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DEPARTMENT/OFFICE/MISSION: Millennium Challenge Account-Côte d’Ivoire (MCA-CI) l JOB NUMBER: 007/MCA-CI / POSTING DATE: June 7, 2018 l CLOSING DATE: July 5, 2018 l COUNTRY: Côte-d’Ivoire


Established in 2004, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is a US Government bilateral aid program for low-income countries selected on the basis of performance indicators. The purpose of the program is to implement partnerships with countries that achieve satisfactory performance in three key areas: 1) good governance in public affairs management, 2) creation of an environment conducive to private initiative and 3) commitment of the State to invest significantly in the social sector. The US Government assistance is provided to beneficiary countries as grants to implement a given country investment program known as ”Compact Country” or ”Compact”.

The Government of Côte d’Ivoire and MCC signed a Grant Agreement in Washington DC on November 7, 2017 for a total amount of US $524.74 million. Such Grant, for the Ivorian people, will allow the fulfillment of two (02) major projects:

  1. Skills for Employability and Productivity Project (US $155 million) which aims to improve the employability of Ivorians and to increase the productivity of the private sector by boosting quality and relevance as well as access to basic and technical skills needed by the private sector;
  2. Abidjan Transport Project (US $292 million) which aims to increase the competitiveness of Abidjan as the country’s growth pole by enhancing the mobility of goods and people and reducing traffic in the central corridor of the city which connects the port to the northern, eastern and western parts of the country.

Millennium Challenge Account Côte d’Ivoire (MCA-CI), created by Ordinance No. 2017-820 of December 14, 2017, is responsible for the implementation of the Compact on behalf of the Government of Côte d’Ivoire, and will act as an independent management body in implementing the Compact Côte d’Ivoire Program, whose objective is to generate inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty through investments in the projects presented above.


Under the supervision of the MCA-CI Abidjan Transport Project (ATP) Director, the Environmental and Social Performance (ESP) Director will have as main tasks to:

  • Plan, supervise, execute, and monitor the ESP activities conducted throughout the preparation, implementation, and closure of all the Compact components in compliance with the IFC Performance Standards, MCC ESP Guidelines, MCA-CI Environmental and Social Policy and the laws and regulations of Cote d’Ivoire;
  • Lead the ESP team within MCA-CI and manage all the ESP aspects of the ATP Project;
  • Support and facilitate the work of the Environmental and Social Oversight Consultant (ESOC) for the ATP Project Team.


Under the supervision of the MCA-CI ATP Director, the Environmental and Social Performance (ESP) Director will have as main tasks to:

  • Develop MCA-CI Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) in compliance with IFC’s performance standards, including the formulation of the Environmental and Social Policy of MCA-CI;
  • Manage, in a timely manner, the operationalization of the MCA-CI Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), which includes health and safety / community security, into all Compact activities, in particular the activities carried out under the ATP;
  • Assure the integration of ESMS procedures and requirements in the planning, construction, and operation phases of the ATP;
  • Develop appropriate training, awareness, approval, auditing and recording tools;
  • Promote awareness regarding sustainable development objectives throughout MCA-CI management personnel and operational staff;
  • Ensure that the environmental and social Conditions Precedent to the Compacts are met and are on time;
  • Ensure that appropriate environmental and social services are available in a timely manner for carrying out any Compact activity in compliance with MCA-CI procedures and policies, MCC guidelines and procedures, IFC’s performance standards, CI laws, gender policy, MCA’s Social and Gender Integration Plan and health and safety policy;
  • Manage the preparation and implementation of partnership agreements between MCA-CI and relevant environment and social entities such as ANDE;
  • Manage the relationships with the implementing partner entities involved in ESP, and ensure that the implementing entity agreements (IEAs) are properly implemented;
  • Oversee issuance of environmental compliance authorization from ANDE (and other relevant government entities);
  • Supervise the planning, contracting, management, and approval of ESP studies for the Compact, in particular for the ATP Project;
  • Oversee the operation of Stakeholder Engagement and the Project grievance mechanism, in particular for the ATP Project;
  • Oversee stakeholder and community consultations in relation to ESP aspects, in particular for the ATP Project;
  • Oversee the timely planning and implementation of all resettlement activities to be undertaken, in particular for the ATP Project;
  • Ensure the preparation, in a timely manner, of all Terms of Reference for any environmental and social services task or activity to be procured by the Compact under any contract;
  • Oversee review, in compliance with the terms of reference, and approve all ESP reports and activities: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies (ESIA), Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP), Resettlement Framework Policy (RFP), Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), Restoration of Livelihood Plans (RLP), and other environmental and social studies;
  • Oversee the preparation of the contractors’ tender documents and contracts to ensure that they cover all ESMP recommendations and measures by including appropriate Environmental and Social Clauses, technical specifications, gender and social inclusion measures and health and safety requirements;
  • Ensure that contractors carry out their work in accordance with MCA-CI ESMS and policy, guidelines and procedures, Environmental and Social Clauses, technical specifications, CI laws, gender policy, Social and Gender Integration Plan, and health and safety policy;
  • Ensure that construction programs reflect appropriate timelines and level of effort so to meet impact reduction requirements;
  • Monitor and evaluate the ESP components and activities, in particular of the ATP Project;
  • Ensure that tasks, timelines and updates related to the environmental and social aspects are reflected in the annual work plan, in all required reports, and in the overall project planning process;
  • Lead in the temporary and final environmental and social reception of the Compact’s infrastructure works;
  • Plans and supervises the work of all MCA-CI ESP’s staff resources;
  • Coordinates and integrates the activities of the ESOC for the ATP Project and the Skill Project;
  • Reports regularly on the status of ESP activities related to the ATP Project to the Executive Director of the ATP Project;
  • Reports regularly on the status of all ESP activities to MCA Management and MCC.



