Editor (Health)

United Kingdom
Apply by 15 July 2018
Mid-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 16 June 2018

Job Description

CAMRIS International is an international development and research firm that realizes innovative solutions to health and development challenges through high-quality, cost-effective program and research management services. With experience working in more than 80 countries, we combine our proven systems with today’s most effective, evidence-based best practices to improve the lives of people around the world. We apply a customized, customer-centric, cost-effective business approach to offer greater value to our clients and challenge the way things have always been done in our field.

CAMRIS clients include U.S. government agencies and multilateral and private organizations. Our core practice areas include public health, agriculture and food security, economic development, education, environment, humanitarian assistance, democracy and governance, and medical research.

In support of the CAMRIS-implemented, USAID/Nepal Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Activity, we seek an Editor for the development of a journal supplement to the National Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV) program. This publication will contribute to global learning on community health workers (CHW) by showcasing Nepal’s experience in implementing a volunteer community-based program. USAID expects to use this journal supplement to push forward an advocacy agenda that seeks a revision and new direction for the FCHV program based on the country’s transition to a federal system, including demographic and epidemiological changes that have occurred over the past ten years.

To date, findings of two surveys, in 2006 and 2014, are presented in a technical report and a series of policy briefs. However, for decision-makers in Nepal and those engaged in advancing community health work, there would be value added in developing a journal supplement that looks methodically at the history of the program, including the impact of the program on the health sector’s performance over time.

A five set of papers will be developed, and a core authors’ team has tentatively been formed. The first paper will cover the introduction of the FCHV program, the second will present the services provided by the FCHVs and other accomplishments both qualitatively and quantitatively over the past 28 years. The third paper will talk about the various sources of data and their limitations as relates to the papers, particularly the second paper. The fourth paper will synthesize the findings and the fifth will be a commentary of the previous four papers, including recommendations for future directions. Once completed, the publication will be disseminated internationally, as a supplement to the online journal Human Resources for Health (HRH) to help inform decision-makers in other countries as they develop their own community health worker programs or consider reforming existing programs

This person will take responsibility of the initial review of the draft papers developed by the authors to determine what, if any, issues need to be addressed before sending on to peer review.

This includes the following tasks:
* Reviewing for content and identifying any important issues the author should address before moving the papers to peer review.
* Deciding on who to retain as peer reviewers in discussion with authors.
* Finalizing instructions to peer reviewers.
* Reviewing comments from peer reviewers, determining what actions authors need to take, and forwarding reviewer comments and instructions to authors.
* Once revised manuscripts are received, determining what, if any, further revisions are needed.
* Periodically coordinating discussions with the lead authors and with the journal editors.
* Communicating directly with the lead authors.

* Written instructions/guidance for peer reviewers.
* Five final reviewed and revised papers for each topic (Introduction, Findings, Methods, Synthesis, and Commentary) made available to HRH for final copy editing.

* PhD degree in public health or social sciences.
* Extensive experience working in community-based public health interventions in developing countries.
* Previous experience as the main editor for indexed journals.
* A strong understanding of Nepal’s FCHV program and a solid background in health systems strengthening is preferred.
* Ability to work effectively both individually and as a team.
* Previous experience with USAID is highly preferred.

Location: England

About the Organization

CAMRIS is known throughout the U.S. for its leading edge services to support our national programs and particularly for serving our Veterans. CAMRIS is also known worldwide for excellence serving client programs to improve economic, social, political, and health conditions of people in all parts of the world. For 45 years, since our first contact with USAID in 1963 and with work in every year since, our most important partner in the international sphere has been the United States Agency for International Development (“USAID”). In fact, CAMRIS has worked with USAID in each year since its founding. Before USAID we assisted its predecessor organizations dating back to the Kennedy Administration in 1961, to address humanitarian needs and to counter instability posed by underdevelopment. To date CAMRIS has carried out assignments for USAID in 50 countries in all regions and in many technical areas. Today CAMRIS continues this proud tradition as it works on significant USAID assignments in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our current work includes technical assistance to support major USAID-funded initiatives in the areas of Global Health, Democracy and Governance, Development, and Monitoring and Evaluation, and active assignments including several global initiatives and our present work in 24 countries (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Botswana, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe). ABOUT CAMRIS INTERNATIONAL CAMRIS is an International Development Consulting Firm working within the public and private sectors to advance the human and institutional capacities of organizations and communities worldwide. WHAT WE DO We apply a combination of proven interdisciplinary, scientific and management approaches to identify, develop and implement the most effective solutions in support of our clients' program goals. We do this most often in the areas of international development and global health, and selectively in additional areas where our cross-cutting capabilities are well suited to meet the needs of our clients. We operate in all regions of the world, often in very challenging or austere conditions. At all times our focus is on evidence-based effectiveness, quality, reliability, and sustainability. We successfully completed initiatives in nearly 80 countries to date. KEY CAPABILITIES * Short-Term and Long-Term Technical Assistance * Program Management Services * Institutional Support * Research and Analytic Support CORE PRACTICE AREAS * Monitoring and Evaluation * Capacity Building * Project Design * Knowledge Management * Adaptive Technologies * eLearning * Democracy and Governance * Infectious Diseases STAFF CAMRIS has grown rapidly over the last 5 years to a peak of 200 staff, complemented by highly experienced consultants and collaborating partners and universities. CAMRIS is headquartered in Bethesda, MD in the Washington DC metropolitan area, with remote offices, operations and worksites in various locations in the U.S. and overseas.