Francophone Fiscal Agent Manager / Team Leader (long term)

West Africa
Apply by 1 September 2018
Senior-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 2 August 2018

Job Description

Project description

The Fiscal Agent shall act on behalf of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) to provide a broad range of financial management services that are requested by MCA to implement the projects funded with the Grant funds (the “Program”).

In this capacity the Fiscal Agent shall diligently oversee, discharge and perform all services necessary to achieve the optimum value for the monies expended by MCA, while ensuring that all financial transactions are conducted in strict compliance with principles, rules and procedures set out in the Compact and its Supplemental Agreements.

Job Description: Specific responsibilities include

  • Administer the financial management of the Compact funds to implement the Program efficiently and effectively
  • Take all necessary actions to prepare or assist in the preparation of any documents, budgets, plans, reports, requests, or certifications as may be required by MCA any MCA action, or MCC approval, including any provision of any data or information required for such action or approval
  • Submit monthly, quarterly, yearly and ad hoc reports as prescribed on the financial activities of the Program
  • Assist MCA in developing a detailed budget for the Program on a rolling quarterly basis for the option year
  • Maintain and update MCA, as necessary, the single chart of accounts for the Program, which segregates financial information by Program, sub-program, project and activity, object of expenditure, sources of funding and geographical areas
  • Maintain and update, as necessary, the automated accounting system. Ensure that the accounting complies with and conforms to internationally accepted accounting standards
  • As needed, transfer knowledge and skills to MCA, Project Managers and Project Implementers on the financial management systems used by the Fiscal Agent in order to ensure the establishment and operation of a proper, efficient, and transparent financial management system, which support the implementation of projects funded with the Compact funds
  • Maintain and update internal control mechanisms proposed to MCA as necessary
  • Assist MCA in the preparation and updating of the Audit Plan, which shall include any required audits of Covered Providers, as required by the Audit Guidelines
  • Provide timely access to MCA, other Permitted Designees, MCC, the Inspector General, the United States Government Accountability Office, any auditor responsible for an audit to all information and records associated with the Program, and any electronic copy thereof, and all systems and facilities used to execute its responsibilities and provide copies of all documentation as requested
  • Protect the financial management activity from fraud, waste and abuse
  • Respond promptly and fairly to complaints about the timeliness of payments
  • Assume other operational, functional, and contractual obligations and responsibilities as is customary in performing the duties of a fiscal agent

The Fiscal Agent Manager will at a minimum possess the following qualifications, skills and professional experience:

  1. Master in Business Administration or Finance; Accounting certifications like ACCA (Certified Chartered Accountant or Certified Public Accountant, CA or CPA
  2. Significant Experience working as a financial management professional (Finance Director, Controller or Manager or in a similar position responsible for accounting, budgeting, financial management and reporting) (approximately 10 years or more)
  3. Education or Training in business, economics, finance, accounting, public administration, or related field
  4. Professional financial management qualification or specialized training
  5. Significant Experience setting up a financial management operation
  6. Proven leadership quantities and experience as project manager/fiscal agent
  7. Knowledge and experience of grants management, contract management and procurement procedures would be an advantage. Experience with SAP is an advantage
  8. Extensive experience and proficiency in the use of automated commitment, budgeting and accounting software applications (accounting packages). Experience with SAP is an advantage
  9. Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel, word Project and Power Point
  10. Excellent communication skills and experience working with high level government officials and business executives
  11. Fluency in written and spoken French and English
  12. Working experience in francophone Africa is an advantage

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