Gender Advisor

Jakarta, Indonesia
Apply by 17 June 2018
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 19 May 2018

Job Description

Activity Background
As part of its ongoing support to the Islamic Education, in 2015 DFAT assisted MoRA in developing a Grand Design for Madrasah Quality Improvement.

In 2016 MoRA committed to operationalize one key aspect of the Grand Design through establishing a Madrasah Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system. The CPD system, or PPKB (Program Pengembangan Keprofesian Berkelanjutan), is a teacher professional development system specifically tailored to support teachers from predominantly private madrasah who have limited or no access to other government-provided professional development activities. The system is intended to be implemented at district/school cluster level.

This system was piloted (limited) in 2017. It is intended to be piloted at a larger scale in 2018, before being made available for national roll out in 2019.

* In 2017, TASS was tasked by DFAT to provide TA support over two, six-month phases to MoRA to support the development of a system that will implement CPD
* In 2018, DFAT through TASS will continue to support system development for CPD systems, with focus on Madrasah CPD. Support will also be provided to MoRA’s Madrasah CPD Development Team in their advisory and guiding role as other directorates adapt Madrasah CPD within their respective systems and operational contexts

The Gender Adviser will work under the direction of the Lead Islamic Education Adviser and in collaboration with the other short term advisers supporting MoRA in this activity, in particular, the Inclusive Education Adviser. It is expected that the Gender Adviser will develop a work plan in the inception phase of their assignment which will inform the remainder of their inputs as agreed with TASS, the Lead Islamic Education Adviser, and MoRA

The Gender Adviser will be engaged for up to 45 days over approximately four months. The timeframe may be adjusted during inception period and as the assignment progresses as agreed between the Adviser, TASS and MoRA.

The anticipated tasks of the Gender Adviser are:
1 Undertake a review of the teacher CPD system design to identify areas for potential greater inclusive practices and/or approaches to support accessibility for female teachers (and principals), and recommend changes that could be made to CPD technical guidelines to improve gender inclusion.
2 Undertake a systematic gender analysis of 1) sample of modules from the MoEC CPD system and 2) a sample of modules that has been adapted for the MoRA CPD system to identify areas for gender equality mainstreaming. This will inform (3) below.
3 Develop tools to support the TASS and MoRA CPD teams to integrate content supportive of gender equality into CPD modules.
4 Undertake a workshop(s) with the TASS and MoRA teams to pilot tools developed with the MoRA CPD support team, develop guidance material to support their use, and train MoRA personnel and TASS advisers in their use.
5 Contribute to development of activity work planning and reporting, as directed by the Lead Islamic Education Adviser.
6 Utilise tools provided by TASS (e.g. stakeholder analysis, force field analysis, five-whys) to analyse the implementation and institutional context(s) and determine appropriate strategies for activity implementation and communications.
7 Produce draft and final reports of the system review and systematic analysis that summarises the recommendations for improvement in inclusive practices (up to 10 pages excl. annexes). The final reports will be submitted in English and will be translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills

The Gender Adviser will possess:
* A relevant post graduate degree, gender studies, inclusion, social sciences or international development preferred.
* Greater than 15 years’ experience in gender mainstreaming, gender-sensitive programming or in an academic context.
* A sound knowledge of gender issues at multiple levels of education, ideally across both public and Islamic school environments. Previous professional experience in Indonesia will be highly regarded.
* Previous professional experience in promoting gender inclusion within training or professional development settings.
* Demonstrated experience providing technical advice to government departments or other public sector agencies, or in implementing gender and inclusive programming in middle/low income countries, would be an advantage.
* Strong facilitation, convening and advisory skills, and demonstrated behaviours that support developing local ownership and leadership.
* Excellent oral and written communication skills and a sound presentation and workshop delivery skills.
This position has been determined as B3 in accordance with DFAT’s Adviser Remuneration Framework. See:

Working with Childrend
This position has been identified as contact with children (see

The selected candidate will be required to undergo appropriate security and reference checks, including police checks.

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