Grants Specialist

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 31 July 2018
  • Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States
  • Closing on 30 August 2018
  • Current

Job Description

The Grants Specialist is responsible for entering appropriate grants information into client’s assistance planning and financial systems and for maintaining and reconciling database containing grant award information, status and ownership. The Grants Specialist will review and record incoming requisitions for grants funding for accuracy prior to handing the grants requisitions over to client’s Agreement Officer’s Representatives. The Grant Specialist will prepare and audit all award files and obtain approval of the client’s Agreement Officer for grants. This individual is also responsible for dissemination of grant documents to grantees, overseas missions and other client’s stakeholders.


Duties include but not limited to:

The Grant Specialist will provide support to the OFDA Teams, to ensure implementation leading to the most efficient and effective achievement of results in support of OFDA’s Objectives. The incumbent of this position is responsible for the procurement of a variety of goods and services ranging in complexity from small dollar services and commercial item purchases to multimillion dollar technical assistance acquisition and assistance instruments. The Specialist will review and recommend approval or revision of Acquisition and Assistance Requisitions; review and recommend clarifications to Project Descriptions (PD) and other forms of required documentation; perform complex cost and price analysis; analyze proposals, applications, and/or quotes received; review contracts, agreements, grants, and contract and agreement modifications; analyze proposed contractor and implementing partner budgets; recommend inclusion or exclusion of contract clauses and agreement standard provisions; write Memoranda of Negotiation; and, prepare other required documentation. The Specialist maintains up-to-date contract and agreement files, prepares Contractor Performance Reports, and supports award closeouts. The Specialist provides guidance on related administrative award modifications. The Specialist is responsible for carrying out day-to-day activities in an independent manner.

Another important function of this position is to be in a continuous learning mode: the Grant Specialist must continuously review and update his/her knowledge of the professional field of procurement, especially in terms of the frequently changing Federal and Agency-specific rules, regulations and policies governing A&A instruments. In addition, the Grant Specialist must be familiar with the technical aspects of the portfolios that he/she supports to permit full and active participation as a representative of the OFDA Team and the Grants Unit.

Essential Functions:

Pre-award/Award Functions:

  • Manage the acquisition and assistance process, ensuring compliance with USG and USAID regulations and policies. Participates in meetings and assists in strategic planning and provides guidance and instructions on Federal and USAID regulations, policies and procedures to Technical teams and recommends procurement and financing alternatives vis-à-vis appropriate instrument type to achieve program goals.
  • The Specialist reviews application packages requesting acquisition/assistance for major and complex programs/projects and/or services, analyzes requirements and reviews instrument selection i.e. program descriptions are complete, and if the request meets ADS, Agency or USG policies. She/he ensures that necessary clearances have been obtained, and that waivers, deviations, and other supporting documents are complete. She/he recommends revisions regarding program descriptions, budgets, classification of terms, reporting requirements, and any special conditions, and ensures that required performance indicators are developed and included in the initial solicitation.
  • The Specialist develops the solicitation documents such as Annual Program Statements (APS) and Requests for Applications (RFAs) in accordance with all appropriate Federal regulations, selects and includes correct required clauses or standard provisions, and transmits solicitations using She/he responds to offeror questions during the proposal or application submission phase; and, determines the need for, and prepares, clarifying amendments, as required, for solicitation documents.
  • The Specialist ensures that offerors have adequate management, accounting, personnel, and procurement systems, and appropriate corporate leadership, resources, and quality control systems to satisfactorily carry out contracts or agreements. The Specialist requests audit reports or pre-award surveys from the Office of the Inspector General, performs pre-award survey assessments of NGOs and recommends to the Agreement Officer the responsibility determinations.
  • The Specialist analyzes cost proposals and technical scores from technical evaluation committees; and, based on the analysis, recommends the establishment of the competitive range and presents documentation for signature for the Agreement Officer. She/he performs analysis of cost issues, considering economic conditions and factors of material, labor, and transportation costs; determines reasonableness of costs submitted; ensures data provided is consistent with all USAID requirements on eligible geographic sources, and that salary structures are consistent with Agency policy; and, identifies circumstances that may require a waivers or deviation.
  • The Specialist coordinates issues of technical weaknesses and excessive cost with the technical committee prior to commencement of negotiation. The Specialist clarifies, and, as necessary, instructs the members of the technical team, on the USAID procurement process. The Specialist designs the negotiation strategy, identifies areas subject to negotiation, and consults with technical specialists concerning data submitted by offerors; and conducts extensive negotiations on cost and technical issues prior to award. The Specialist negotiates and prepares awards including contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements with US-based and indigenous PVOs and NGOs, colleges and universities, and other non-profit organizations. The Specialist coordinates contracting activities with other government agencies, negotiating and drafting interagency agreements. The Specialist presents award recommendation of the proposed contractor/recipient to the Contracting Officer, with all the appropriate supporting documentation, including the development of appropriate performance indicators, in conjunction with the Technical Tam. The Specialist organizes and conducts orientation meetings with the selected contractors, to ensure that mobilization efforts will be conducted efficiently, and that all terms and conditions of the procurement instruments are clear and well-understood by all parties. The Specialist provides support for the debriefing to unsuccessful offerors.
  • Recommends awards and prepares the contractual documentation for signature of the Contracting/Agreement Officer. Prepares the memoranda of negotiation. Organizes pre-and post-award debriefings. Documents the debriefings. Performs other related duties.

