Governance Officer, MCDF (based in Beijing, China)

  • Posted on 22 February 2021
  • Beijing, China | Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States | New York, United States | London, United Kingdom | Italy | Moscow, Russian Federation | Berlin, Germany | Ile de France, France | Mumbai, India
  • Closing on 24 March 2021

Job Description


The Multilateral Cooperation Center for Development Finance (MCDF) is a multilateral platform designed to increase high-quality connectivity investments in developing countries through wider application of accredited international financial institutions (IFIs) standards and to encourage other investors and financial institutions to adopt these standards. The MCDF activities include information sharing, building capacity and project preparation.

The MCDF comprises:

  • A Collaboration Platform, overseen and directed by the Coordination Committee (CC), to promote communication and collaboration among the IFIs and other development partners about their plans and activities relating to infrastructure and connectivity investment, investment standards, debt sustainability and other social and economic issues that help ensure the sustainability and transparency of investments.
  • A Finance Facility, overseen and directed by the Governing Committee (GC), that would fund grants:
    • To the accredited implementing partners of the MCDF when they carry out preparation activities for connectivity projects, prioritizing projects that are undertaken in collaboration with new development partners interested in implementing projects with stronger investment standards;
    • To developing countries and/or new development partners for capacity building activities for developing countries and/or new development partners in the areas of sustainable investments; and
    • For activities proposed by the collaboration platform.
  • A Secretariat to support the day-to-day operations of the MCDF led by a CEO.
  • An Administrator to provide corporate, mainly financial, services to the MCDF.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) serves as the Administrator of the MCDF and host of the Secretariat with effect from June 30, 2020. The Secretariat will provide program management and administrative services to support the Finance Facility and the Collaboration Platform. It will be administratively established by, but functionally independent from, AIIB. Recognizing its functional independence, the Secretariat will be accountable to the GC for its substantive activities while remaining accountable to the Administrator for complying with AIIB’s administrative rules and procedures. The operations of the MCDF, including positions of the MCDF Secretariat, are subject to the availability of funds contributed to the MCDF. Notwithstanding this, MCDF Secretariat staff will be hired under AIIB staff rules, receiving the same remuneration and benefits as regular AIIB staff with an equivalent level of seniority.

Under the leadership of the CEO, the Secretariat will comprise three teams:

  • The Governance Team is responsible for providing support to members and meetings of the Governing Bodies of the MCDF to facilitate decision making, proposing and overseeing an accreditation process and criteria for Implementing Partners, developing and implementing a communications strategy, overseeing and monitoring risks in accordance with the risk management framework, serving as liaison with the Administrator, preparing annual workplans and budgets, and maintaining all necessary records;
  • The Program Team is responsible for developing and overseeing day-to-day implementation of programming, capacity building and monitoring policies and the MCDF operational manual, working with the Implementing Partners to produce and monitor a sustainable and robust pipeline of activities, and monitoring and reporting on achievements of results consistent with the MCDF Results Framework; and
  • The Platform Team is responsible for developing and managing information exchange, including establishment and management of the MCDF Platform and Database, developing and implementing robust knowledge management tools, programs and events, and working with the Governance Team to ensure effective and efficient support for the Coordination Committee.
Governance Officer – Duties and Accountabilities

The Governance Officer will support the Head of governance team for daily work of the Governance Team. Under the Head of the governance team, the Governance Officer will work closely with the other MCDF Secretariat teams to collectively ensure that the MCDF Secretariat fully fulfills its functions in an effective and efficient way.

The responsibilities of the Governance Officer include:


  • Preparing for, and servicing of, the Governing Committee and the Coordination Committee (hereinafter referred to as the MCDF Governing Bodies), and servicing their Chairs. This will include organization of in-person and virtual meetings, preparation of the agenda for meetings, summary reports of meetings, and managing consultations and decisions by mail or electronic communications;
  • Supporting the governance team on preparing proposed governance policies, procedures and other documents to facilitate decision making for review and approval by the appropriate MCDF Governing Bodies;
  • Tracking of decisions by the MCDF Governing Bodies and monitoring implementation of such decisions; and
  • Supporting design and maintenance of the MCDF Management Information System (MIS).

Communications and External Relations

  • Development and maintenance of a website, preparation of annual reports, preparation of outreach materials and publications; and
  • Maintaining external relations and support to the governance team on building and deepening relations with Contributors, AIIB senior management, accredited implementing partners, and new partners.

Risk Management

  • Support the team to oversee implementation and monitor the risk management framework.

Financing and relations with the Administrator

  • Serving as the focal point within the Secretariat for relations with the MCDF Administrator;
  • Preparing annual budgets for the Secretariat and tracking expenses;
  • Working with the Administrator and the Program team to track funding availability for new activities
  • Working with the Administrator to develop formats for financial reporting to the governing bodies and contributors on the MCDF Account, including contributions, funding decisions, cash transfers, disbursements reported by IPs, and amounts returned; and
  • Working with the Administrator to prepare financing policies and financial reporting formats to be used by the IPs.


  • Any other duty assigned by the head of the governance team.
Candidate Requirements:
  • Minimum 5-10 years of working experience in government, multilateral development banks, financial institutions or other relevant organizations.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain dialogue with government agencies, IFIs, and other development finance institutions as well as private sector entities.
  • Experience working with MDBs, development finance institutions and other financial institutions.
  • Understanding and experience with the mechanisms and instruments in the governance and administration of partnerships and funding facilities.
  • Experience in media or communication institutions.
  • Strong sense of teamwork and collaboration.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • A Master’s degree or equivalent in language, political science, business administration, finance, economics or related fields from a reputable university.

About the Organization

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral development bank whose mission is financing the Infrastructure for Tomorrow—infrastructure with sustainability at its core. We began operations in Beijing in January 2016 and have since grown to 103 approved members worldwide. We are capitalized at USD100 billion and Triple-A-rated by the major international credit rating agencies. Working with partners, AIIB meets clients’ needs by unlocking new capital and investing in infrastructure that is green, technology-enabled and promotes regional connectivity.

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