Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Specialist - USAID/Mexico ICME Activity

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 29 June 2018

Job Description

ME&A seeks a Senior Level Expert in Key Political, Social, and Economic aspects of Mexico and issues at the US-Mexico border region for the USAID/Mexico Integration, Collaboration, Monitoring, and Evaluation (ICME) Activity. The ICME activity is a three to four-year mechanism that will support USAID/Mexico’s ability to make decisions to improve development outcomes based on evidence through the application of analytical rigor. This position is contingent upon award.

The ICME mechanism will work across the Mission to:

  • facilitate integration of its investments;
  • facilitate collaboration among local actors-government, civil society, private sector, and academia-to advance local ownership, sustainability, and self-reliance;
  • ensure innovative monitoring and related analyses of results of existing activities; and
  • conduct surveys, in-depth analyses, and evaluations for management decisions.

The Mission’s assistance focuses on:

  • strengthening the implementation of the new criminal justice system;
  • preventing crime and violence in targeted communities, especially in the northern border states;
  • protecting human rights and preventing abuses;
  • enhancing integrity and transparency; and
  • improving land use management to reduce deforestation.

The Senior Expert will be responsible for working closely with Implementing Partners (IPs) and USAID/Mexico to catalyze communication and coordination between IPs and government, civil society, and the private sector working in three of the four Development Objectives of USAID/Mexico’s CDCS, namely 1) crime and violence prevention models replicated by local stakeholders; 2) constitutional criminal justice reforms of 2008 are replicated; and 3) enabling environment to protect human rights and prevent abuses improved. S/he will also be responsible to closely liaison with the InterAgency Working Group in the northern border region of Mexico to ensure close communication and collaboration and to facilitate periodic meeting with them. S/he will be required to monitoring IPs working in the DRG sector as well as to manage evaluation teams working in this sector. S/he will also be required to assess outputs and outcomes of IPs supporting the above three DOs and assist the Mission make evidence based decisions.


  • Advanced university degree (Master’s or above) in political science, economics, management, international development, or other related field
  • Expertise in the key political, social, and economic aspects of Mexico and ideally the US-Mexico border issues
  • At least five to ten years of demonstrated experience working in the democracy and governance sector in Mexico or the region
  • A high level of understanding of crime and violence prevention, rule of law, human rights, integrity and transparency in Mexico and/or the region required
  • Participation in evaluations of democracy and governance projects in Mexico or in the region, ideally as a Team Leader.
  • Experience in Mexico and/or the region required
  • Mexican citizenship or residency highly desired
  • Excellent communication, supervision, and management skills
  • Fluency in English and Spanish required

All applications and CVs must be submitted in English.

Only selected candidates will be called for an interview. ME&A Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment based on race, age, color, religion, sex and sexual preference, national origin, individual with disabilities, veteran status. ME&A is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all applicants.

About the Organization

ME&A is a qualified small business, dedicated to providing creative solutions for economic development and social development throughout the world. Our Core Areas of Concentration include Monitoring & Evaluations, Economic and Community Development, Public Administration and Governance, and Business Development and Technology Transfer.

ME&A’s staff of professionals are dedicated to pursuing excellence in the principles, practices and processes of their professions. We are a client-oriented organization committed to upholding the highest of professional standards and being a responsible corporate citizen.

We believe in creative teaming with other partners, maintaining strong professionalism and ethics in meeting our objectives, and utilizing our multicultural skills to better understand and communicate with our clients. ME&A pursues and embraces our client’s organizational and programmatic goals. We work as a team, whereever appropriate, to bring collective knowledge to bear in creating developmental solutions.

ME&A is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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