Data Management Specialist

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 10 May 2019
  • Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States
  • Closing on 8 July 2019

Job Description

Project Summary
Palladium partners with Management Systems International (MSI) to implement the E3 Analytics and Evaluation Project, which supports USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3) through September 2020. The Project’s focus is the design and implementation of rigorous evaluations as well as analytic support for USAID project design efforts across E3 technical sectors including education, global climate change, and biodiversity. To date, the Project has initiated nearly 100 activities, with around 20 activities ongoing.

Primary responsibilities
The DMS will take a lead role in ensuring that the systems, processes and protocols for data management are embedded across all relevant Project activities and that all team members understand these requirements and procedures. The DMS will therefore need to be thoroughly familiar with these data management requirements and stay up to date with USAID policies regarding data storage, documentation, management and transfer as well as quality. The DMS should be prepared to work with colleagues with a broad range of methodological expertise during the activity design process and the operationalization of data collection and analysis methods, and will also play a key role in working with activity teams to understand how design and implementation decisions affect data quality, storage, quality controls, and overall data management.

Specific tasks are expected to include:
* Provide data management support across all Project activities, including: data management planning with each activity team; refining, communicating, and overseeing data protocols for documenting data that are collected during each activity; and documenting data analysis procedures.
* Support the project management team in predicting issues with data collection, management and analysis.
* Work with activity teams to assist in aligning data collection with the rest of the data management cycle. This may include assisting in the production of data collection plans and ensuring that data management plans and requirements are followed.
* Work closely with activity teams to develop data work plans that reduce redundancy, ensure high data quality, and promote utilization.
* Ensure consistent implementation of data management policies and systems under the Project.
* Oversee the data management file structure so that all data are stored and catalogued as per relevant policies and guidelines noted previously.
* Supervise and ensure the transfer and updating of all relevant Project data into the data management system, and support the cataloguing of all relevant data for storage and transfer to USAID.
* Report to and collaborate with the Project’s senior management team in assisting activity teams on data collection and analysis quality checks.

* At least five years of experience with information and data management systems and open data standards
* Familiarity with the logistical, technical and quality assurance issues around quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis
* Highly detail-oriented and deadline-driven with strong organizational skills
* Strong communication and interpersonal skills
* Familiarity with qualitative (e.g., MAXQDA, NVIVO) and quantitative (e.g., SPSS, Stata, R) software
* Demonstrated excellence in written and verbal communication in the English language
* Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a member of a fast-moving and multicultural team while maintaining a client-centered focus
* Highly self-motivated and able to work independently as well as in team settings
* Willing to contribute at different levels required to achieve success
* Bachelor’s degree or higher

* Demonstrated experience using statistical analysis software (preferably SPSS or Stata), including independently organizing, implementing and overseeing statistical analyses of data using these types of programs
* Demonstrated experience using qualitative analysis software (such as MaxQDA or NVIVO) and qualitative data analysis techniques to process and organize large amounts of data, including content analysis of qualitative data (open-ended questions) and/or document searches for pre-specified type of information for pattern analysis
* Prior experience working with USAID and familiarity with USAID program cycle, policies, guidance and regulations specific to monitoring, evaluation and learning
* Demonstrated knowledge of a range of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods, including their application, limitations, and implementation (i.e., instruments/protocols)

About the Organization

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