Consultant: Primary Investigator for Qualitative Research for a Gender Analysis

International Rescue Committee
Congo, The Democratic Republic of
Apply by 24 March 2012
Mid-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 23 February 2012

Job Description


The Integrated Health Program (IHP) is funded by USAID and implemented in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). IHP is a five-year project that supports the National Program for Health Development (PNDS) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The two components of the project - part 1, “Services” and Component 2, “Other Health Systems” - are designed to create the best conditions for increasing the availability and use of health services to high impact, products and practices in 80 health zones in four target provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kasai Occidental, Kasai Oriental, Katanga and South Kivu).

To ensure that men and women have equal access to quality health care and products, IHP will conduct a gender analysis. The purpose of this gender analysis is to examine whether and how men and women of different ages differ in their 1) access to resources (information, services, finances); 2) knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions; 3) practices and participation; 4) rights and status; and unpinning all four of these domains is power and how the men and women within a household and community negotiate and relate to one another. It is well known that women and children suffer disproportionately from poor health outcomes, but a gender analysis aims to identify root causes of differences in the quality of lives based on gender, as well as factors such as age, ethnic group, and socioeconomic status.

Description of Consultants’ Work

The International Rescue Committee will select one primary investigator to conduct formative research, a gender analysis, in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the Integrated Health Project (IHP). The primary investigator will have three major roles: 1) to develop the data collection tools and the facilitator’s guide; 2) to train and oversee 4 research teams (including quality assurance, data transcription, preliminary coding, and analysis); and 3) to be the lead facilitator of one of the four research teams.

Specific tasks

  • Review literature review, draft research protocol, and other background materials deemed necessary for preparation for formative research, and submit questions and comments to Gender Technical Advisor.
  • Based on discussions with Gender Technical Advisor, revise research protocol and design the interview guides.
  • Develop Facilitators’ Guide, in French.
  • Kinshasa, DRC: using the Facilitator’s Guide, train lead facilitators and Co-facilitators on data collection tools and methodology; develop a work plan.
  • In Kinshasa, DRC, oversee one pilot focus group discussion to test the interview guides; then if necessary, revise interview guides/community participation research tools.
  • Travel to one of four provinces (Kasai Occidental, Kasai Oriental, Katanga or South Kivu) to meet with IHP field office members to review logistical preparations for traveling to rural and semi-urban research sites; as well as to be oriented on the work and challenges of that particular area.
  • Conduct 12 focus group discussions with community members (target groups/sex groups to be randomly assigned) in 6 randomly assigned communities, and interviews and focus groups discussions with 12 health service providers, depending on their availability. Focus group discussions and interviews will be conducted in French and translated into the local language by co-facilitator, when necessary.
  • Assure quality assurance of data collection and transcription for all four research teams.
  • Meet with team members daily to review, compile, and summarize facilitators’ notes and reporter’s transcriptions.
  • Meet with Gender Technical Advisor and team members in Kinshasa to debrief on activities conducted thus far; and outline the data analysis, develop the code book, and develop the reporting template as a group.
  • Using transcriptions and facilitators’ notes, code data for one province and conduct data analysis (using agreed upon software for transferability of data) as agreed upon during debriefing meeting and submit final report, using template provided.
  • Submit a trip report using IHP template 10 days after the end of the trip.

Skills Required

Consultant should have strong facilitation skills and experience with designing and leading large qualitative studies. Knowledge of public health and gender issues in rural African communities are also required. Consultant must be fluent in French and English. Experience with community participation research methodologies and experience in Congo is preferred. Consultant should also be accustomed to traveling in rural areas, with the possibility of lodging in communities – where comfortable amenities may not be available.

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