Consultant, Risk Assessment

  • Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 3 September 2019

Job Description


Consultant for Risk Assessment of Bongpheak - Job seeking system for low-skilled workers in Cambodia to prevent risky migration


October to December 2019 (30 to 40 days) 2019


Sara Piazzano

Chief of Party,

USAID Asia Counter Trafficking in Persons


Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. Winrock’s Asia Counter Trafficking-in-Persons Project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID Asia CTIP) has goals to reduce trafficking in persons in the region and to better protect rights of trafficked persons.

Under the Cambodia Countering Trafficking-in-Persons project, Open Institute (OI) developed Bongpheak, the first large-scale job-posting platform and service specifically designed for unskilled and low-skilled employment, which was launched in 2016. The goal of the service has been to reduce the risks of trafficking-in-persons (TIP) by more efficiently connecting potential workers to domestic jobs. While the platform is currently in the process of transitioning into a self-sustaining service, Winrock would like to document the components of the model, assess risks, capture strong recommendations on how to improve data security and due diligence.


Winrock International is currently seeking a consultant to conduct a risk assessment and evaluation of the tool described above.

The main purposes of the study are:

  1. Holistically assess potential risks of the online job-portal such as theft of sensitive data, disclosure of sensitive information, misuse of information and exploitation of workers using the portal. Provide risk mitigation plan to address identified risks

Based on analyzing the job-portal functioning, interviews with OI, and interviews with users (both job-seekers and employers) and other stakeholders in Cambodia and elsewhere, the aim is to understand what risks the platform could potentially pose to unskilled and low-skilled migrants in Cambodia and develop the mitigation plan.

The assessment will focus on the following areas:

  1. Data security risks for workers - protecting identity and personal information
  2. Risk of scams and hacking
  3. Misuse of platform
  4. Due diligence process and policies
  5. Security of the overall platform – including data and information
  6. Risk of the system not serving intended vulnerable and at-risk people and not preventing exploitation and TIP
  7. Risks associated in using social media to recruit workers
  8. Any others identified
  9. To explore ways to link or integrate the system with other technologies to increase its effectiveness in reaching and protecting low-skilled workers to secure jobs, while remaining a competitive solution in the market and attractive for employers.


  1. Develop and approve with Winrock a detailed research design and timeline outlining proposed methodology, research questions and final report structure
  2. Develop and approve with Winrock data collection tools
  3. In collaboration with Winrock, develop a list of experts that can contribute to the assessment and to the mitigation plan
  4. Carry out the assessment
  5. Develop evaluation tool/criteria in which to evaluate similar global platforms and models
  6. Hold bi-weekly status calls with Winrock
  7. Prepare a final report and a power point presentation on the findings, conclusions and recommendations



Tentative Due date


Develop a detailed research design and timeline outlining proposed methodology, research questions and tools, as well as final report structure

5 days after signing a consultant agreement


Draft report and summary of key findings

25 days after signing consultant agreement


Submit final report and the power point presentation with findings, with resubmission after comments from supervisor

Agreed end of project date


Payment will be made upon timely submission of satisfactory deliverables per agreed work plan, and approval of the contractor’s supervisor. The payment will be made in 3 tranches after each deliverable has been met and approved.

The payment schedule is subject to negotiation between Winrock and selected Consultant.

The proposed payment schedule for the review is as follows:

- 20 % upon Winrock’s approval of work plan, timeline, and tools

- 30 % upon Winrock’s approval of draft report/ summary of key findings.

- 50% upon final approval of the submitted final report


  1. Expertise in technology-related risk identification and risk reduction, particularly as it relates to personal data security and potential exploitation of users
  2. Expertise in online recruitment
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, or similar area of study
  4. Proved knowledge of the country context
  5. Proved knowledge of labor market and hiring practices for low skilled workers in Cambodia
  6. Must demonstrate strong writing, speaking and presentation skills
  7. Proficient with Microsoft Office: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint


Please submit the application package with following documents referencing ‘Risk Assessment’ in the subject line to by September 16th,2019

-Proposal for the study, including tentative budget and timeline. The cost should include budget for Level of Effort (LOE), Travel and others.

-CV of lead researcher/s


-Any other document that may help the selection process

About the Organization

Winrock is a recognized leader in international development with a focus on social and environmental issues. As a mission driven field-based organization, we believe that sustainable development is inclusive and that complex challenges require integrated solutions. We pride ourselves as a quality-driven organization with the desire for a continuous improvement in program results and processes and for a culture of accountability.

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