Finance and Administrative Manager

Dakar, Senegal
Apply by 12 March 2013
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 10 February 2013

Job Description



Position Title: Administrative Finance Manager (AFM)

Reports to: Africare Senegal Country Director

Office Location: Dakar, Senegal

Length of Contract: 2 years

Language(s): Fluency in reading writing and speaking English and French

Qualifications: Master’s degree or equivalent experience international trade or development, public or business administration, management, or marketing. Experience in financial management and accountability. Field experience in a developing country, preferably Africa and preferably with food aid, monetization, food logistics or commodity trading experience with USDA or USAID/FFP; familiarity with U.S Government. Word processing skills and familiarity with Excel spreadsheet software, Quickbooks and accounting principles required. Experience managing people, working in a cross cultural environment. Superior organizational skills including attention to detail. Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision: handle multiple tasks, meet reporting deadlines, and complete work accurately. Superior organization skills and detail oriented. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Responsibilities: Administer the Africare/Senegal program being directly responsible for the supervision of the program’s financial, logistics, and personnel components. Africare/Senegal has a central office in Dakar and seven sub-offices throughout Senegal. Africare/Senegal currently implements agriculture, health and nutrition programming throughout seven regions in Senegal.

Position Description

The AFM is responsible for managing the programs financial, personnel, and logistics functions. While the Country Director (CD) is ultimately responsible for all of the country program’s outputs, the AFO is responsible for compiling certain deliverables, reviewing and certifying the correctness of these outputs and deliverables made under his/her supervision prior to offering them to the CD for sign-off. In this respect, the AFO is responsible for the following direct obligations and supervisory activities, and others as set and requested by the CD and Africare Washington.


  • In conjunction with the country Director and appropriate Project Coordinators, prepares Annual Administrative, Operational and Project Specific Budget Projections as well as revised quarterly projections.
  • Assists in monitoring account balances, initiating transfer requests, preparing funds transfer certifications and logging incoming fund transfers and monetization sales proceeds.
  • Logs and tracks overhead payment from all projects, instructs accountant when to initiate payments and informs CD of overhead status.
  • Reviews all estimates to determine availability of funds against approved budgets. Examines bills presented for payment to determine legitimacy of charges and assures that the program pays bills on a timely basis.
  • Maintains a positive and productive relation with Directors/Managers of the banks where Africare’s accounts are housed.
  • Reviews monthly financial report batches for correctness and accuracy, checking calculations and line item charges on cover sheet, verifying that documentation stamp “paid” are not reused and certifies by signing batch cover sheet before forwarding to the CD for signature.
  • Monitors in country expenditures as they relate to country specific administrative, operational and project budgets and generates dependable budget balance reports that take the most current HQ expenditures into account on a monthly basis for distribution to CD and project coordinators.
  • Performs regular audits and certification of program and field offices’ petty cash and checking accounts.
  • Assists in compiling budgets for project proposals using the prescribed Africare format.
  • Performs as co signatory on all bank accounts managed by the program office.
  • Reviews for correctness and justification, certifies and forwards weekly cash balance reports to Africare/Washington.
  • Assist staff in preparing local and international travel requests (TAs) and in reviewing and submitting justification documents on their return for settlement.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Prepares checks and disbursement vouchers for signature in accordance with Africare’s policy assuring that all justification documents accompany the requisite batch transmittal form.
  • Supervises program office petty cash account and assures that this account is properly maintained, appropriate authorizations are obtained for transactions that timely settlements are made. Ensures that the account is reconciled and routinely certified and that all settlement documentation is maintained.
  • Prepares monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement for all bank and Petty Cash accounts.
  • Prepares monthly Financial Reports (batches) ensuring that complete batches from all petty cash, checking and holding accounts are included, reviewed and forwarded to Afr/W within the first two weeks of each bi-monthly period.

Africare/Washington must be notified of delays.

