COVID-19 - Global Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Coordinator

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 24 June 2020
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Job Description

Job Purpose

The COVID-19 Global PMER coordinator has the primary task to lead operational planning, monitoring, and reporting for the IFRC globally in the context of the COVID-19 emergency operation. This includes all actions to ensure quality and timely delivery of emergency appeal planning, monitoring, and reporting documents (revisions, operation updates, pledge-based reports, among others), as well as evaluation. Furthermore, the PMER coordinator will work with the IFRC offices across the globe involved in the operation to improve PMER capacities to ensure the compliance with IFRC planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting standards. The PMER Coordinator is responsible for setting up a PMER framework for the operation and for developing and ensuring quality PMER systems and processes and for the effective delivery of these during the operation. This role provides direct technical advice and guidance to operational leadership and to technical programme managers in all areas of PMER.

Job Duties and Responsibilities


  • Lead and guide the global planning process to develop quality plans for the operation, ensuring engagement and compliance from all management, technical and support team to a results-based and adaptive process.
  • Ensure compliance with IFRC standards for planning
  • Set up systems and guidance to support the development of quality plans from each sector and to enable the consolidation and subsequent revisions of the EPOA to inform a coherent, high-quality plan.
  • In addition to the existing results-based management approach to planning, promote an adaptive management approach to planning, working closely with IM and CEA teams if present, to ensure that feedback and lessons learned inform the evolution of the operational response.
  • Ensure that PMER is well represented and supported in the operational planning and budgeting (e.g. plans and resourcing for setting up PMER systems, products and deadlines) and in operational management.
  • Set up a Federation-wide planning approach / system or cooperate on a Movement-wide approach as required within the operation.


  • Manage the development and implementation of a global M&E plan for the operation, including outlining data sources, collection methods (quantitative and qualitative methods), frequency, and audience.
  • Design and establish system(s) to collect reliable and timely monitoring data that captures the operation’s implementation and informs operational management and quality programming.
  • Liaise closely with IM / ENA teams to define and agree data sources, collection methods and management systems for quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Provide technical guidance to management and sectoral teams to support the development of quality M&E plans and activities, that include clear indicators, and outline data sources, collection methods, frequency, and audience.
  • Coordinate with external actors to maximize coordination and collaboration around data collection, to benefit from secondary data and reduce duplication and the negative impact of assessment fatigue.
  • Lead on the development of a Federation-Wide Monitoring System within the operation as relevant, to provide reliable and timely, monitoring data to inform strategic planning, where relevant.
  • Ensure a sound analysis of monitoring findings and a clear presentation of these to management, through reports, data visualization and evidence-based documentation, to inform decision-making
  • Undertake field monitoring visits with technical and NS teams.


  • Coordinate and oversee any surveys, reviews, lesson-learning exercises/workshops, evaluations, or other relevant studies, to ensure they are timely, useful and ethical and uphold IFRC’s criteria and standards.
  • Ensure all review or evaluation work is evidence based and considers the outcomes, as well as the outputs of the response, to ensure that this informs future operational decision-making and quality programming
  • Lead or participate in any internal reviews of operational progress, including lesson learning reviews
  • Promote the sharing of findings and lessons from M&E processes to inform future implementation.


  • Establish and manage a reporting timetable and deadlines for the operation and monitor this timetable to ensure all agreed deadlines have been
  • Manage efficient and effective quality control and delivery of reporting on the operation (e.g. Ops Updates, situation reports, information bulletins, and other relevant reports) and ensure all reports are clear, accurate and informative.
  • Ensure that all reporting on the operation is compliant with the IFRC’s standards and
  • Collaborate with technical and support managers, particularly finance and PRD, to ensure compatibility between narrative and financial information in all reports and for any pledge-based reporting.
  • Engage with RCRC Movement and external partners to ensure there is appropriate knowledge of what others are doing in the operational context to inform reporting.
  • Set up the Federation-wide reporting system or facilitate Movement-wide reporting within the operation as required.


  • Ensure the accountability focus of all PMER work across the operation, working closely with the CEA team to ensure accountability to affected populations
  • Promote a culture of accountability with management and across all sectors
  • Lead and manage evidence-base of monitoring and evaluation work on the operation, to inform accountability to donors and partners


  • Set up systems and forums for capturing and sharing operational learning
  • Promote learning and information sharing from all operational monitoring, reviews or evaluations so that it can inform decision-making and the direction of the operation


  • 8 or more years’ experience of working in PMER
  • Experience in NS capacity strengthening
  • Management of staff or teams
  • Experience working in an emergency response context
  • Background in data collection, management, analysis and presentation methods and tools, and ability to set up systems and procedures for reliable data collection and management


  • 5 or more years’ experience working for the RCRC Movement

Knowledge, skills and languages


  • Skills in supporting organizational learning, accountability and performance
  • Strong analytical and written skills, including report writing and presentation skills
  • Designing and using PMER concepts, tools, and best practices
  • Experience in IFRC PMER systems and standards
  • Knowledge of results-based or adaptive management systems and processes
  • Knowledge and skills around results-based planning (logframe) and setting up robust planning systems for complex programmes
  • Knowledge of assessment, survey and monitoring methodologies and experience implementing them
  • Competencies in evaluation and review for disaster response or recovery work
  • Fluently spoken and written English


  • Knowledge of IFRC’s PMER systems, including the Results’ Matrix, the Apple System etc
  • Knowledge of learning approaches
  • Good command of another IFRC official language (French, Spanish or Arabic)

Deadline: 03 July 2020

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