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International Medical Corps
Apply by 17 July 2013
Posted on 13 January 2015

Job Description

Task Description: Consultant will serve as the Social Worker on the International Medical Corps’s MHH Project in Afghanistan. The qualified social worker is required to conduct a training need assessment and provide training for 7 social workers and occupational therapists working in Kabul Mental Health hospital in consultation with theh IMC technical team, Mental Health Hospital director under the guidance of the IMC Country Director and IMC MHH Project manager.

Specifically, Consultant will complete the following tasks: ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Run a general training needs assessment of social workers 2. Develop a complete training curriculum on the following topics 3. Provide training for 2 Occupational Therapists and 5 social workers (7 in total) a. Fundamental principles of social work and Occupational Therapy b. Social work assessment and intervention c. Social work case management d. Working with substance misuse e. Human rights f. Ethical issues in social work 4. Submit final training report which includes results (pre-post tests as well as on the job supervision checklists), training feedback and recommendations

Deliverables/Due Dates/Payment Schedule:

Deliverable Due Date Payment

1. Conduct Training Assessment 03-17-13 Fixed price 2. Develop training curriculum 03-19-13 Fixed price 3. Conduct trainings 06-10-13 Fixed price 4. Submit final training report 06-15-13 Fixed price

1. Graduated from a recognized social worker training program is required (Master in social work)
2. Experience with Occupational Therapist is required
3. International experience in working with low resource countries is desirable
4. Five years’ experience working as Social worker and two years’ experience in teaching is required
5. Previous Experience with NGO is required
6. Excellent knowledge of and skills of writing report
7. Prior experience of working through translator

Background: National guidelines recommend the inclusion of mental health services in the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) with linkages to other services provided under the Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS). However, implementation is inconsistent and fragmented and reliable results are still unknown. At the tertiary level, national guidelines do not currently exist to streamline or improve the overall staff capacity, quality control measures, or budgetary resources at the mental health and detoxification institutions in Kabul. Unlike primary and secondary care facilities that are regulated under the BPHS and EPHS frameworks, tertiary care facilities such as the 60-bed MHH and Jangalak SMC, which currently accept patients from across Afghanistan, still lack sufficiently qualified personnel and standards of care to improve service provision to patients. Treatment for mental health and substance misuse at tertiary institutions in Afghanistan is thus currently outdated and in many cases inappropriate. The need for strengthening of mental health service provision including at the Kabul MHH is also outlined in the National Mental Health Strategy (2009–2014) for Afghanistan.

The EU awarded two complementary grants to International Medical Corps, which started in January 2011 with the aims of contributing to institutional development including the rehabilitation of the mental health hospital in Kabul (the only tertiary mental health care hospital in Afghanistan) and the training of hospital staff (psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists) . These projects have contributed to the improvement of coordination between MoPH and relevant line ministries (especially with the Ministry of Higher Education), NGOs, and other stakeholders at national level; the development of post- and undergraduate curricula for psychiatrists; creation of templates and formats for medical records for the mental health hospital; and training of different categories of staff such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and heads of departments within the hospital management. In addition, procedures and guidelines were developed in consultation with the MHH academic board and are now awaiting MoPH approval, including 18 nursing procedures and six guidelines on topics such as aggression management, antipsychotics, rapid tranquilizations, benzodiazepine, a code of conduct, and motivation statement. Further guidelines for psychology and social workers have also been completed. Construction work on a new building within the hospital will be completed by mid-August 2012. These activities were all based on a needs-assessment conducted at the start of the project.

With the extension of the grant through a direct awarded by the EC, the project is building on the achievements made so far and further contributes to the capacity building of the MHH. This grant includes and continues the main activities of both previous grants. This includes the capacity building of MHH staff, the development and implementation of guidance documents and quality of care indicators, minor rehabilitation and provision of medical and non-medical supplies, as well as continued coordination with relevant stakeholders.

About the Organization

International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs.

Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, International Medical Corps is a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization. Its mission is to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that build local capacity in underserved communities worldwide. By offering training and health care to local populations and medical assistance to people at highest risk, and with the flexibility for rapid response to emergencies. International Medical Corps rehabilitates devastated health care systems and helps bring them back to self-reliance.

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