  • Closes and posts accounting records and the submission of electronic batches on a monthly basis.
  • Maintains all computerized administrative and especially financial data in country and ensures proper backup and archiving.
  • Supervises monthly payroll for local hire employees, insuring that payroll deductions and salary payments are made in conformance with national social security and tax laws.
  • Prepares and submits Bi-Weekly Time sheets for all expatriate employees in accordance with Africare policies and the subsequent payment of local payroll deduction as registered with Africare Washington.
  • Supervises the allocation of cost sharing across program and ensures the repayment of monies charged to other project as cost shared expenses to the source account on a monthly basis.
  • Monitors and collects monies charged to expatiate and local employee receivable accounts on a monthly basis.


  • Supervises the logistics team to assists Project Coordinators and County Director to clearly specify the type, duration minimum acceptable quality and estimated cost of goods and services proposed for in-country procurement.
  • Assist in drafting specifications for services and obtaining quotations for goods requiring Afr/W’s approval for the CD’s formal request to Afr/W.
  • Maintains positive and productive relations with vendors and sound relations with port, custom and airport authorities for the reception and shipping of project and Africare goods.
  • Frequently monitors material requests to assure that logistic staffs are using qualified vendors and use are using the Africare three bid processes to select vendors with the most competitive price and with whom honest relations could be established.
  • Ensures requests Local Purchase Orders, receipt forms and delivery forms for the procurement and timely delivery of those goods and services to requesting persons and especially the project sites and done and files accordingly.
  • Supervises the accurate inventory of equipment and stock cards for supplies in accordance with Africare and donor regulations with special attention to properly list reconciliation and the process for liquidation and the transfer of title of these materials.
  • Supervises the operations of the vehicles, to include the maintenance of vehicle controls, reparation and maintenance sheets.
  • Ensures fuel distribution systems and fuel consumption tracking systems are in place and followed.
  • Ensures the upkeep of vehicle registrations, insurance policies, leases, maintenance agreements and visas.
  • Supervises the ordering, distribution and use of office supply inventories.


  • Performs as acting Country Director in the absence of, and at the request of the Country Director.
  • Ascertains staffing requirements and assists project staff and the CD in the recruitment process in accordance with Africare requirements and local laws.
  • Supervises and evaluate the performance of local hire administrative support staff against specific performance objectives and with respect to in-country regulations and country laws.
  • Assists in handling local hire personnel disputes, grievances, and conflict resolution.
  • Assures that all staff have access to the HCN manual of personnel policies ,have read and understood Africare’s code of ethics, and that a delegation representing the staff are in place.
  • Assured the reception, authorization, and logging of all categories of leave requests from local and expatriate employees.
  • Maintains personnel contracts, contract termination, vacation and other benefits, the maintenance of personnel data in a personnel database, and the maintenance and confidentiality of personnel files.
  • Provides employee training and staff development.
  • Prepares and submits the HCN report on a quarterly basis to the Director of Personnel in Africare Washington. This report includes all administrative and project personnel engaged in the period.
  • Maintains management files on all projects.
  • Assists in monitoring the receipt and submission of project and program reports.
  • Prepares monitors and provides overall management for consultant and service provider contracts in according to Africare regulations.
  • Establishes preventive maintenance programs for property and program management, for example equipment such as computers, vehicles, generators, air conditioners or photocopy machines.
  • Assists in reviewing reports and editing draft documents as requested by the CD.
  • Organizes country conferences, workshops, and visitor amenities and assures the maintenance of the program’s welcoming package.
  • Performs internal audits and assists hosting external audits.
  • Visits project sites on a quarterly basis to audit and aid in effective administration.
  • Arranges for document translations.
  • Assists in the design of the country emergency evacuation plan.
  • Provide summary of weekly administration and monetization activities to the CD by COB Thursday of every Week for inclusion in the program’s weekly management report.
  • Supervises the maintenance of files for incoming and outgoing written correspondence, fax, and telex communications, financial, vendor, vehicle/generator, property inventories, personnel and other important documentation by all departments in accordance with the prescribed Africare filing system.
  • Oversees preparation of the Annual Admin Report and other annual audit requirements as requested by Afr/W for the CD’s review, approval, and timely submission to Afr/W.

How to Apply:

Applications should include a CV and cover letter. In the cover letter (of no more than two pages in length) the candidate should briefly describe his or her motivation for the position and highlight relevant experience and salary requirements.

Please send CVs to, including ”Administrative Finance Manager” in the subject line.

Africare is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer committed to workplace diversity.