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Posted on 11 April 2018

Job Description

RTI•s International Development Group ( is accepting expressions of interest from qualified professionals for the position of Inclusive Education Officer (IEO) under the USAID funded All Children Reading Cambodia project. The project aims to employ two IE Officers, and one IE Team Leader. • The All Children Reading-Cambodia project will improve the early grade reading skills of children in grades 1 to 3 in Cambodia. The project will assist the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), its development partners (DPs), and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to harmonize approaches, and support the implementation of early grade reading interventions in Kampong Thom in the 2018-2019 school year. • The Team Leader-Inclusive Education will•serve•as•a member•of•the All Children Reading-Cambodia project•team with•responsibility of directly overseeing and supporting the work of two IE Officers, and all work related•to education for children with disabilities in two districts in Kampong Thom (Stueng Sen, Kampong Svay). This includes training teachers, conducting disability screenings, monitoring screenings, communicating with families of children with disabilities, observing and assisting teachers when necessary, and administering adapted Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA) and other assessments for students who are blind, have low vision, and students are deaf or hard of hearing. One of the aims of the project is to ensure that children•with•disabilities can participate meaningfully in grade 1 classes with appropriate supports. This involves supporting teachers with approaches•and•methods that enable•them•to address•the learning needs•of children•with•disabilities. All children in grade one, in the two districts, will be screened for disabilities, and provided with assistive devices (such as hearing aids and glasses) if required. It will be the responsibility of the Team Leader-Inclusive Education to directly oversee two IE Officers with all school based activities related to ensuring screening, assessment, referrals, and access to assistive devices.• In addition to the provision of support for children who are already in the school setting, a team of bridging facilitators will support younger learners (aged between 4-8 years) who are not in school, and who are deaf or blind. The facilitators will provide these young learners with daily tuition to prepare them with the foundation skills for entry to primary school. The Team Leader-Inclusive Education is the field level technical and operational leader, and will oversee a team of two IE Officers, and up to 50 bridging facilitators. •S/he will•assist the•project•in ensuring that all field based inclusive education activities are conducted,•and s/he•will•work•with•the project•s Inclusive Education Advisor•and Inclusive Education Specialist to achieve•the•objectives•and•specific tasks described•in•this scope•of work. Essential Duties: Provide technical and operational leadership to the Kampong Thom Inclusive Education team - Directly oversee the work of two IE Officers, up to 50 bridging facilitators and administrative support role. - Provide monthly reports to the country office IE Education Advisor. - Coordinate all logistics for the bridging support classes for approximately 150 children who are deaf and blind, approximately 50 bridging facilitators, and coordinate the transition to local preschools and primary schools. - Coordinate the logistics for disability screening among the target schools - Develop and maintain relationships with preschool and grade one teachers, school directors and a wide range of NGOs and service providers working with people with disabilities. - Ensure that children are referred for assessments and provided with assistive devices in a timely manner. The Inclusive Education Advisor will provide technical guidance on services and supports available. • - Develop, maintain and continue to build partnerships and referral pathways/services for assessment services, and access to assistive devices. Bridging support for young learners who are deaf or blind - Use survey data already collected by the project, to identify children with disabilities in assigned districts. Once children with disabilities are identified, communicate with families and encourage their enrollment in the bridging classes or in local schools. - Use survey data to identify and recruit bridging facilitators with knowledge of sign language or braille (or individuals who are willing to learn) in assigned districts to support the education of children with disabilities. - Train and support the facilitators to teach non-formal •bridge• classes for children who are blind or deaf, focusing on developing sign language or early braille skills before entering school. - Oversee all activities related to the bridging program in the assigned districts. This includes, overseeing a team of 10-20 facilitators, and ensuring that children who are blind and deaf receive educational and other supports to prepare them for entry to school. - Conduct regular visits to assist the facilitators to support children to achieve their foundation skills. - Work•with local NGO partners•to assist the team of bridging facilitators, and students with disabilities in the assigned districts. Inclusive education for early grade learners - Provide support for inclusive education for students who are blind, have low vision, and students are deaf or hard of hearing, and are enrolled in primary schools (initially grade one). - Participate in and facilitate inclusive education training organized by the project. - Participate in, and facilitate training of teachers, school directors and literacy coaches on methods of screening children for disabilities. - Conduct field monitoring during screenings and write report following field monitoring. - Assist in coordinating with school and parents for referrals, follow up and access to assistive devices (eg glasses, hearing aids) following the screenings. - Accompany literacy coaches to observe and assist teachers in mainstream schools, to support the inclusion of children with disabilities as requested. - Assist with the administering of the adapted EGRA and other related assessments. - Work with teachers to support them with establishing and maintaining relationships with the family of children with disabilities and conduct follow up visits with families of children with disabilities to encourage continuous school attendance. General - Co-ordinate and participate in Cambodian Sign Language and Braille training course with community volunteers - Document the•above•activities•for reports•and communication•with•partners.
Minimum Qualifications - Degree•in•Education, Special Education, Social Work, or other related fields required, focus on disability related issues and/or reading desirable with 10 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience; - Experience•working•with children with•disabilities; - Experience working with people who are blind/have low vision, or who are deaf/hard of hearing is necessary; - Experience training others, experience training / supporting teachers preferred; - Experience•developing relationships with a wide range of stakeholders; including education (schools, teachers), disability service providers and/or health assessment services (ideally, for hearing and vision assessments); - Experience in coordination, logistics, financial management and overseeing a field-based team. - Experience in monitoring activities, and providing regular progress reports• Other Desired Skills•and•Abilities• - Excellent interpersonal•and organizational skills,•with a problem-solving, proactive attitude,•and capacity•to work both independently and•as•a collaborative team player. - Flexibility•and ability to•handle multiple tasks simultaneously. - Strong oral•and written communications skills. - Ability•to•work•in•a fast-paced environment•and meet deadlines under pressure - Strong computer•skills•(Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) - Language skills: English and Khmer required. Khmer•sign language preferred and/or•a•commitment•to learning. - Knowledge of Kampong Thom preferred, and willingness to travel to schools within the province on a regular basis during school time - Ability and willingness to ride own motorbike (fuel costs will be reimbursed) This position will be based in Kampong Thom Province.

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