Finance Specialist

  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 14 August 2019

Job Description

The overall objective of the role is to support SEforALL’s efforts to unlock finance for sustainable energy across its various work streams. The Finance Specialist will support the Lead Finance Specialist in delivering SEforALL’s interventions for which she is intervention lead, principally the Energizing Finance research series, and provide strategic input into broader SEforALL initiatives relating to sustainable energy finance. The successful candidate will interact with a wide range of people within and outside the UN system and SEforALL.

The Finance Specialist will be a dynamic and highly motivated professional who provides effective coordination, work program development and delivery across key programs and relationships. The position requires excellent problem solving capability backed with analytics, political understanding, good judgment, well developed communication skills and strong delivery capacity.

The selected candidate will report to SEforALL’s Director, Policy & Programmes. The Finance Specialist will be supervised through individual meetings with the supervisor, regular team meetings and through periodic performance appraisals.

Functional Competencies

The Finance Specialist will work alongside and in close coordination with the Lead Finance Specialist. Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Provide technical input and facilitate coordination of SEforALL’s research partnership on Energizing Finance to map public and private, international and domestic finance commitments for electricity and clean cooking access in countries with large access deficits.
  • Conduct research and analysis on funding mechanisms and related policy, regulatory and governance structures to enable access to modern energy services, to support the Lead Finance Specialist in developing strategy to help unlock finance to achieve SEforALL objectives, especially in high impact countries. Support implementation of this strategy and participate in developing and implementing SEforALL business and work plans as required.
  • Support the Lead Finance Specialist’s work to develop and implement strategic interventions and partnerships to advance universal access to electricity and clean cooking in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, with a specific focus on unlocking finance. This includes supporting the Lead Finance Specialist’s work with the Lead Energy Access and Gender Specialist and partners, to design and offer strategic support that can help direct capital to gender responsive and socially inclusive energy businesses that support faster delivery of sustainable access solutions in priority countries.
  • Draft correspondence with external consultants, steering committee members and other relevant stakeholders to help deliver the Energizing Finance work program as well as other interventions for which the Lead Finance Specialist is SEforALL’s intervention lead. Arrange regular telephone and video conference calls, preparing and circulating agendas in advance and minutes following.
  • Assist the Lead Finance Specialist and SEforALL’s Communications team to develop and disseminate case studies and communications collateral to help increase awareness around financing mechanisms, business models and complementary policy/ regulatory success stories. Work closely with SEforALL colleagues and external consultants to visualize and communicate data and analysis.
  • Support implementation of SEforALL led and other events that convene SEforALL’s finance sector stakeholders, e.g. the SEforALL Forum in 2020, and assist in convening workshops and multistakeholder dialogues in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to enable capacity- and coalition- building in support of SDG7.
  • Provide input into briefs on finance to support the SRSG/CEO as required.
  • Provide operational support to assist with procurement and other administrative processes, such as shared file drive organization and maintenance, as needed.
  • Participate in regular Policy Team meetings.
  • Undertake other tasks that emerge in a fast-moving, dynamic, high-level policy environment, as needed.

The role requires regular international travel.

About the Organization

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) is an International Non-Governmental Organization operating a world-wide multi-stakeholder platform focused on the delivery of Sustainable Development Goal #7. Launched as a UN initiative in 2011 by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, SEforALL is widely acknowledged for its achievement in raising global awareness of the world's sustainable energy challenges, ensuring they were included in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. SEforALL is directed by its independent board and its management team is led by its the CEO. Currently, the CEO also serves as the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General (SRSG) for Sustainable Energy for All, as well as co-chair of UN-Energy. These roles include advising the UN Secretary General and his staff on issues relating to sustainable energy and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) and supporting the coordination of sustainable energy issues in the United Nations system.

The ambitions of SDG7 on ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services by 2030 are extraordinary. Aiming to achieve them in the context of the Paris agreements involves transformation at a scale never undertaken by humanity before. Swift action needs to be taken by leaders in governments, companies, institutions, financiers, development banks, unions and communities, entrepreneurs and civil society. As a global team, SEforALL crafts interventions that support these leaders in accelerating the delivery of actions. All interventions comprise one or more of SEforALL’s competencies: (i) to marshal the evidence, (ii) to benchmark progress towards SEforALL objectives, (iii) to amplify the voices of the energy poor; (iv) to tell stories of success, and (v) to connect stakeholders to each other and to solutions. All interventions systematically draw on strategic insight, build on compelling communications, and are delivered through and include action-oriented partnerships.

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