Post Award Administration:

  • Maintains award files and records, prepares reports, as required per Agency policy. Administers A&A instruments in accordance with government regulations and Agency policies. Provides technical and sound advice to Agreement Officer/Agreement Officer Representative (COR/AOR) regarding oversight of contract management/assistance administration within the award terms and conditions and the parameters of the Contracting/Agreement Officer’s delegation of authority to the COR/AOR. Provides interpretation on contract clauses or standard provisions, procurement policies and provides guidance on waivers to COR/AOR personnel as well as to implementing partners.
  • Assists the Contracting/Agreement Officer in conducting post‑award orientations to clarify issues on award requirements such as billing procedures, delivery schedules, terms and conditions, reporting requirements. Reviews and makes determination recommendations to the Contracting/Agreement Officer regarding consent to subcontract and approval of key administrative actions.
  • Negotiates extensions, price adjustments and modifications to awards. Prepares determinations and findings relative to negotiated actions and coordinates contractor’s requests for deviations.
  • Analyzes questioned costs to determine their allowability. Follow-up on audit recommendations, including researching the finding and recommending corrective action for audit closure.
  • Reviews completed official award file to determine that all contractual actions are satisfied and that there are no pending administrative actions to be resolved, that all file documents are signed, that there are no litigation actions pending and that the award is complete in every respect and ready to be administratively closed. Prepares close-out modification into GLAAS and close the file.


  • Bachelor’s degree with 8 years of relevant experience; or
  • MS/MA/MB with 6 years of relevant experience; or
  • Less than BS/BA – 10 years of relevant experience
  • Proven experience in the field of acquisition and assistance/grants i.e. negotiation and administration of grants, cooperative agreements and interagency agreements including preparing funding opportunities. (See “Education” section for number of years of required experience.)


  • Progressive knowledge of acquisition and assistance regulations, policies and procedures and understanding of how to execute and administer a complex acquisition and assistance, is required, particularly as it relates to acquisition through methods of negotiation, grants making that result in standard and established contract and agreements/grants types.
  • The ability to plan and administer acquisition activities, and provide acquisition assistance and support for Agency programs and projects in a timely manner, is required. The ability to apply contracting regulations, procedures, and policies to individual acquisition and assistance programs is required. Ability to deal effectively with high-level USAID representatives, and with colleagues is required.
  • Good analytical, negotiating, and time management skills, along with strong proofreading skills and attention to detail, are required. The ability to work calmly, tactfully, and effectively under pressure is essential, as well as the ability to maintain strict CONFIDENTIALITY AND HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS throughout all phases of acquisition and assistance procurement.

U.S. Citizenship is required; selected candidate must be able to qualify for a government sponsored security clearance.

About the Organization

Macfadden is now part of PAE. Founded over 30 years ago, Macfadden has provided federal agencies with critical on-the-ground support to U.S. government humanitarian missions around the world as well as financial and IT system support. Through program management, human resources services, financial management systems support, information technology solutions, knowledge management, travel coordination and communications support, Macfadden enables effective U.S. government humanitarian response to international disasters. Macfadden’s workforce includes approximately 300 employees primarily located in the Washington, D.C. area.

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