Director of Procurement

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 23 June 2018

Job Description

The overall objective of the role is to develop, review, advise on and implement the full range of Procurement and Supply Chain strategies, systems and procedures necessary for supporting the effective procurements and contracting throughout the American University in Afghanistan (AUAF). The role ensures the planning and managing of central procurements and supplies chain activities of the University under the direction of the Vice President –Finance and Administration.

Further, the role ensures Procurement/Acquisition practices within the AUAF are in alignment with the USAID and other donor rules and regulations, Afghanistan Laws, other relevant regulations and the Constitution of Afghanistan.

Key outcomes for the role include:

  • Procurement strategies, policies, and procedures developed, reviewed and implemented;
  • Procurement Department structure (Organogram) and results-based institutional framework with defined core functions and competencies developed;
  • An accountability system that ensures acquisitions and AUAF resources are effectively utilized and accounted for transparently;
  • Procurement Department role clarity based on a clear organizational structure with clear reporting relationships; and
  • Bids Request for Proposals and contracts properly managed within AUAF regulatory and policy frameworks.
  • Zero tolerance for non-compliance to USAID and other donor regulations on Procurements/Acquisitions within the AUAF.


  1. Policy and strategy formulation
    1. Advises the VP-Finance and Administration on Procurement/Acquisition policies, systems and procedures and ensures HR practices are in alignment with USAID and other donor regulations, the AUAF frameworks and other relevant regulations and the Constitution of Afghanistan.
    2. Develops Procurement/Acquisition and Supply Chain strategies, models and policy frameworks that support the effective procurement, supply and consumption of goods and services for approval to the VP-Finance and Administration.
    3. Develops the overall Procurement and supply chain work plan on a yearly basis in alignment with the AUAF strategy, operational plans, and objectives, and obtain approval from the VP- Finance and Administration.
    4. Plans, directs, and manages the central procurement and supply chain activities of the AUAF under the direction of the Vice President-Finance and Administration.
    5. Designs, implements and oversees product take back or reverse logistics programs to ensure products are recycled, re-used or responsibly disposed of.
  1. Coordination and Systems Implementation and Control
    1. Establishes efficient and effective acquisitions and supply chain coordination systems across all AUAF Faculty (including Sponsored Programs) and Support functions, to create an environment of cooperation, coordination, transparency, cost-effective and efficient service delivery.
    2. Develops an accountability system that ensures resources (including human capital) are used effectively and accounted for transparently at all levels
  1. Leads the annual planning process including budgeting and resource mobilization to ensure departmental objectives are attained.
  2. Leads the monthly planning and budget review process to ensure actual spending is on track with the budget and key program deliverables are being met.
  3. Develops and oversees control mechanisms that ensure efficient and effective strategic HR implementation of AUAF activities are in line with donor regulations and AUAF strategic plan.
  4. Undertakes the tendering, evaluation, placement and monitoring of corporate contracts including the University’s capital purchasing program.
  1. Ensures acquisition committees are organized, trained and function in line with AUAF and donor regulations.
  1. Oversees and reviews the development of specifications and terms for formal bids and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), arranges to advertise, schedules the opening of tenders, responds to queries and ensures process compliance to AUAF and donor regulations.
  1. Compliance, Monitoring, and Evaluation
    1. Oversees the implementation of AUAF policies, systems, and procedures within the mandate of the Procurement department
    2. Ensures quality service provision through the development, review and continuous update of customer service framework for effective and efficient service delivery of functions within the mandate of the Procurement Department.
    3. Oversees preferred supplier selection and negotiation of blanket orders purchasing contracts, ensuring compliance to the donor and AUAF regulations.
    4. Reviews, updates, and implements supply chain practices in accordance with existing or new/reviewed AUAF policies, standards, regulations and Laws of Afghanistan.
    5. Reviews supplier performance matrices, provide feedback and discuss pertinent acquisition issues that impact on supply chain and timely delivery of services with suppliers.
  1. Human Resources Management
    1. In liaison with the Director of HR, ensures recruitment of Procurement staff is in compliance with AUAF and USAID and other donor procedures and guidelines
    2. Manages subordinate’s work-plans to ensure their work is in alignment with and in fulfillment of the overall HR Department’s work plan.
    3. Ensures that the annual performance evaluation of all employees within the Procurement Department of the AUAF is carried out by all concerned managers at high levels of quality, in accordance to the requirements of the University and leading by example.
    4. Develops and implements capacity building plans for staff that report directly to him/her and coordinates its implementation with VP-Finance and Administration.
    5. Leads change and reform through encouragement, and motivation of employees within AUAF.
  2. Reporting
    1. Reviews, validates and submits Procurement/Acquisition and supply chain reports in line with AUAF Procurement Department work plan on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to the VP-Finance and Administration.
  1. Any other duties:
    1. Undertake any other tasks assigned by the VP-Finance and Administration in support of overall University’s Procurement and Supply Chain objectives.

Required Qualification and Experience

  • Must have extensive international experience, preferably in a University.
  • Bachelor’s degree (Masters preferred) in Procurement, Social Sciences or related field
  • Minimum of 15 years’ relevant experience in a Senior Management Level Capacity, with more than 5 years’ experience dealing with USAID rules and regulations (Federal and AID Acquisition Regulations -FARs and AIDARs) at a Federal Funded University or International Development Organization.
  • Demonstrated experience leading strategic Acquisition, Supply Chain and Logistics processes within fragile contexts (including within Middle East, Asia, and Africa).
  • Extensive experience in the development of Procurement and Supply Chain strategies, policies, and guidelines
  • Excellent verbal and written communication English skills.
  • Skilled in the use of Microsoft applications MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.

Required Skills:

  • Leadership and Management
  • HR Budget development and tracking
  • Strategic planning
  • Policy development
  • Capacity Building
  • HR Business Process Development
  • ICT Skills

Submission Guideline:

Applicants must submit their resume and cover letter in one document as PDF or MS Word to Applications are accepted in English only. Please include “Director of Procurement” in the subject line of the email.

Application Deadline: All applications must be submitted on or before July 15th, 2018. After reviews of the applicants, interviews for the finalists will be set up.

About the Organization

The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) is a private, non-profit university offering an American-style liberal arts education. We opened our doors in 2005 and currently offer four undergraduate academic majors and an MBA program. We follow a strict non-discriminatory policy and applicants from all ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We are a young and growing dynamic university with a student population of nearly 1,100 and we hope to reach 1,250 students by the fall 2018 academic semester. We have expanded operations to the 75-acre international campus across the street from our original campus. Construction is ongoing for additional classroom and lab buildings to help meet the growing needs of our student population.

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