign process, leading the M&E development in cooperation with other teams.
  • Lead the process of redeveloping the project logic model in cooperation with project teams and leadership
  • Lead the process of revising project indicators
  • Lead the process of including other non-indicator approaches to include measurement, use of evidence, and learning in the project
  • Provide guidance on adjustments to the M&E budget
  • In collaboration with implementing teams, ensure data collection instruments are designed and are integrated into implementation
  • Contribute to donor reporting
  • Oversee the work of consultant team doing field data collection, with support from other project colleagues on both the technical and administrative components of the work
  • Oversee the work of consultant team writing baseline report, including liaising between the consulting team and project and Alliance leadership on setting targets for project indicators
  • Participate in meetings as needed related to the project

Project 2: Cooking Industry Catalyst, Africa Market Strengthening Project

The second project is the Cooking Industry Catalyst, Africa Market Strengthening Project. The Cooking Industry Catalyst is an industry development platform recently launched by the Alliance. It aims to scale-up access to clean and modern cooking solutions in developing countries by building a pipeline of scalable businesses throughout the supply chain, mobilizing debt and equity investment, enhancing the industry knowledge base, improving public policy frameworks, and driving consumer demand.

The consultant will work with project staff on the implementation of the M&E plan for the project.

Work under this project will consist of the following activities:

  • Provide technical oversight for any changes to the M&E plan for the project, working with project team and other teams at the Alliance
  • Provide technical oversight for the data collection, management, analysis and reporting of indicator data
  • Lead the process of the household mobile-based survey for baseline with the support of others on the project
  • Write RFP, manage procurement, and subsequently manage firm collecting household data
  • Work with firm on survey design, ensuring survey covers the M&E indicator needs at a minimum
  • Lead other survey or instrument design for data collection for other indicators as needed, working with project teams

Project 3: Clean Cooking Alliance M&E Framework

The third project is the implementation of the Clean Cooking Alliance M&E Framework. In mid-2020, the Alliance adopted an M&E Framework to define, measure, and learn from its work across multiple projects. The Framework includes 37 standard indicators that will be used where relevant as well as guidance on how the Alliance will determine when to conduct evaluations of its work. Each standard indicator has an indicator methodology reference sheet that articulates the technical details about indicator methodology, data collection, definition, and frequency of data collection requirements.

Work under this project will consist of the following activities:

  • Develop and refine implementation of the M&E Framework, including clarifying roles and responsibilities for data collection and management of each standard indicator across the Alliance
  • In some cases, this will involve designing instruments with teams at the Alliance and ensuring that data are collected at appropriate points, as outlined in the indicator methodology reference sheet
  • As needed, refine the indicator methodology sheets
  • Participate in any updates to the Alliance Theory of Change, working closely with Alliance staff and senior leadership
  • Present on the M&E Framework to stakeholders as needed
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting to Alliance staff on the implementation of the M&E Framework
  • Respond to feedback on the M&E Framework from outside stakeholders including donors
  • Provide guidance and troubleshooting to outside stakeholders on the implementation of the Framework

The fourth project is the Clean Cooking Sector Strategy project, led by the Clean Cooking Alliance Strategy and Development team, in cooperation with other sector stakeholders. The Sector Strategy will model what must occur to achieve universal access to clean cooking solutions by 2030 and to fast-track the viability and use of renewable energy.

Work under this project will consist of the following activities:

  • Participate in workshops
  • Review M&E related outputs and provide technical contributions
  • Work with the team and consulting firm to make recommendations based on best practice in other relevant sectors or successful examples of measuring systems transitions
  • Ensure that recommendations from the sector strategy are well synced with the Alliance M&E framework and can be incorporated into future iterations
  • Support the development of feedback loops as part of the project M&E
  • Make recommendations of quantitative and qualitative data-gathering tools that can be used to track use of the strategy during the implementation phase

Other ad hoc responsibilities include general M&E support across all Alliance teams, including technical inputs on survey design, impact calculation, and quantitative analysis.

Skills Required

  • Seven or more years of experience designing and managing project monitoring and evaluation in international development.
  • This includes logic model and indicator design, instrument design, experience managing data collection and data, and experience working with implementing teams to use M&E data in feedback loops.
  • Experience in and knowledge of the household energy and cookstoves sector is a plus.
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with teams in M&E design and implementation.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Strong quantitative analysis skills, including with Excel and other statistical software.
  • Familiarity and experience with design thinking or human-centered design.
  • Experience with private sector development projects is a plus.


The position is full-time and will last approximately six months starting in June 2020.


Work can be completed remotely. Due to COVID-19, the Clean Cooking Alliance’s DC office is closed through the beginning of September. In the event that the office reopens later in September, this position can still be remote.

Selected consultant must comply with United Nations Foundation and funder compliance requirements.

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