Director, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

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Washington, D.C., United States
Apply by 16 March 2018
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 14 February 2018

Job Description

Share Big Dreams

At World Vision, we’re sharing a big dream for children. One that moves beyond just clean water or food or healthcare to offer a full solution to poverty. We want children to have everything they need to thrive, both physically and spiritually, so they can experience the kind of life God intends—life in all its fullness. View our “Who We Are” clip here.

We want the same for our staff: big dreams, a career of significance, and fullness of life. Share your experience so you can share a full life with children in need.

World Vision is looking for a Director, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

As a Director, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, you will lead a team of technical experts in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), developing and executing a strategy for increasing GESI mainstreaming, GESI-specific programming, organizational change, and positioning World Vision as a leader in innovative GESI responses. Represent World Vision’s programming in GESI to major public and private donors, NGOs, universities and other professional organizations. Secure critical public and private funding resources as well as build and strengthen partnerships with donors and other agencies. Primary clients include: WVUS IPG teams (60%), other WVUS teams (25%), and WVI National Offices and Global Center (15%). Provide technical assistance and capacity building support for the sector for WV Partnership initiatives and WVUS sponsorship programs and initiatives. Help carry out our Christian organization’s mission, vision, and strategies. Personify the ministry of World Vision by witnessing to Christ and ministering to others through life, deed, word and sign.


1. Grants Acquisition and Management: Responsible for acquiring funding (grants) from US government agencies, selected foundations, selected individual donors >$250,000 per grant to increase ministry reach/coverage of quality and high-impact of sector programs.

  • Responsible to lead in sector-specific support to acquisition of USG and foundation grants and support to private program funding (PNSF >$250,000).
  • Write pertinent technical sections of complex, high-value proposals
  • Identify and assess a range of funding opportunities in collaboration with RAM teams, Strategic Programming & Sponsorship Effectiveness (SPSE), and Donor Engagement (DE) and contribute to development and institutionalization of integrated financial resource streams and cross-sectoral programming.
  • Contribute to project and proposal development, standard-setting, tools development for capacity building, and setting and monitoring of milestones.
  • Review and provide sectoral feedback on implementation reports for public and foundation-funded grants.
  • Participate in the technical oversight of multi-country or multi-regional grant-funded projects and portfolios, including standard setting, tools development, capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation.

2. Global Technical Expertise: Provide sector-specific technical expertise to WVI Global Centre, regional and national offices.

  • Participate in WV Partnership working groups in the design, development, revision, dissemination and promotion of WV sector strategies, standards, guidelines, working papers, tools, and training materials.
  • Provide strategic input and support to WVUS/the Partnership in developing/reviewing appropriate policies and programmatic coordination for sector-specific policy implementation
  • Participate in the documentation of proven models, emerging/promising practices, as well as best practices.
  • Provide technical assistance to regional and national office staff in designing and implementation of sector-specific programming.
  • Participate in the Global Technical Resource Network (GTRN).
  • Foster organizational learning to promote technical excellence.

3. Technical Support to PIC and Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs (HEA): Provide sector-specific technical support to WVUS’ IPG’s PIC team.

  • Provide sectoral advice on standards for LEAP-compliant ADP design redesign and HEA USG-funded programming.
  • Provide strategic technical guidance to regional teams on sector-specific issues to ensure that promising practices, new developments, and lessons learned are incorporated into programming.
  • Provide operational frameworks, strategies and mechanisms for programming with the field

4. Strategic Networking: Cultivate and strengthen strategic partnerships with various donor agencies and institutions (USG federal agencies, selected foundations, multilateral agencies, corporations, and academic and research institutions), locally and internationally, to increase our ministry.

  • Participate in sector-related global/regional networks and working groups
  • Represent WVUS to external agencies, international organizations and donors
  • Advocate with partners, locally and internationally, to push forward the agenda for sector-specific funding and programming
  • Cultivate and strengthen public-private partnerships with various development and private agencies and stakeholders.
  • Build WV’s reputation in the field by presenting at sector conferences and workshops

5. Hire, fire, train, counsel, evaluate, and recommend salary increases and promotions for those under direct supervision.

6. Perform other duties as assigned.

7. Work collaboratively with team members when assigned to work as part of a team.

8. Keep Christ central in our individual and corporate lives. Attend and participate in the leadership of devotions, weekly Chapel services, and regular prayer.

9. Keep informed of organizational announcements, activities and changes via regular reading of the WVUS Intranet and other corporate communication tools.

About the Organization

The World Vision Partnership is a global community of people passionately committed to improving the lives and futures of the world’s most vulnerable children.

We believe that every child is a precious gift to the entire world and that their well-being concerns us all. We will not rest while children suffer in situations that can be changed. We are looking for people who share our beliefs and our passion.

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