Global Fund Liaison

  • Executive-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 18 September 2020

Job Description

General Statement of Purpose of Contract

The GFL is the USG focal point on GFATM activities, working under the direction of the USAID/DRC Mission Director for CCM-related matters, and under the direction of the PEPFAR Coordinator and the USAID Health Office Director for daily matters concerning HIV, TB, and malaria. The GFL will be directly supervised by the Health Office Director or his/her designee. In addition, s/he will consult regularly with other key membership of the USG interagency health team, including the USAID/DRC HIV Team Lead, CDC Country Director, DoD Public Health Lead, PMI Advisors, and TB/Infectious disease advisor on strategic, technical, and programmatic matters.

The GFL will assume responsibility for coordinating critical communications between the USG and several stakeholders, including the PRs for GFATM activities in the DRC; the GFATM Local Fund Agents (LFA); and the USG CCM alternate (i.e. French Government representative). S/he will also ensure coordination among USG-funded technical support for the CCM or GFATM implementation efforts, including support from USG staff and implementing partners.

The GFL will assume responsibilities for: (1) coordinating ongoing and critical communications among the USG PEPFAR Country Team, the CCM, the Global Fund Secretariat, the GDRC, and other strategic partners regarding the management and implementation of the GFATM program; (2) coordinating and ensuring complementarity between GFATM and USG supported programs; and (3) identifying PRs and CCM technical assistance needs, making the necessary recommendations to address those needs, and ensuring follow-up on implementation of the technical recommendations. The GFL will ensure that there is no duplication in requested support from bilateral and multilateral entities. The Liaison is expected to have a strong technical background in at least two of the three Global Fund focal areas.

Statement of Duties to be Performed

The USG interagency team recognizes the importance of strong coordination between the GFATM and USG resources, specifically PEPFAR and USAID’s TB and malaria programs, to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness of these resources. The GFL will be an integral member of the interagency team.

Specific responsibilities for the Global Fund Liaison include:

  • Advisor and Coordinator of USG Linkages with GFATM activities, including CCM General Assembly and Bureau, Technical Area Committees, and PRs for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria – 50%
  • Program Management and Coordination Functions – 30%
  • Monitoring and Reporting – 10%
  • Technical Administrative Duties (10%)

Supervisory Relationship

Incumbent will work under the general policy and technical guidance of the USAID Health Office Director or his/her designee. S/he will develop a personal annual performance plan, in coordination with his/her supervisor and will be evaluated annually on the basis of the performance plan. The GFL should be able to work independently, selecting the appropriate technical and managerial approaches to be used depending on the context. However, s/he should inform the supervisor of progress and significant challenges and remedies.

Supervisory Controls

No direct supervision exercised. In terms of general work guidance, s/he will function as the “goto” person for all matters related to GFATM in the DRC. S/he will provide technical input which will guide the work of the PMI, PEPFAR, and TB programs in the USAID Health Office portfolio as it relates to the GFATM. In this role, the job holder will have the authority to designate members of the USG, in conjunction with the individual’s supervisors, to undertake tasks or provide documentation and justification required for the preparation of strategy and work plan development and performance reporting. The incumbent will be supported by USG technical staff involved in TB, HIV, and Malaria activities.

If a third country national (TCN) is selected for award, during the period of this contract, the TCN personal services contractor must provide at least 10 hours/week of training to a cooperating country national (CCN) designated by USAID. The PSC Supervisor will establish a training plan with benchmarks to measure the TCNPSC’s progress toward achieving this training deliverable.


The education, experience and language factors below determine basic eligibility for the position. Applicants who do not meet all of education and experience factors are considered NOT qualified for the position.

1. Education: Medical Doctor’s or Masters’ degree in Public Health (MPH) or equivalent in public health is required.

2. Prior Work Experience: More than 10 years of progressive and responsible experience in public health, including experience in strategic planning, activity design, program planning and budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation. Experience managing and implementing two of the three following programs, Malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS programs in DRC or in developing country contexts.

3. Language Proficiency: Requires Level IV English; level III French.

CLOSING DATE: October 13, 2020 before and/or on 5:00 PM (DRC local time)

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