Human Resource Management (Public Service) Specialist

Apia, Samoa
Apply by 1 August 2018
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 4 July 2018

Job Description

Location: Apia, Samoa

Duration: 50 working days

ARF Category: C4

Project Background
Adam Smith International (ASI) manages the Samoa TA Facility which is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). In line with the GoS Strategy for the Development of Samoa (2016-2020) and DFAT’s Aid Investment Plan (2015/16–2018/19), the aims of the Facility are to:

  • Provide high quality and timely TA to the GoS that addresses matters that are of strategic significance for the GoS as well as urgent and important matters of a more operational nature;
  • Consolidate the delivery of DFAT-funded TA to the GoS in order to minimise transaction costs and optimise synergy between TA activities; and
  • Help GoS and DFAT to optimise quality and minimise risk in relation to the design and implementation of TA.

The Facility will undertake an assessment to help the Government of Samoa (GoS) to review the role, responsibilities and authority of the Public Service Commission as this applies across the whole of the public sector; and to make recommendations and to propose options for its reform. There will be two consultants working on the assignment, one national and one international specialist.

Position Description
The consultant will collect primary data and perform other activities that will contribute to the production of the outputs set out below.

Expected Outputs
The main outputs of the assignment will be:

A presentation and report covering:

  • A critical review of a recently-completed discussion of comparative literature on public service commissions (2018).
  • On the basis of primary data collected during the assignment, an assessment of how effectively existing HRM and HRD systems are working both in the public service and in the public sector as a whole.
  • A SWOT analysis of the PSC, which considers in particular its capacity to assume different levels of responsibility and authority in relation to HRM and HRD functions.
  • On the basis of primary data collected during the assignment, the merits and extent of devolution of authority concerning HRM and HRD responsibilities and possible roles for the PSC across the whole of the public sector.
  • A detailed framework for HRM and HRD applicable across the whole of the public sector, including questions of harmonisation.

A presentation and report covering:

  • A detailed design of the structure and functioning of the PSC that is able to accommodate the preferred role.
  • The policy and legislative changes that will need to be made to accommodate the preferred option.
  • Suggestions on how to construct a critical path for the introduction of the new system.
  • A draft cabinet submission that encapsulates the key elements of the above.

Selection Criteria
Consultant selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Work experience: At least fifteen years of work experience that is clearly relevant – in terms of substantive technical content, scope, and level(s). Such experience must include at least five years in a senior position having responsibility for HRM functions in a government agency of a small island state, including but not restricted to a public service commission.
  • Developing country experience: Comparative experience from work carried out in at least three developing countries, preferably small-island states.
  • Qualifications:An advanced degree in a relevant discipline or a first degree combined with sufficient senior management experience in a government agency of a small island state.
  • Substantive knowledge: Strong and up-to-date knowledge of human resource management in the public sector of small-island states, as demonstrated by the level and type of work he or she has done, primarily in developing countries and small-island states.
  • Other skills and knowledge: The consultants should also possess:
    • Research skills, knowledge, and experience of both quantitative and qualitative methods;
    • Good knowledge and understanding of policy development, strategic management, and organisational structure and design; and
    • Up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the relevant literature and key development issues, such as capacity and institution building, institutionalisation and sustainability
  • Analytical capability:The consultants should be capable of analysing complex problems, evaluating the quality of different types of data, and producing practical and workable solutions.
  • Performance under pressure:A consistent record of producing outstanding performance under pressure and of working with senior government counterparts.
  • Judgement and mediation: The ability to make independent judgments and to lead discussion, develop consensus on sometimes difficult and controversial issues, and to balance and mediate multiple stakeholder expectations and objectives.
  • Knowledge and skill transfer:The ability to convey effectively his/her own knowledge and skills to others.
  • Written and oral communication capabilities:It is essential that the consultant in particular possesses the ability to express complex ideas - both in writing and orally – clearly and in plain English to a variety of audiences, including government officials, community groups, entrepreneurs, donors, and other professionals. Short-listed candidates may be required to provide examples of their written work.
  • Interpersonal and intercultural skills: Excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills and the ability to manage questions of national and organizational culture skilfully and to build effective and harmonious working relations with clients and counterparts.
  • Multiple reporting:The consultant should also be able to work effectively in a matrix management structure or one that has multiple lines of reporting.

The consultant will be responsible for doing the work necessary to achieve the objectives and produce the outputs according to the deadlines set out in the TOR. He/she will work closely together with a national consultant in completing the above outputs. The division of labour between the two consultants will be determined by the team leader.

The assignment will be carried out (mostly) in Samoa for a period of 50 working days divided into 2 missions. It will commence in mid or end August 2018. Detailed terms of reference will be provided to short-listed candidates. Interested applicants are requested to submit a CV and a short covering note to Kristofer Gravning at Applications close Wednesday 01 August 2018. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.

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