Grants Specialist

  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 21 July 2020
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Closing on 20 August 2020
  • Current

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Grants Specialist

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Base of Operations

Activity Office, Kyiv, Ukraine

position reports to

Director of Finance and Operations

1. Activity Background:

The purpose of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity is to strengthen the resilience of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks by establishing trusted collaboration between key cybersecurity stakeholders in the government, private sector, academia, and civil society. The activity aims to achieve this goal by implementing the following activity components:

Component 1: Strengthen the cybersecurity enabling environment

The legal, regulatory, and institutional framework for national cybersecurity in Ukraine needs to be strengthened and aligned with international standards and best practices. This component will strengthen the cybersecurity resilience of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure sectors by addressing legislative gaps, promoting good governance, enabling collaboration between stakeholders, and supporting cybersecurity institutions. This component will also build the technical capacity of key sectors through increased access to cybersecurity technology and equipment.

Component 2: Develop Ukraine’s cybersecurity workforce

Ukraine suffers from a severe shortage of cybersecurity professionals. This component of the USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity will address workforce gaps through activities that develop new cybersecurity talent and build the capacity of existing talent. These activities will address the entire workforce pipeline, the quality of education received by cybersecurity specialists, and industry training programs to rapidly upskill Ukraine’s workforce to respond to immediate cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Component 3: Build a resilient cybersecurity industry

A growing cybersecurity industry in Ukraine will contribute directly to national security and prosperity. This component will seek to build trust and collaboration between the public and private sector to develop innovative solutions for future cybersecurity challenges; spur investment and growth in the broader cybersecurity market in Ukraine through greater access to financing; support smaller cybersecurity companies to rapidly increase the number of local cybersecurity service providers; and offer mechanisms for Ukrainian firms to connect with industry partners to enable better access to innovations and business opportunities.

Together the above components will improve short-term cybersecurity resilience in Ukraine and establish a solid foundation for long-term cybersecurity independence and leadership. Lessons and best practices from key critical infrastructure sectors will extend to all parts of the public sector, as well as to the private sector and civil society..

2. Role’s Purpose:

The Grants Specialist will provide the Ukraine team with overall portfolio level management in the areas of grant management. Given the size of the activity, the Grants Specialist is required to manage the activity’s portfolio, while managing and mentoring local staff.

3. Tasks/responsibilities:

§ Manage the grants program as an integral part of the workplan activities to achieve activity objectives and results

§ Ensure compliance with approved Grants Manual, referenced USAID regulations and policies, DAI policies and procedures, systems, and internal controls

§ Develop Grants Manual in coordination with COP and DAI Home Office for USAID approval; identify and suggest improvements to DAI grants management procedures throughout the activity to be more effective and efficient in preventing, detecting, identifying, and correcting noncompliance with applicable rules and regulations

§ Develop and build the capacity of local organizations and grantees to ensure successful implementation and compliance with the grant agreement, as well as to support their sustainable development as an organization

§ Work with the Technical Managers to coordinate the identification, solicitation, and selection process of eligible grantees

§ Monitor compliance with contract terms and conditions in accordance with the DAI contract and applicable Ukrainian law

§ Provide procedures and policy training, guidance, and interpretation for activity staff as well as grantees, in consultation with the DAI Contracts Manager as appropriate

§ Analyze and evaluate grant applications and concept papers and serve as the non-voting Chairperson for more grant application selection committees

§ Develop and maintain grant budget/fund monitoring tools

§ Submit progress and status reports as required

§ Ensure proper negotiation of the terms and conditions for grant agreements, ensure the proper type of grant selected, and review and select the correct standard provisions

§ Provide guidance in the implementation of the grants activities, including closure and disposition plans

§ Troubleshoot grants management challenges with grantees, technical staff, COP, and USAID as requested/as needed

§ Supervise a team of Grants staff, including Grants Managers and Administrators to ensure they are in compliance with the Grants Manual, are effectively and thoroughly using the TAMIS systems for grants and procurements, that they have the quality control tools to do their jobs, and that they are given routine performance feedback

4. Qualifications

§ Must have at least 10 years of experience working in international business and grants management, with experience in USAID grants management preferred

§ Experience in the administration of large, complex USAID-funded grants under contracts and contracts is required

§ Must be well versed and competent in all aspects of contract and procurement management under USAID regulations and guidelines

§ Strong interpersonal skills and written and oral communication skills

§ Language requirements are as follows: English level III (General working proficiency) reading, writing, and speaking; Russian level IV (Fluent) reading, writing, and speaking

About the Organization

DAI is an international development company. For 40 years, we have worked on the frontlines of international development, tackling fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. Currently, DAI is delivering results that matter in some 80 countries. Our development solutions turn ideas into impact by bringing together fresh combinations of expertise and innovation across multiple disciplines. Our clients include international development agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations and philanthropies, and national governments.

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