Master’s degree or higher in environmental planning, geography, biology, international sustainable development, public administration or other relevant environmental or social sciences.


The candidate should have:

§ At least 15 years’ experience in carrying out environmental and social impact assessments studies/environmental analyses;§ Demonstrated experience in the supervision of at least ten (10) environmental and social impact assessment studies and in the development and implementation of five (5) resettlement studies and activities, preferably in accordance with IFC standards, is a requirement;§ Demonstrated experience in the development and operationalization of Environmental and Social Management Systems, in accordance with the IFC PS 1 is required;§ Demonstrated experience in preparing, implementing, monitoring ESMS for industrial sites and construction sites, as well as coordination of multidisciplinary environmental and social studies and community or social development programs in developing countries, including gender and social inclusion in major international development projects is a requirement;§ In-depth knowledge of IFC Performance Standards and demonstrable experience implementing these is required;§ Management and supervisory experience;§ In-depth knowledge of MCC environmental guidelines is desirable;§ Demonstrated experience in implementing training and capacity-building activities is required;§ Experience communicating with government officials, communities and other stakeholders is required;§ Experience in writing, reviewing, and editing terms of reference as well as contractual and technical documents is required;§ Experience working closely with infrastructure specialists to ensure that the results of the ESP studies and activities contribute to the design process and the analysis of alternatives is required;§ Experience in infrastructure development projects and familiarity with specific challenges related to buildings and road construction is required;§ Experience in the African development context is mandatory; experience in West Africa, preferably in Côte d’Ivoire, is preferable. Core competencies


  • Excellent ability to communicate and work in a team, particularly as it requires collaborating across departments/divisions to achieve common objectives;
  • Supervise, support and motivate teams including coaching and development opportunities to maximize production, quality of work and achieve goals;
  • Strong organizational skills, proven customer satisfaction skills.


  • Be able to adapt Compact strategy and objectives;
  • Make corresponding structural or organizational changes as needed, to move the work forward and meet the needs of the situation.

Consensus builder

  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among executives, partners, and the workforce.

Deliver Results

  • Add value by constantly looking for a better way to get more impactful results;
  • Set challenging stretch goals for the MCA-CI;
  • Understand the various department’s views and perspective by asking probing questions to address unmet needs;
  • Demonstrate accountability for achieving results that have a development impact and financial, environmental and social sustainability;
  • Identify and propose solutions to mitigate and manage risks;
  • Proven negotiation skills;
  • Ability to understand new issues quickly and make wise decisions;
  • Ability to inspire confidence and create trust;
  • Ability to work under pressure, plan personal workload effectively and delegate.

Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making

  • Be able to analyze facts and data to support sound, logical decisions regarding own and others’ work.

Linguistic & computer knowledge§ Have excellent computer knowledge (office and software);§ Experience and familiarity with MS Project or Primavera is preferred;§ Fluency in spoken and written French is mandatory; ability to communicate in English is highly desirable.

APPLICATION FILE§ A detailed Resume (CV); § A dated and signed Cover Letter with salary expectations;§ Copies of diplomas;§ Three (03) professional and three (03) academic references;§ An updated criminal record not older than three (03) months.

POSITION-RELATED ENVIRONMENT AND BENEFITS§ Large responsibilities and decision-making capacity in a largely autonomous way; § A compensation package at the most attractive levels of compensation systems around the world.


· In accordance with its Gender policy, MCC strongly encourages female applicants; · No fees will be paid to MCA-Côte d’Ivoire or any of its agents at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training fees or other);· MCE guarantees that no person complying with the requirements of the offers posted on its website and appearing in other channels may be unfairly dismissed from the recruitment process;· Only candidates with defined profiles and valid documents will be retained for interview If you are interested in participating in a program to reduce poverty and increase the income of more than 11,300 million Ivorians, join us by filing your application on our recruitment platform or in a sealed envelope with the indication « APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION OF DIRECTOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL PERFORMANCE OF MCA-CI » at La Maison des Chefs d’Entreprise (MCE) head office located at 32 rue des Alizés-Zone 4C or at its secondary office in Plateau, Boulevard de la République, opposite of Félix Houphouët Boigny Stadium, Immeuble AVS, 2e étage Porte 26/27, no later than Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 6pm GMT.

For further information or in case of difficulties to apply, send an email to or contact us on + (225) 21 35 17 91; GSM: + (225) 74 20 03 82 / 04 00 02 50.


32, RUE DES ALIZÉS - ZONE 4C - 17 B.P. 1277 ABIDJAN 17

TÉL. : +(225) 21 351 791 / +(225) 21 356 174 / FAX : +(225) 21 351 788

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