General Education Assessment Expert (KE3)

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Posted on 2 August 2018

Job Description

Project title: Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science in the Areas of In-service Teacher Training, Learning Assessment and Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring

Brief description: This project is ongoing and the position is available immediately.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of a modern education system, able to prepare informed and qualified citizens who are ready for the “world of work” and who can contribute to greater political stability, economic prosperity and social well-being in Tajikistan.

The Project is setting the foundation for qualitative changes in the education sub-sectors focusing on three key areas: In-service Teacher Training, Learning Assessment and Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring and Curriculum Development, and will complement these activities with an extensive research component. The Project will seek strong local ownership through institutional capacity and human resources development of core staff of selected institutions/agencies, ministry and local government education departments for all results through a participative and inclusive approach.

Results to be achieved

  • Result 1: A modern, viable and competence-based teachers’ CPD system better responding to teachers’ and school managers’ needs and built on successful national and regional experiences is developed and piloted for secondary school teachers in selected regions.
  • Result 2: A National Learning Assessment System properly developed and implemented, in line with agreed quality standards and targeting selected educational stages.
  • Result 3: A strengthened planning, budgeting and monitoring (PBM) process that results in a more equitable and efficient distribution of resources and is informed by improved monitoring of NSED implementation.
  • Result 4: The Curriculum reform process is strengthened through increased coherence and coordination and technical support in selected subjects in secondary grades.
  • Result 5: Short term achievements and successes of innovative practices of the project assessed and a framework to evaluate and monitor the long-term impact of EU integrated support in the sector (and progress in general in the areas of learning in Tajikistan) established through education research initiatives

In order to achieve the expected specific results, the following indicative list of activities will be carried out under Result 2 related to National Learning Assessment System:

  1. Conduct a baseline study of the range of activities performed within MoES and relevant departments/agencies/local government education departments related to learning assessments, including working methods employed and organization of service provision, and a thorough analysis of its effectiveness.
  2. Undertake a needs assessment in MoES relevant departments and agencies and develop an overall modular plan for capacity building in connection with the introduction of a National Standardized Learning Assessment System (summative assessment, tentatively sample based).
  3. Support the development (and the implementation) of a national student assessment strategy and action plan for implementation.
  4. Support the development of all the regulatory and legal documents to ensure that the National Standardized Learning Assessment is endorsed, approved, piloted and administered.
  5. Strengthen the capacities of the National Testing Centre in all the areas related to development and implementation of summative assessment of learning in general education. Training and capacity development activities will cover at least the following areas (the list can be expanded):
    • Processes, procedures and manuals writing based on modern process flow and standardized internal procedures.
    • Key areas of item development, item response, theory psychometrics, test validation, marking and grading, sample design and test.
  6. Train core group(s) of trainers and required MoES/NTC staff to support the process of implementation of the NSLA.
  7. Provide training, coaching and mentoring to the relevant employees of MoES relevant departments and agencies and NTC throughout the process.
  8. Support piloting and implementation of a NSLA.
  9. Support MoES relevant departments and agencies with specific capacity building to ensure that the NSLA is an integral part of the teaching, learning and planning process.
  10. Support the MoES and relevant agencies (AoE and RIITT) in further defining/developing classroom-based assessment teacher training modules in line with the TCF (in key subject areas and in coordination with activities under Result 1).
  11. Develop and implement a communication strategy and implementation plan to raise awareness among all stakeholders (school staff and administration, parents, teachers, students and others) about the introduction of National Standardised Assessment System, its purpose and processes.

Duration of the assignment: 2 years, full time until July 2020, 440 working days, ongoing project, position available immediately


Qualifications and skills:

- Master Degree in Education (or related fields as Social Sciences – Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology will also be accepted) or a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the field of General Education (intended as primary and secondary education)

- Fluent oral and written English.

- Knowledge of Russian or Tajik language is an asset.

General professional experience:

- Minimum 10 years’ experience in education projects/programmes, management or monitoring or policy development, of which at least 5 years of experience in low or middle-income countries at international level (outside of the country of residence).

Specific professional experience:

- A minimum of 3 years’ experience in in the implementation of development cooperation projects in the area of development and administration of final examinations/large scale summative assessments/national testing in general education;

- At least one long-term experience of at least 1 year as a long-term key expert in education projects in development cooperation in low or middle-income countries.

- Experience in supporting test/item development and design for final examinations/large scale summative assessments/national testing in general education is an asset;

- Experience in delivering Technical Assistance to the education sector in EECCA countries (Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia) is an asset.

About the Organization

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