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  • Posted on 22 January 2020

Job Description


Customer Engagement Training

Location of Assignment: Mbeya, Iringa, Morogoro and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Proposed Level of Effort: Approximately 3 weeks

Anticipated Start Date: March 2019

Anticipated End Date: March 2019

Objectives of the Assignment

This assignment aims to build the capacity of Tanzanian financial institutions in three upcountry regions, Mbeya, Iringa and Morogoro. FI staff should learn effective methods and tools to communicate, engage and handle customers effectively to provide high quality customer experience. Staff should be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to retain current customers, build customer loyalty and attract new customers based on what customers value most.

The Volunteer is required to develop training materials with concrete case studies and examples for a 2-day training in each region and should aim to cover the topics below:

  • How to build good customer relationships;
  • Methods for uncovering the customer’s needs;
  • Developing rapport when talking with customers;
  • The importance of making a persuasive case;
  • Improving cross-selling;
  • Saying ‘no’ to unreasonable demands;
  • Structuring effective customer meetings;
  • Complaint handling and de-escalation tactics;
  • Effective ways to communicate using body language;
  • Active listening skills.


The Tanzania Enabling Growth through Investment and Enterprise Program (ENGINE) is a four-year, USAID-funded Feed the Future activity implemented by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC). The ENGINE program aims to streamline and enhance many of the regulatory, informational and financial channels that encourage domestic and foreign investment in the southern mainland agricultural regions of Mbeya, Morogoro, and Iringa, and in Zanzibar.

ENGINE works at the district level, using a broad-based approach to engage with district Local Government Authorities (LGAs), private sector associations, business development service providers, financial institutions and small and medium enterprises.

Problem Statement

Today’s customers are more selective and demanding and their expectations regarding their service experiences are higher than ever. Effective customer engagement can yield increased loyalty, greater profitability, amplified word of mouth advocacy and improved long-term customer/member retention which is what Tanzanian financial institutions (FIs) need. But too often, attempts at customer engagement are dominated by emphasis on products (e.g. customer generated reviews, Facebook ‘Likes,’ etc.), and sometimes service inquiries (surveys, focus groups, complaint forms, etc.). However, effective customer engagement is an ongoing dialogue, FIs have to offer options for different types of conversations. It can’t always be about products and services.

ENGINE is seeking an experienced customer engagement professional to train FI staff in Tanzania on effective ways to deepen relationships with customers.


Anticipated Tasks

The Expert Volunteer will complete the following tasks:

Prior to departure:

  1. After receiving confirmation to work with ENGINE, the volunteer will coordinate closely with the IESC office in Tanzania, review available secondary information and identify any country or institution-specific information needed to tailor the materials to the local context.
  2. Develop training materials and finalize details of the assignment. The volunteer is encouraged to incorporate case studies and practical examples in the materials.

Upon arrival in Tanzania:

  1. Attend an orientation meeting with ENGINE Program staff in Dar es Salaam .
  2. Lead focus groups with MSMEs and FI staff to get a better understanding of Tanzania’s financial services sector, its customers, products, marketing, etc.
  3. Conduct a 2-day training on customer engagement to selected FIs in 3 regions in Tanzania.
  4. Write a final report summarizing observations and recommendations, as well as follow-up plans. The final report is discussed in the section on deliverables below.
  5. Attend a debriefing session with ENGINE COP and host organization staff members to provide feedback and discuss the recommended future to follow up on volunteer recommendations and capture impact.


The Expert Volunteer will submit the following deliverables:

i) To be submitted prior to delivering the workshop:

  1. Training materials that include practical examples, case studies and group exercises.

ii) To be submitted after concluding the workshop:

  1. Final Report: Volunteer must submit a Final Report and tools to the ENGINE program, which is to include the following sections:
  1. A summary of tasks and observations from FIs visits
  2. A list of 5-7 specific and actionable recommendations for the host organization(s). These recommendations will be reviewed during the debriefing session with ENGINE staff at the end of the assignment and the volunteer may revise them in their Final Report.
  3. A section listing the assignment objectives above and how they were met or why they were not met.

Additionally, the Expert Volunteer will provide exit debriefings to the ENGINE staff.

Volunteer Qualifications

  • At least 7+ years of practical knowledge and experience in customer success, relationship management, client engagement, marketing, branding, customer service, customer experience or similar role;
  • Experience working in commercial and/or corporate banking, advanced knowledge of the financial services industry, product sells, corporate finance, credit systems/processes and SME lending is desired;
  • University level of education in marketing, banking, finance, economics or related field;
  • Experience building and maintaining relationships, while working to mitigate churn and drive client success
  • Skills in analytics and research, client relations, executive presentations and cross functional project management
  • 5+ Years of Sales or Management Consulting Experience, Client Engagement Management, or Customer Success Management
  • Candidates with a track record of successfully executed trainings and workshops will have priority;
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and training skills, including training in group settings;
  • Ability to address issues, challenges, questions and concerns in a professional, respectful, logical and timely manner;
  • Flexibility and adaptability to cross-cultural environments;
  • Good writing and computer skills;
  • Experience working in developing countries is preferred.

About the Organization

The International Executive Service Corps is a Washington, DC based not-for-profit that focuses on private sector growth. We support and catalyze the development of private enterprises, business support organizations, financial institutions, and public institutions around the world. Utilizing skilled consultants and expert volunteers, we’ve implemented over 25,000 short-term projects and 200 programs in 130 countries. True to our mission — Promoting Prosperity and Stability through Private Enterprise — we’re proud to have created over one million jobs across the globe

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