Framework Project Manager

United Kingdom | Oxfordshire, United Kingdom | Thame, United Kingdom
Apply by 20 May 2018
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 10 April 2018

Job Description

Cardno is looking for a dynamic and talented Framework Project Manager to provide project acquisition and management inputs under the new European Union’s FWC SIEA 2018 (Lots 1-4) and potential framework contracts funded by other international donors.

EU Framework Contracts (FWC) are signed between the EU and a number of preferred suppliers for the provision of Technical Assistance (TA) services for the benefit of third countries receiving EU external aid. These services are procured through individual service contracts of initial budget values of up to EUR 1 million, with a reopening of competition for each individual assignment.

For SIEA 2018 Cardno has applied as consortium co-leader for Lot 1 “Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience� and as consortium partner for Lot 2 “Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs�, Lot 3 “Human Rights, Democracy and Peace� and Lot 4 “Human Development and safety net�.

Cardno has had an uninterrupted, highly successful track record of managing EU Framework Contracts in these sectors since 2005.


Working as a Framework Contract Manager to ensure: Â rapid response to requests; high quality of nominated teams and acceptable margins; effective backstopping and support to fielded teams; quality control of outputs; Â good communications with consortium lead firms and the contracting authorities; Â and timely administration of all the processes.

Duties and Responsibilities

FWC management

  • Search for and select candidates for nomination on incoming requests;
  • Ensure CVs of nominated consultants are correctly formatted and respond appropriately to the request;
  • Negotiate terms and conditions with nominated consultants;
  • Coordinate the preparation of methodologies, through a combination of direct inputs and collation of technical inputs from external specialised consultants;
  • Conduct field and desktop research as required;
  • Prepare, check and submit technical and financial offers as per tender procedure requirements;
  • Work efficiently as part of a bid team on the larger requests for services;
  • Coordinate communications with consortium members and contracting authorities where Cardno is a consortium leader;
  • Liaise with lead firms and contracting authorities where Cardno is a consortium leader;
  • Manage records and files relating to contracts won and lost, using Cardno’s online exchange platform;
  • Prepare the annual report for the European Commission.
  • Ensure that all the necessary contracts for consultants are raised and signed before consultants are mobilised;
  • Mobilise consultants in a timely and efficient manner;
  • Backstop teams in the field – provision of logistic and administrative support and coordination of technical backstopping;
  • Ensure project reports are formatted and quality controlled before submission and submitted in a timely manner;
  • Ensure the cost control of contracts;
  • Ensure, in liaison with accounting staff, that payment invoices are prepared and submitted in a timely manner;
  • Liaise with accounting staff to ensure timely payments to consultants and consortium partners;
  • Attend consortium meetings;
  • Assist with business development and tender processes for securing renewed or new framework contracts. Â

Corporate duties

  • Contribute to corporate thinking and the strategic development of the company;
  • Assist with the preparation and presentation of strategy meetings;
  • Project Cardno as a professional company of integrity, delivering quality services;
  • Adopt a conduct that optimises the cooperation of all staff in the achievement of corporate objectives.

Minimum Education and Experience

  • University degree (preferably Masters level) in a subject relevant to international development;
  • Minimum five years of professional experience;
  • Proven track record in winning and successfully managing international development projects;
  • Agriculture and/or rural development expertise would be an asset;
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced commercial environment with serial deadlines;
  • Working knowledge of EU procedures for external aid;
  • Fluency in English; proficiency in French preferred;

Excellent and demonstrable technical writing, verbal and presentatio

About the Organization

Cardno is an ASX-200 professional infrastructure and environmental services company with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno’s team includes leading professionals who plan, design, manage and deliver sustainable projects and community programs. The diverse skills and experience of Cardno’s global team allow us to offer integrated services in several market sectors worldwide, including development assistance.

Through its Emerging Markets division, Cardno brings a 40-year history of working in partnership with developing countries to deliver solutions for sustainable development. With offices in Australia, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, we investigate the causes of poverty and focus on improving the physical, economic and social infrastructure that sustains communities.

Cardno Emerging Markets, Belgium focuses on the acquisition and delivery of EU-funded development aid contracts in the fields of economic development, trade, business collaboration, agriculture, good governance and institutional capacity-building. Our team of 10 permanent employees and 15+ long-term project staff brings together, in a dynamic environment, development professionals from a variety of technical and cultural backgrounds.

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