Country Director

Abuja, Nigeria
Apply by 18 May 2018
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 18 April 2018

Job Description


leading the continuous strategic development and ensures growth of the Country Program, integrating program and operational structure into a coherent country office and representing Action Against Hunger at country level and with donors and is responsible for building the Action Against Hunger brand and reputation at country level.

  • Lead the preparation, updating, implementation of the country strategy appropriate for the country and regional context and in line with the Action Against Hunger global vision and mission.
  • Oversee country programming to ensure the effective and efficient design, implementation and evaluation of Action Against Hunger programs and projects.
  • Develop and enhance relationships between the country office and donors’ representatives, civil society, private sector, government agencies and other organizations, acknowledging diversity as an asset of the humanitarian community, so that Action Against Hunger can maximize its impact on malnutrition and its prevention.
  • Lead the preparation, regular updating and implementation of the security plan in line with Action Against Hunger standards and procedures.
  • Oversee the management and development of country office human resources and create a shared vision, among all staff, of Action Against Hunger’s values and program’s aims and their role in achieving these.
  • Oversee and direct the appropriate mobilization, use and management of financial and logistic resources in the mission in line with Action Against Hunger policies and donor requirements.
  • Key actor between the field and HQ, the Country Director contributes to maintain good working relationships with HQ by complying with information demands and using HQ’s expertise to optimize the country’s strategy implementation.

You are enthusiastically pursuing a career in senior management

· You have a minimum 10 years humanitarian work in an emergency and/or a development context

· You have at least 5 years of senior management experience

· You have advance knowledge of donor guidelines and procedures (ECHO, EU, UNICEF, DFID, BPRM, GAC and others.)

· You have high level financial management skills and are accustomed to steering an organizational budget

You are passionate about leading ambitious programming that has impact

· You are able to see past the inevitable day-to-day emergencies to set & reinforce a long-term strategic vision for the country office

· You eagerly engage your teams & promote the development & implementation of innovative approaches to solve core humanitarian problems

· You’re comfortable coaching & developing the skills of your direct reports, adapting your leadership to professionals who may, or may not, be familiar working in humanitarian action

· Your knowledge of the donor community ensures projects respond to the most pressing humanitarian needs & that activities remain compliant with grant requirements

· You’re able to analyze changes in your context & discuss the implications with senior operational staff. You are comfortable communicating HQ decisions to your team & relevant partners

· You intuitively adapt how you communicate context analysis, strategy, policies & procedures to suit different audiences - both verbally & in writing

· You are diplomatic but tenacious. You recognize that advocating for change & innovative programming requires building strong relationships with donors, local authorities & other partners, while retaining the space to speak confidently about Action Against Hunger’s programs & our knowledge of the humanitarian needs

Your work style builds confidence with others

· You are an astute negotiator and know how to reach Win-Win outcomes

· You are a tactful speaker & expert listener

· You believe that every problem has a solution. It is the way we approach the problem that makes the difference

· You are able to remain calm under pressure and can easily adapt to changing circumstances

· You are able to continuously motivate yourself and your teams to deliver high standards of work

· You demonstrate strong self-awareness and are not afraid to take responsibility for your actions.

· You are ready and willing to integrate into hard working and fun team that believes in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well


Action Against Hunger values its employees and offers a comprehensive remuneration and benefits package. These include but are not limited to: -

  • Health Insurance
  • R&R Breaks
  • Paid annual leave (vacation)
  • Training opportunities
  • Child allowance

For an all-inclusive list of benefits check the Action Against Hunger Website

About the Organization

For almost 40 years, across nearly 50 countries, we have led the global fight against hunger. We save the lives of children and their families. We are there for them before and after disaster strikes. We enable people to provide for themselves, see their children grow up strong, and for whole communities to prosper. We constantly search for more effective solutions, while sharing our knowledge and expertise with the world. We push for long-term change. We will never give up. Until the world is free from hunger.

  • Lifesaving impact in nearly 50 countries
  • 6,500+ field staff assisting more than 14.7 million people
  • 35+ years of expertise responding to emergencies caused by conflict, natural disasters and food crises

Our global efforts save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, but millions of undernourished children remain in need of lifesaving treatment.

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