Economist/Energy/Green Jobs Consultant - Part-Time

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 5 April 2021
  • Rwanda | Peru | Pakistan | Nigeria | Kosovo | India
  • Closing on 9 April 2021
  • Proposal

Job Description

Mathematica is bidding on a proposal to conduct case studies to understand how the clean energy transition can contribute to job creation (both direct and indirect) in access (productive use) projects; through investment in renewable technology based generation (solar, wind, hydro, geo-thermal); through investment in energy efficiency; and, through sector policy reform. To undertake this work, we are building a roster of experienced Consultants to work closely with our U.S.-based team.

If awarded, the project will take place over a period of six months. Project activities will occur intermittently; with an expectation of fewer hours in the early and final periods of the project and intensive work at the mid-point when data collection is ongoing. During this period, the Consultant/s will work closely with the U.S.-based team to (1) refine the data collection approach and semi-structured interview guides; (2) assist in scheduling interviews and maintaining the data collection schedule; (3) lead in data collection activities, including conducting the above-mentioned interviews and collecting relevant secondary data; (4) provide written and audio transcripts of interviews and high-level notes highlighting key findings from each interview; and (5) contribute to the interpretation and reporting of data collected and to the case study write-ups.

Research and/or program experience and experience communicating and interacting successfully with government officials, development finance institutions, private sector actors, and international agencies is essential.

Interested persons should contact Jennifer Blum @ by Friday, April 9, 2021.


As part of the Mathematica team, the Consultant/s will:

  • Provide high-level technical support to the U.S.-based project team on the planning, and implementation of the project in the designated countries
  • Assist in scheduling, coordinating, and executing activities related to collecting data from key stakeholders; including both semi-structured interviews and compilation of relevant secondary data (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Review and provide input on key deliverables including data collection instruments, case study reports, and other products, as needed


  • Experience conducting research and evaluation in the energy sector (including energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy)
  • Broad understanding of the energy sector and its intersection with job creation
  • Leadership experience on projects that require internal and external coordination and interactions with government officials, development finance institutions, private sector actors, and international agencies
  • Experience conducting interviews with high-level stakeholders; including with firms involved in job creation
  • Demonstrated ability to work with efficiency and diplomacy, particularly as part of a team
  • Proven effectiveness working independently and as a team member
  • Ability to travel within the country (as feasible with COVID-19 considerations)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Oral and written fluency in English.
  • Oral and written fluency in Spanish and/or French and/or other languages as relevant to conduct business in each of the designated countries (India, Kosovo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda)

Desirable Experience:

· Advanced degree in economics, demography, or relevant social science

The consulting rate will be commensurate with experience.

About Mathematica

Mathematica is dedicated to improving health and well-being by bringing the highest standards of quality, objectivity, and excellence to bear on information collection and analysis for our partners and clients. The company has been at the forefront of assessing the effectiveness of policies and programs since 1968. Mathematica’s capabilities and reach respond to a wide range of social and public policy challenges and information needs in the United States and around the globe. Our employees are leaders in thorough and innovative program evaluation, objective policy research and interpretation, sophisticated survey design and data collection, and comprehensive performance measurement and data management. Mathematica works in a range of countries, serving government agencies, international organizations, foundations, universities, professional associations, and businesses. Our studies and analysis have yielded information to guide decisions in wide-ranging policy areas, from health, education, early childhood, and family support to nutrition, employment, disability, and international development. More information on Mathematica’s international work can found at:

About the Organization

Mathematica is the insight partner that illuminates the path to progress for public- and private-sector changemakers. We apply expertise at the intersection of data, methods, policy, and practice, translating big questions into deep insights that weather the toughest tests. Driven by our mission to improve public well-being, we collaborate closely with our clients to improve programs, refine strategies, and enhance understanding.

Our more than 1,200 experts work across the country and around the globe, partnering with federal agencies, state and local governments, foundations, universities, professional associations, and businesses. Mathematica is reimagining the way the world gathers and uses data, surfacing evidence that guides decisions in areas ranging from health, education, child welfare, and family support to nutrition, employment, disability, criminal justice, and international development.

For 50 years, we’ve been known as the pioneers behind research and policy advancements that have transformed the world. We conducted the first social policy experiment in the United States, the New Jersey Negative Income Tax Experiment, to test ways of encouraging people with low income to work. Today, we continue to dive into urgent social challenges right alongside our partners, determining how action leads to outcomes that help people, institutions, and communities affect real change in real time.

Led by President and CEO Paul Decker, we understand that quality insights begin with diverse perspectives, so we foster a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our work and among our staff, and we thrive because of it. Our work is at its best when we include different perspectives and draw on diverse networks. Mathematica’s headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey, and we also have offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Oakland, California; Seattle, Washington; Tucson, Arizona; Washington, DC; and Woodlawn, Maryland. In 2018, we acquired EDI Group, an international research and data collection organization, expanding our capabilities and our presence in the United Kingdom and Africa.

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