Humanitarian Advisor

New York, New York, United States
Apply by 13 October 2017
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 6 September 2017

Job Description

OFDA requires the services of a USUN HA in order to meet its objectives of humanitarian diplomacy, strategic planning, negotiating, and managing institutional relationships with actors at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

The HA will provide expert analytical and advisory support for the planning, development and execution of U.S. foreign policy within a broad and complex geographic or functional specialty area. The work requires applying a rigorous analytical approach to data that is often vague, unsubstantiated or contradicts existing knowledge. The HA will receive general guidance but will be expected to execute independent judgment and analysis.

The work is complicated by the need to provide expert advice and guidance that influences the decisions and actions of senior policy officials and the need to quickly, accurately and decisively determine the relevance and significance of information to the policy interests of the USG. It is further complicated by the need to produce widely disseminated analytical products that represent official assessments of complex issues and keep the policy-making and foreign affairs communities continuously informed of new issues and developments.

Contacts will be with the DoS and USAID employees at all levels, both in New York and Washington, as well as personnel at U.S. posts worldwide, senior analysts and officials in UN and other agencies, congressional staff, experts, and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The role requires significant interaction with foreign delegates, demanding strong diplomatic and communication skills to accurately represent U.S. positions in a complex multilateral setting. Contacts occur in a wide variety of planned and unplanned, formal and informal settings, including open meetings, conferences, and negotiating sessions, where the HA may be called upon to explain and defend U.S. positions. Although guidance on the U.S. position on specific issues will be provided, the HA may be called upon to handle unexpected inquiries. The HA post is organizationally located within USAID’s Humanitarian Policy and Global Engagement division (and with the USUN ECOSOC Section) while physically located at the USUN offices in New York City

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