Epidemiology and Veterinary Advisor

Johannesburg, South Africa | Pretoria, South Africa
Apply by 23 March 2018
Posted on 13 March 2018

Job Description

DPS is seeking an Epidemiology and Veterinary Advisor to assist the CDC Influenza Division with implementation, monitoring, and oversight of influenza surveillance projects on the continent of Africa. This place of performance for this position is Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa.

  • Coordinate and assist international and non-governmental organizations that conduct influenza activities in South Africa, the SADC Region, and as needed, other countries served by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa (AFRO). This includes CDC cooperative agreement recipients and referred to as partners throughout this document. These activities will require local and international travel to coordinate.
  • Provide focused technical assistance on surveillance enhancement to partners.
  • Provide technical support to ensure partner participation in the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) network and CDC-Atlanta.
  • Support intra-agency collaborations that promote the successful implementation of Influenza Division programmatic goals and objectives (e.g., working with WHO, a grantee, and CDC to implement coordinated or co-funded surveillance projects).
  • Conduct regular meetings and ad hoc communications with CDC and global/country/local agencies to effectively facilitate the completion of programmatic and reporting goals and objectives, to include telephone, email, face-to-face meetings, and trainings.
  • Coordinate with CDC to provide technical expertise, analyze surveillance data, conduct studies, provide recommendations to partners, and conduct epidemiologic and programmatic assessments using CDC-provided instruments and tools.
  • Develop an action plan for each country in English, French, or both languages o prioritize CDC support and technical assistance.
  • Provide epidemiologic and surveillance subject-matter expertise to partners in the design, implementation, and evaluation of MOH-owned and operated surveillance systems.
  • Organize collaborative regional meetings and conference calls to increase national capacity and to share information on influenza surveillance.
  • Organize and conduct regional influenza-related surveillance trainings.
  • Participate in meetings and technical working groups on epidemiology and surveillance data systems.
  • Confirm SADC countries’ reporting of seasonal, avian, and novel influenza reports to WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS), WHO Collaborating Centers, CDC Atlanta
  • Provide outbreak response and support in the SADC region with the United Staters Government (CDC or USAID), FAO, and WHO/AFRO.
  • Provide technical support to partners to assist them to analyze and interpret data and produce abstracts for scientific meetings and manuscripts for publication.
  • Write and submit articles on epidemiological studies and influenza surveillance to peer-reviewed medical and public health journals.
  • Translate and transcribe documents including correspondence, presentations, and training materials as needed.
  • Assist in partner capacity building for Rapid Response and Outbreak/Pandemic Preparedness.
  • Attend Integrated Conference Approval Portal (ICAP)-approved conferences and make presentations as required.
  • Complete and maintain up-to-date certification for all CDC- and National Institute for Communicable Diseases-required trainings including, Security Awareness Training and High Threat Security Overseas Seminar training. Submit training certificates as they are completed.
  • Five (5) years minimum experience in health or public health program management.
  • PhD and DVM with a Master’s level Epidemiology degree
  • Experience in animal and human influenza in an African setting.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively, seeking advice and support when necessary.
  • Willingness and ability to converse with various groups using French and English languages. (FSI Level 4 required in French language (Level 5 is desired))
  • Experience conducting burden of disease studies

About the Organization

Dexis Professional Services (DPS), a wholly-owned, independently operated business unit established in 2016 to provide support services to United States Government (USG) agencies that were previously provided by the parent company, Dexis Consulting Group (Dexis). Committed to excellence in institutional support and staff augmentation, DPS draws on the parent company’s 15+ years of experience fielding domestic and overseas technical, operational, professional and managerial staff for various USG clients.

DPS is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled or Vietnam Era veteran of the US Armed Forces.

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