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  • Entry-level
  • Posted on 28 June 2018

Job Description

Factors to take into account - Laws governing decentralized entities. - Laws governing organizations and cooperating entities that can mobilize and manage resources. - Relationships between and among NURF cooperating districts. - Relationships for upward, horizontal and downward accountability. - Working relationships and communication mechanisms with stakeholders such as Development Partners, Private Sector, Civil Society, Media, etc. and their impact. Involvement of women, youth and people with disabilities in the NURF arrangement. • 4.0 Expected deliverables - •Submit an Inception report with detailed methodology of defining the model of legalregistration and elaboration on the management structure of SC materials and assignment execution work plan. - Facilitate a one-day NURF• consultative meeting for their input - Facilitate a one-day consultative meeting for Steering Committee, GAPP/USAID, QED Learning Contract and USAID for their input. - Present draft registration and management options to a stakeholders validation workshop and facilitate consensus. - Compile and submit a final proposed registration model and organizational structure for the NURF. •
The Consultant shall have the following expertise: - Sound knowledge of legal framework for cooperating and business entities. - Sound Knowledge of organizational management structures. - Must be well conversant with the decentralization policy in Uganda.

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