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  • Posted on 17 September 2019

Job Description

Are you passionate about driving programs focused on foreign assistance? Do you want to be part of an organization that offers meaningful assignments and opportunities to expand your skills and expertise? At Dexis, you will experience a corporate culture of inclusiveness, fairness, and trust. You will be given the means and mentorship needed to succeed, and your creativity will be rewarded.

Since 2001, Dexis has provided innovative management solutions for a secure and prosperous world. In the last three years alone, Dexis has worked in 90 countries supporting critical missions of agencies in the global development and security assistance space. With triple digit growth in recent years, Dexis was ranked in the top 10 consulting firms by funding at the US Agency for International Development in FY16 and FY17. Dexis was also among the highest rated employers on Glassdoor, where many of its 250-plus employees cited a people-centered leadership and culture as the main drivers to its success.

The purpose of LEARN is to integrate collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) throughout the Program Cycle to improve the effectiveness of USAID programs in achieving significant development results and influence interventions pursued by Implementing partners (IPs) and other development actors. This goal will be achieved by building CLA capacity of USAID missions and the bureaus that support them, and promoting organizational learning and knowledge management (KM) practices throughout USAID and the development community. This will be accomplished by keeping five core goals in mind:
1. CLA Tools, Resources, and Processes: CLA tools, resources, and processes developed and utilized to support missions/bureaus efforts to create, capture, organize and share knowledge.
2. Capacity Building: Increased staff capacity to apply the CLA approach within USAID missions/bureaus and implementing partners.
3. Knowledge Exchange: Improved systems and processes for knowledge exchange and strategic learning to promote best practices.
4. M&E, Assessment, and Learning: Effectiveness of learning assessed, captured and shared within LEARN, USAID, and the development community at large.
5. Thought Leadership: Thought leadership provided on state-of-the-art innovations in knowledge management and learning for development.

Dexis is seeking a Facilitator to design and deliver a 2-day learning event (i.e. a participatory workshop) that meets the following tentative objectives (to be finalized in collaboration between the Facilitator and LEARN):

  • Review and provide input into LEARN’s final report “story”
  • Reflect on and plan for the sustainability of CLA post LEARN
  • Celebrate collective success

The 2-day learning event, LEARN’s annual Big Picture Reflection Workshop, will take place on Monday, December 2nd and Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019. The facilitator will work with the LEARN team and USAID clients to develop a detailed agenda, conduct Key Informant Interviews if necessary, propose methodologies and facilitate the event to meet final, agreed upon objectives.

The Facilitator will report to the LEARN Deputy Chief of Party. The work location for this position will be in Washington, DC. The expected level of effort for this position is up to 10 days and will be on a part-time basis. It begins in September 2019 and ends December 2019.


The Facilitator will be responsible for:

  • Data Gathering and Analysis: The facilitator will review relevant background materials such as previous retreat reports, semi-annual PMRs, and relevant work plans. The facilitator will also schedule and conduct key informant interviews with LEARN (Chief of Party, Deputy Chief of Party, Senior KM and OL Specialist); PPL/LER CLA Team clients (including COR and Team Lead); and a sampling of activity managers to identify key expectations and desired outputs/deliverables as suggested by LEARN and clients. The total number of key informant interviews should be approximately 8-10. The facilitator will analyze the data to create a brief data report and will collaborate with the LEARN team to finalize the agenda.
  • Session Design and Preparation of Materials: The facilitator will draft an agenda for discussion with LEARN and prepare detailed designs for each of the sessions included in the agenda and prepare materials, PowerPoint presentations, etc., including pre-drawn graphic templates that will be shared with the design team.
  • Facilitation and Capture of Sessions: The facilitator will facilitate the workshop in accordance with the design, always being sensitive to the needs of the group. This includes ensuring broad participation, checking for consensus as appropriate, and documenting key decisions and discussion points (A note-taker will be provided as needed, when the vendor is facilitating).
  • Follow Up: The facilitator will prepare a summary report capturing all decisions, key discussion points, and agreements for further action. The report also includes any recommendations the facilitator may have for the client.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelors and 10 years of relevant experience OR Masters and 8 years of relevant experience OR PhD and 6 years of relevant experience in facilitation, organizational development, change management, and/or process support
  • Ability to maneuver through complex political situations, demonstrating an understanding of power relations and sensitivity to how people and organizations function
  • Skilled facilitation of groups, meetings, and events
  • Ability to understand, affect, leverage, and make insightful connections among various parts of a system
  • Ability to work collaboratively with all kinds of people and make those you work with feel valued and part of the team regardless of background or role
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to maintain routine communications with the LEARN team and client to ensure the project is implemented smoothly
  • Positive attitude and ability to work collaboratively and iteratively with others
  • Understands, articulates, and implements best practices related to facilitation and organizational learning.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Knowledge of USAID and its operations, as well as an understanding of the unique environment in which USAID projects operate; experience with other international development institutions
  • Experience in US government interagency coordination/collaboration
  • Experience working with the Learning and Knowledge Management Contract (LEARN)

About the Organization

Are you looking for a company that offers meaningful program assignments and opportunities to develop professional skills and expertise? At Dexis, staff are empowered to be part of the decision-making process and collaborate with colleagues and management across the company to satisfy our clients. We create transparency in our operations with our clients and employees; and we offer our people opportunities to grow and challenge themselves in meaningful ways. Dexis follows a "find a way or make a way" business directive, and we’re paving the way for innovative management solutions in the global development and security assistance arenas worldwide. As a Dexis employee you will be challenged, empowered, and mentored. That’s how Dexis goes "all in.” How will you?

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