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  • Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 14 June 2019
  • Belgium
  • Closing on 17 July 2019
  • Proposal

Job Description

Country Western Balkans

Deadline 17/06/2019

Indicative starting date: 15/07/2019

Formulation of the EU action “Regional programme on culture and creativity in the Western Balkans”


The global objective of this assignment is to support and advise decision makers in the EU on a coherent proposal for an action contributing to cultural cooperation within the Western Balkans and with the EU, in line with IPA objectives, the Western Balkans Strategy and the New European Agenda for Culture.

The outputs of the assignment will enable the European Commission to make an informed decision on the implementation of the project. In this context, the assignment will develop an analysis of needs and opportunities for engagement on the basis of which a detailed project design will be proposed in line with IPA requirements. The assignment will also include key inputs to support the future procurement or other implementation arrangement to be put in place.

As any EU funded action, this assignment shall promote cross-cutting objectives of the European Commission, including environment and climate change, a rights-based approach, persons with disability, indigenous peoples, youth and gender equality.

The specific objective of this assignment is to assist the European Commission to further identify and formulate an IPA II-funded action “Regional programme on culture and creativity in the Western Balkans” (hereinafter “IPA action”). This assignment will build on, but not be constrained by, the preparatory work and recommendations developed in the context of an action implemented by the Cultural Diplomacy Platform (hereinafter “CDP material”, which will be provided to the Contractor at the outset of this assignment).

This assignment should provide for an innovative programming in the considered area and specifically target young people. According to the current working assumption, which have already been shared with the targeted beneficiaries, this action would result in: 1) enhanced capacities of cultural and creative sectors in the Western Balkans; 2) increased mobility of artists and cultural operators as well as of cultural and creative works; 3) cultural heritage promotion and preservation for promoting local development; 4) enhanced partnerships between public and private actors in the field of culture and creativity and 5) strengthened inclusive cultural policy-making. These results will in turn contribute to (1) promote job creation and socio­ economic development in the region, and (2) increase cultural cooperation and the inter-cultural dialogue within the region (see Annex I - “One pager outline: Regional Programme on culture and creativity in the Western Balkans”).

The indicative activities to achieve such results could include: capacity-building activities on business management and entrepreneurship; technical assistance to improve the institutional, regulatory and financial frameworks; activities related to developing and supporting the networking of the creative hubs in the Western Balkans; activities related to co-production and circulation of repertoires; provision of pilot support to promote cultural heritage for local development with local authorities and communities; capacity-building activities for non-governmental cultural organisations in management and communication skills; capacity­ building and best practice sharing activities to develop local and regional cultural strategies in an inclusive manner.


Expert 1 - Category I: Team Leader

(55 working days)

Education and skills

Education of at least Master Degree Academic level in cultural studies, intercultural dialogue, cultural policy, cultural management, Westem Balkans studies, or any other disciplines relevant to the assignment. Alternatively, secondary education diploma and 8 years proven relevant experience additional to the requested general professional experience.


  • At least 12 years of working experience among the following areas: cultural diplomacy, cultural cooperation, culture development policies, inter-cultural dialogue, protection and promotion of cultural diversity, cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries and innovation in culture (such as digital), cultural tourism, cultural development;
  • Working experience in at least two of the targeted IPA beneficiaries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro and Serbia);
  • At least, 3 years of experience in leading teams;
  • Being familiar with EU-funded culture programmes and initiatives;
  • Experience of identification and formulation processes, preferably with the EU. Proven experience in developing Logical Frameworks;
  • Experience of cultural and creative industries is considered an asset.

Language skills

  • English language proficiency: the expert must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing in English;
  • Knowledge of the languages of the region is an asset.

About the Organization

PROMAN S.A., based in Luxembourg is providing consulting services in the sectors of education, HRD, social development, institutional strengthening and capacity building and local/regional development.Primary clients are the European Commission, Bilateral Cooperation (Luxebmourg, France, Belgium), UNICEF, World Bank. Main sector of intervention is the education sector in all its aspects. PROMAN operates worldwide with a slight overweight in Africa. We employ 9 staff members at Headquarters and over a 100 (both Short Term and Long Terms) consultants per year.

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