Consultant- Mobile Potable Water Cleaning Systems (Turkmenistan)

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 8 August 2018

Job Description

  1. Design and deliver presentations with strong visuals and graphics appealing to GSP’s national counterparts, particularly for senior specialists of the Ministry of Public Utilities of Turkmenistan and enterprises under its authority, including the Institute of Public Utilities under the Ministry of Public Utilities and “Turkmencommunaldesign” Design and Planning Institution.
  2. Develop Draft of Program of a 2-day seminar on world advanced technologies on mobile potable water cleaning systems.
  3. Transfer key concepts, schemes on world advanced technologies on mobile potable water cleaning systems
  4. Provide examples of successful practices on using advanced containerized mobile water treatment and solar powered UF systems in remote areas
  1. Provide information on using mobile potable water cleaning systems for densely and sparsely populated areas
  2. Present information on mobile water treatment plants operation and design systems
  1. Deliver information on international drinking water regulations and rules
  1. Deliver information on system responsibilities to set out at the federal, provincial and municipal levels for drinking water quality compliance
  1. Provide information on international drinking water quality management standards


  1. A minimum experience of 10 years in the field of water supply, water treatment plants and mobile potable water cleaning systems;
  2. Applied technical proficiency in one or more of the following areas: water resource management; water/wastewater treatment; water supply, demand, and storage, water treatment technologies, etc.
  3. Working knowledge on technologies for desalination water treatment, such as reverse osmosis; nanofiltration and electrodialysis reversal;
  4. Good understanding of current practices/trends related to water, water treatment products and standards, concepts and terminology.
  5. Excellent presentation, consultation and public speaking skills. Proven experience of delivering presentations to large audiences.
  6. Be flexible and ready for possible last minute changes to the program agenda and audience.
  7. Ability to interface effectively with team members, governmental counterparts, donors, and beneficiaries.
  8. Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  9. Written and spoken proficiency in English (or Russian) is required.
  1. Design and provide hand-out materials and information for the participants

About the Organization

The QED Group, LLC, is a full-service international consulting firm committed to solving complex global challenges through innovative solutions. We are determined to provide all our clients with best-value services so they increase their efficiency, learning capacity, and accountability to the public in an ever more complex and interconnected world. Through Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Management practice areas, QED is working to maximize our clients' return on investment through accountability, continuous learning, and sound management.

About the Program

The USAID-funded Governance Support Program (GSP) in Turkmenistan provides technical expertise, training, and other technical assistance to the government institutions in Turkmenistan.

The QED Group, LLC seeks the international consultants to conduct a two-day workshop on World Advanced Technologies on Mobile Potable Water Cleaning Systems. The anticipated period of work is June 20-June 28, 2018. The tentative dates for the seminar are June 25-26, 2018. The dates are contingent upon Turkmenistan Government’s approval. Consultants will report directly to the Chief of Party of Governance Support Program in Turkmenistan and Project Coordinator of the QED in the US.

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