Director, Business Development

  • Posted on 7 February 2019

Job Description

Position Summary:

At the direction of the Divisional VP, the Business Development Director plans, articulates, and executes the New Business Strategy for the Economic Growth Division. The incumbent is responsible and accountable for the introduction, mainstreaming, and implementation of new business routines that seek to rationalize Creative’s new business targeting, instill rigor in its capture preparations, maximize the utility of technical deployments to the field, and optimize proposal preparation.

In close collaboration with Practice Area Directors in the Division, the incumbent defines bid targets and oversees the development and execution of bid-specific capture plans, ensuring that technical teams methodically execute against the plans, meet milestones in a timely manner, and develop high-level presentations to secure senior leadership approval for continued investment in the bid. For high interest targets (HIT bids), a sub-set of the divisional pipeline, the incumbent works with Practice Area Directors to ensure mandatory marketing and communications plans and desk reviews are developed; coaches and vets the preparation of capture teams; deploys and supervises the progress of capture teams; and advises on the creation of win strategies and win-themes. Ultimately, at an optimal level of engagement, the incumbent manages the entire portfolio of new business initiatives, ensuring appropriate talent selection, resourcing, inter- and intra-divisional coordination, and progress.

The incumbent facilitates the transition from capture-to-live-proposals and provides critical quality control in the live proposal development phase, bridging the needs of the technical teams and Proposal Development staff as needed. The incumbent monitors the progress of all bid preparations and plays a central role in proposal reviews, as well as in adjudicating key personnel strategies.

More broadly, the incumbent also supports client diversification and geographic strategies to accomplish recently embraced strategic objectives of the company.


The position reports to the Vice President of the Division. The position has a dotted line reporting relationship to the Senior Vice President of the Business Development Division. Additionally, the position regularly interacts with counterpart BD Directors of other programmatic Divisions.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A market-informed divisional new business development plan that guides opportunity targeting, positioning, capture and proposal preparation for the Practice Areas in the Division.
  • A results-oriented, coordinated, and collaborative business development process that is aligned with corporate guidelines and methods.
  • Well-framed and vetted opportunity-specific capture plans that build on early and methodical technical preparation stateside and maximize the utility of deployments to the field.
  • Incisive and highly contextualized bid-specific reporting on captures, inclusive of partnerships, insightful win-strategies, human resource solutions, and operational treatments.
  • Well-managed and closely supervised investments in new business development.
  • Competitive and, ultimately successful, proposals.
  • Paths to client diversification that reflect the strengths of the Division.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Prepares Divisional Targeting and New Business Strategy: The incumbent works closely with the Vice President of the Division and the Practice Area Directors to set new business development targets to meet divisional growth goals, to develop the division’s annual pipeline, and to identify the division’s High Interest Target (HIT) bids.
    • Targets: On an annual basis, and in conjunction with the VP and PA Directors, sets divisional new business targets), including disaggregated targets along market category, contracts vs. cooperative agreements, diversification, and other key indicators; regularly monitors and reviews progress made against targets;
    • HIT List: On an annual basis, and in conjunction with the VP and PA Directors, generates divisional pipeline and subset of HIT List Bids; oversees rigorous monitoring of progress made on positioning and capture for the division’s HIT List bids; ensures divisional staff are following protocols and that capture and proposal teams are sufficiently resourced and capacitated; reports progress to VP/Sr. Director of the Program Division and to the VP/Sr. Director of Development.
  • Ensures Strategic Marketing/Positioning: The incumbent ensures that Practice Area Directors and technical teams develop bid-specific positioning strategies seeking to advance familiarity of the Creative brand, promote the nature of our services, and the depth of our capabilities and experience, with the ultimate aim of developing solid relationships with clients, partners and communities, as well as influencing procurements and evaluations. Positioning efforts may include industry surveys, white papers, technical presentation, targeted publications, sponsorships, and social media campaigns, for example. In this vein, incumbent provides direction and coordination for corporate diversification and geographic efforts, including identification of potential new clients and bidding opportunities, and avid participation in the development of regional and country-specific strategies.
  • Oversees Bid Preparation Cycle: The incumbent drives the business development process for the Division and collaborates closely with other departments (Proposal Development, Finance and Contracts, and Human Resources) to ensure compliant and quality bid development.
    • Capture Management: The incumbent oversees divisional captures and supports divisional contribution to cross-divisional captures, including resourcing capture teams that are commensurate with the capture effort and bid priority (e.g., HIT List bids). The incumbent ensures capture effort is guided by well-conceived and thoughtful capture plans, and that capture teams are informed and well-prepared for capture efforts. The incumbent oversees the work of capture teams, and gauges progress against milestones, as reflected in the capture plans. The incumbent ensures that capture efforts yield insightful design information, competitive partnerships, optimal HR pools, and effective operational solutions. The incumbent provides support, guidance, and direction on development of high quality, responsive, and winning bid strategies;
    • Bid/No Bid Decision Making: Ensures capture teams are adequately prepared for bid/no bid presentations to secure senior leadership endorsement; provides the company business case on behalf of the division;
  • Live Proposal Development: Ensures capture efforts are seamlessly integrated into the live proposal phase and “handover documentation” is readily available to the Proposal Development Team; ensures live proposals are appropriately resourced (from the program division side); works collaboratively with the Proposal Development Department to troubleshoot bid development, including on critical elements such as the compliance matrix and key personnel selection; provides critical feedback on technical and cost proposals at distinct junctures (e.g., Blue, Red and Green Team Reviews), as desired (and especially on HIT bids); and provides additional ad hoc support on live bids at the behest of the [intervening] VP;
    • Training and Capacity Building: Ensures program staff who work on bids are well trained and have necessary resources to carry out successful positioning, capture, and proposal development; and
    • Fiduciary Responsibility: Manages the Division’s marketing and B&P budgets; ensures division is on track with spending and reports to the VP of the Division.
  • Divisional Leadership and Representation: Contributes to the creation of a productive and nurturing professional environment; builds networks, establishes relationships, and engages the field to market and position the Division for competitive bids. Also,
    • Serves as a core member and Divisional representative to the BD Community of Practice (led by Senior VP of Business Development and in collaboration with counterpart BD Directors and other stakeholders), and helps troubleshoot policies and procedures and develop short- and long-term business development strategy based on market trends and analysis;
    • Contributes to policy and procedural reform and development, including training on and application of capture strategy and tools;
    • Represents Creative at industry events – for networking, partnership development, learning, and recruiting.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in international development or a closely related field;
  • A minimum of ten (12) years of experience in international development programming;
  • A minimum of five (7) years of experience in business development, including USAID;
  • Successful experience leading or authoring proposals;
  • Excellent written communications skills;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills;
  • Strong representational skills; and
  • Prior experience in marketing, capture management, and USAID proposal development.

Desired Skills & Qualifications:

  • Significant prior experience implementing USAID-sponsored programming;
  • Prior experience in the field, especially in areas related to economic growth;
  • Academic background in economic growth and related publishing; and
  • Experience in presenting before technical audiences.

About the Organization

Creative Associates International is a dynamic, fast-growing global development firm that specializes in education, economic growth, democratic development and post-crisis stabilization. Based in Washington, D.C., Creative has a field presence in more than 25 countries with a strong client portfolio that includes the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department, among others. Since its founding in 1977, Creative has earned a solid reputation among its clients and is well-regarded by competitors and partners alike.

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