Consultant – PERSUAP Consultant for Nepal

Apply by 11 May 2018
Senior-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 11 April 2018

Job Description

Winrock International seeks an international expert to develop a PERSUAP which will be applicable to both the KISAN II and NSAF projects. The deliverable is a PERSUAP that serves as an action plan to ensure safe and economic agrochemicals use for activities supported by the KISAN II and NSAF projects. The PERSUAP will be developed for production of rice; maize; lentil; high value agriculture commodities including but not limited to tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, bitter gourd, chili, beans, bottle gourd, pumpkin, brinjal, okra. NSAF project is also doing some research on wheat (only for fertilizer research).

  1. Tasks

The consultant shall undertake the following principal tasks:

  1. Review relevant and current PERSUAPs of USAID funded projects in Nepal (PERSUAPs of KISAN, PAHAL and SABAL projects).
  2. Review Statement of Work (or Section C) of KISAN II and NSAF projects’ contract
  3. Review registered pesticides in Nepal
  4. Review USAID Nepal IEE Fact sheet and KISAN II EMMP
  5. Review list of chemicals used by NSAF project’s partners.
  6. Prepare and submit PERSUAP for KISAN II and NSAF projects that meet project and USAID requirements.

Note: KISAN II will provide the documents mentioned in 1 through 5.

  1. Deliverables
  1. Submit draft PERSUAP to Winrock for review and comments within 10 working days of contract signing.
  2. Submit final version of PERSUAP for KISAN II and NSAF projects after incorporation of the comments from KISAN II and NSAF projects’ personnel and USAID.

*It is expected that the consultant will complete all work and deliverables from their home of record.

  1. Timing / Duration

The estimated LOE for this assignment is up to 15 days.

  1. Qualifications
  • Advanced degree in entomology, international development, environmental management, or other related field required
  • Experience in development of PERSUAPs
  • Ability to work against tight deadlines
  • Strong writing skills
  • Must be independent but collaborative, willing to share thoughts and ideas, and able to give constructive feedback
  • Experience working for international donors, development organizations, and/or PVOs
  • Fluency in English required
  • Experience in Nepal preferred

About the Organization

Winrock is a recognized leader in U.S. and international development with a focus on social and environmental issues. As a mission driven, field-based organization, we believe that sustainable development is inclusive and that complex challenges require integrated solutions. Winrock embraces continuous quality improvement and a culture of impact, accountability and entrepreneurship.

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